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Discover the Top Oven Mitt Styles and Uses

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Oven mitts with the best wicking properties don’t make you sweat in the kitchen. Here are our recommendations for the varieties of oven mitts for all your cooking needs.

Varieties of Oven Mitts: Cotton Oven Mitts

Choose a cotton mitt if you prefer the familiarity of cotton but would like a bit more coverage. Not only do they fit around the hand, but they often extend up the arm as well, making them a safer alternative to pot holders. Handling heavy objects is especially important. Additionally, cotton oven mitts are typically made from thick, layered fabrics that will withstand most kitchen tests, as opposed to the typically thinner cotton fabrics used for pot holders.

Glove-shaped oven mitts typically measure between 14 and 17 inches long. Although the cotton oven mitt offers increased protection over pot holders, it does come with one major disadvantage. The stitched seams on cotton oven mitts are prone to forming holes, resulting in troublesome spots and rendering the mitt useless.

All Clad Pewter Oven Mitt (2-Pack) All Clad’s comfortable, pure cotton oven mitts are embroidered with raised strips that provide a firm grip on hot pans and plates. In addition to providing protection against hot oven racks, the long arms of these mitts give them an elegant appearance. Machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about spilled sauce when transferring dishes from the oven to the table.

Varieties of Oven Mitts: Double-Handed Oven Mitts

Double-handed oven mitts are another option when you want to maximize surface area coverage. The single swath of fabric not only hangs easily from an oven door, but it also protects your entire body, hanging between your torso and whatever heavy cookware you are carrying. When you’re handling heavy pots and roasting pans, these are best, because they allow you to rest the weight of the cookware on your body. When it comes to tasks that demand dexterity and light-fingered actions, they’re not the best.

With the Food52 x Farmhouse Pottery Double Oven Mitt, you can remove a hot cookie sheet or pie dish from the oven or switch a Dutch oven from one burner to another with ease and confidence. A stretch of fabric connects two plush slots for your hands, keeping your wrists and arms cool. Once you’re done using it, the stylish patterns look great slung over the oven door handle.

Varieties of Oven Mitts: Fingered Oven Mitts

Due to their ability to withstand higher temperatures than traditional cotton, silicone oven mitts are also available in designs with individual compartments for your fingers. Fingered oven mitts will allow you to move easily and will ease your efforts when it comes to spinning and positioning hot items.

You can also find oven mitts that separate your thumb from your other fingers, creating a sock puppet-like look. If you like the idea of having something additional dexterous, but would rather keep most of your fingers together, you can find those as well. There are even options for three fingers. It makes sense to allow the wearer as much mobility as possible without asking impossible things of the semi-rigid construction of these oven mitts with fingers made of silicone.

You know that protection against a first blast of steam is just as important as protection against contact heat if you have ever had to quickly open a boiling hot oven to get a tray out just in time. Coolskin Steam Oven Gloves are designed to offer an excellent shield against steam and contact heat. Their duplex structure includes an outer layer for heat protection and an inner layer of cotton-lined latex for steam resistance. The innovative construction of these gloves allows them to be used not only at home, but also in professional kitchens.

By enclosing your whole hand, wrist, and part of your arm, oven mitts completely protect your skin from contact burns. While they are bulkier than pot holders, they provide stability in the kitchen when pulling a pan of bubbling lasagna or fudgy brownies out of the oven. For those looking for something less cumbersome, they also come in various lengths. We also have a list of best oven mitts, in case you need recommendation.

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