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What Is The Safest Material For Dinnerware? 3 Fascinating Facts That You Should Know


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What is the safest material for dinnerware?  Dinnerware is a subject of much debate- with ceramic, glass, and plastic all receiving their fair share of criticism.

But what material is the safest for dinnerware? To find out about it, just read this article until end. In this blog, we also have an article about best dinnerware sets that you might want to read about it.

What Is The Safest Material For Dinnerware

So what is the safest material for dinnerware? Here are the breakdowns for it: 

  • Dinnerware made of ceramic may still be used. After all, the majority of tableware is composed of some kind of ceramic, and no material is ideal. Whatever you pick, check that it is built correctly and that the materials are robust and lasting. Chips, cracks, scratches, and other types of damage may also raise the danger of pollutants seeping into food and beverages, therefore the higher the quality of the dish, the safer it is.
  • Bone china is an excellent choice because of its strength, durability, and resistance to chipping. Stoneware is often a safer alternative than earthenware, since it is fired at a higher temperature, which makes it tougher and more durable. Glass, especially soda lime glass, borosilicate glass, and glass ceramic, is one of the safest materials. While it may contain lead, it does not leak quickly or visibly.
  • Ikea tableware is made of feldspar porcelain and should be safe if purchased after 2010, when the company ceased using lead. Additionally, they have prohibited BPA in their food contact goods, and although trace levels of naturally occurring formaldehyde may be detected in their products, they never add it.

Tips for Safer Dinnerware

If you’re worried about the safety of your present tableware or are in the market to fill your kitchen or dining room, the following suggestions can help you make safer selections. What’s the greatest part?

You are not required to use paper or plastic plates, which are both detrimental to the environment (hey, fossil fuels, you must go) and may contain harmful elements, nor are you required to convert to an all-stainless steel set and give off camping vibes. You can have safe, aesthetically pleasing tableware in your house! So here are the tips for it: 

  • When shopping for tableware, look for products that are lead-free or lead-safe.
  • Look for tableware that complies with FDA or Proposition 65 regulations in California.
  • Keep an eye out for labels that state “not for food use” or “not food safe.”
  • The less ornamentation and color there is, the better. Maintain a clear or white variety.
  • Purchase a home test kit. They are available at hardware shops, although they are not fully trustworthy.
  • Avoid old tableware, particularly if it was made before to 1970. If you already possess them, repurpose them as ornamental items.

Why You Should Have Dinnerware Set

Dinnerware sets are a great way to have a variety of plates and bowls for different occasions. They are also a great way to have matching dishes for entertaining. Here are the reasons why you should have dinnerware set:

  • They will save you money. It costs less to buy a full set rather than buying individual pieces each time you need them.
  • You get to choose what styles and patterns you like best. This gives you the option of having several options that fit your style.
  • You don’t have to worry about mismatched pieces. All of the pieces are compatible and match perfectly together.
  • They are practical. Tableware sets come in various shapes and sizes, so you’ll always have something large enough for the entire family.
  • They last longer. With proper care and maintenance, these pieces will stand up to years of use.
  • They promote healthy eating habits. Having lots of choices encourages kids to eat healthier.

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