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On-the-Go Foods: Easy Meal Solutions


On the go foods, why not? Modern life is often hectic, and jam packed with things to do and places to be. If this sounds like your life then you’ll know that fitting healthy meals and snacks into your schedule can feel impossible. To help you get the balance right, why not consider choosing some of our top 5 on the go foods that are perfect when you are on the go? Check them out now!

Why Do We Need On The Go Foods?

The busier someone’s day is, the more likely they are to look for convenient ways to reduce their hunger. The problem with this is that most convenience on the go foods are incredibly unhealthy and can leave you feeling unwell over time.

Rather than spending all your cash on food that is bad for you, re-evaluate what your body needs and find food that works for you. Our top 5 suggestions of on the go foods are here to help but when you start making healthy swaps, you are sure to find more solutions that you can add to your repertoire!

Popped Rice and Corn

Reaching for a crunchy snack like crisps may be quick and easy, but the high levels of salt and fat can leave you feeling more lethargic than when you started. Rather than trying to ignore your craving for crunch, try popped rice or corn snacks instead.

From rice cakes to popcorn, these on the go foods are simple to take on the go and will satisfy your cravings without harming your health. There are sweet and salty options too, making them great for all tastes!

Fruit and Nut Combos

Dried fruit and nut mixes are also a great way to beat hunger when you are on the go. Not only are they rich in nutrients but because they are made up of complex carbs, they will keep you fuller for longer and help you to avoid binge eating on unhealthy options throughout the day.

Make sure that you don’t eat more than a portion at a time as they can be very high in calories and detrimental to your oral health when over consumed.

Healthy Porridge Pots

Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but many of us skip it as we start work early or don’t have time to eat before we leave the house. Porridge pots are a great solution to this issue and provide you with a warm, comforting breakfast wherever you find yourself.

All you have to do is add hot water and wait the allotted time before digging in and satisfying your hunger pangs. Porridge pots are simple to transport can be slipped into your bag and are a great option for any time of the day, especially when you want something healthy that will keep you going!

Vegetable Kebabs

If you find that you have a spare ten minutes before work then putting together some tasty vegetable kebabs is a great way to nourish yourself as you get on with things.

Kebabs are easy to transport and simple to eat, plus when you pile a rainbow of tasty veg onto the stick, your eyes will tell your brain that the incoming food is going to taste great. If you don’t like plain vegetable kebabs then pop a pot of your favourite dip or dressing in with them and dunk while you eat – fuss free and quick, it’s a great option!

Oat Muffins

As you get more and more hungry, your body will crave foods that will help resolve the problem as quickly as possible. The issue with this is that you are more likely to overeat foods that are high in carbs, sugar and saturated fat such as doughnuts, muffins and bread.

Rather than giving into this temptation, why not whip up a batch of healthy oat and fruit muffins during your downtime and then freeze them ready for your busy days. Simply grab one from the freezer and let it defrost as you work or if you are craving something then microwave it and eat it warm. Not only will it satisfy your cravings but eating oats will help keep you fuller for longer.

Make Better Eating Habits Today

Having a busy life can be stressful and hard work, especially when you are not looking after your body properly. Taking the time to evaluate what you eat and when your hunger hotspots happen will give you a chance to undo any bad habits you may have already formed.

With some small changes and better purchases, you can enjoy amazing on the go foods and see the health benefits that come with it – start today and put your health at the top of your list!

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