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Air Fryer, Remarkable Guide You Need to Know

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What Is An Air Fyer?

A deep-fryer-like device is an appliance…

…that supposedly mimics deep-frying food without adding that much fat.

Air fryers come in a variety of shapes and sizes…

…but there are generally three types.

Air fryers in three styles: basket air fryers…

…countertop convection style air fryers, and paddle air fryers.

Hear what Anne has to say…

My friends always tell me to use the air fryer because they say it is healthier.

However, are air fryers healthy?

In my opinion, if you eat unhealthy food,

it will still be unhealthy, even if you use an air fryer.

Would it be a good idea to try it?

Because I found a lot of articles saying the same thing

Now, let’s dig deeper into the air fryer…

How They Work

In an air fryer, food cooks faster than in a regular oven…

…because of the small cooking space.

In most cases, it takes half the time.

Food is quickly cooked by the rapid circulation of hot air…

…which in turn renders the food crispy.

Is it true that an air fryer produces food that looks like deep-fried food?

Both yes and no.

Does it taste exactly like something deep fried? No.

The idea behind it, however, is to provide you with crispy food without too much fat.

The air fryer really delivers on that front.

Fatty foods have their own unique texture.

If you take that out, your food will definitely taste different.

What does this mean for its crispiness? No.

An air fryer can still produce crispy food.

There won’t be the fatty texture you’re used to with deep-fried food.

However, we think that’s a good thing!

You can really taste the natural flavors of the food while still being crispy!

This is important…

Air Frying, Is It Healthy?

Air fryer
credits: canva.com

You can only get as healthy food out of an air fryer as you put into it.

An air fryer won’t magically transform junk food into healthy food.

You’ll get healthy food out if you put healthy food in.

A major advantage of the air fryer is you can cook…

…with very little fat and still get delicious, crispy results.

“Air fryers are one of the best ways to get the same texture and taste of fried foods without the unhealthiness that comes along with them”

Registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) Bansari Acharya

Cooking with an Air Fryer

Air fryer
credits: canva.com

So many things can be cooked in air fryers that it’s hard to make a list.

The list would be very long!

The truth is, air fryers do an excellent job of cooking frozen foods. S

o if you buy frozen fries at the grocery store…

…your air fryer will definitely do a great job at cooking them.

Does that mean it’s not a great way to prepare “from scratch” food?

Definitely not! For regular, real, everyday food, we use our air fryer.

We eat pretty healthy around here.

Just because the air fryer is great with frozen food…

…doesn’t mean you won’t get a good meal from fresh ingredients. It’s for sure!

However, if you prefer to purchase frozen foods…

…almost the entire freezer section of pre-made foods becomes delicious.

There is no judgment here!

Even so, it is possible to cook delicious meat…

…or vegetables around the clock and they will always taste great.

With the right accessories, you can even bake…

…toast or make pizza with your air fryer! All with fresh, real foods.

Perhaps you are wondering…

What You Can’t Cook in An Air Fryer

There are two limitations to air fryers.

  • A wet batter cannot be used to cook anything. (Look at all the holes in the bottom of the air fryer basket.) A wet batter cannot be used for chicken and you will not be able to air fry it. You’ll only end up with a hot mess.
  • Big batch cooking is not possible. If you have to cook for a large group, cook in smaller batches and keep the cooked batches warm while you air fry the rest. Even the largest home-use air fryer may limit the amount of food you can make at a time. Some air fryers have more space (quart capacity) than others. Keep in mind that air flow is crucial. If you restrict that air flow with tons of food, it won’t cook properly.

How Are Air Fryers Sized?

Most often, you will see a measurement in quarts in the description…

…of any air fryer sales page. An air fryer can hold this much food in one batch. 

(Note that some capacity amounts are expressed in pounds or liters).

It is important to note that not all foods are created equal…

…when it comes to how much you can cook at one time.

Air circulation is the key to air frying.

A quart of onion rings will cook differently than a quart of chicken breasts.

Instead of focusing on how much food you can cook at once…

…use these measurements as a guide for choosing the largest air fryer.

A Guide to Using An Air Fryer

Air fryer
credits: canva.com

Opening The Box

The box contains several pieces.

Depending on the style of air fryer you bought…

…you’ll have a different number of pieces.

There will be some with more parts than others.

  • Air fryers with baskets typically have fewer pieces. Their only real components are the removable basket drawer and its insert (the part with holes). There are even some who have two baskets for cooking separate meals.
  • Food baskets and paddles are included with paddle air fryers.
  • Air fryers with convection (toaster oven) styles typically have the most parts. Do not be put off by this. There is nothing complicated about them. Usually, you’ll have a drop tray and one or two cooking trays. It comes with a rotating basket (with lid) and a rotisserie rod with end spikes and screws to secure your chicken.

Keep reading…

Cleaning Your Air Fryer

Air fryer
credits: canva.com

Make sure you read your owner’s manual thoroughly.

Make sure you understand which parts are removable…

…and which parts can be washed.

The worst thing you can do is jimmy your air fryer door off…

…and then realize it was never supposed to come off.

The parts that are dishwasher safe should be washed…

…in your dishwasher before using your new air fryer.

You can also wash them by hand really well.

You should also wipe out the inside of your air fryer with a damp cloth.

The key word here is “damp”. It’s not dripping wet.

You don’t want water to get into places where it shouldn’t.

Some air fryers will have a chemical smell the first time or two you use them.

With time, this dissipates.

Many air fryers have this feature, but not all.

To avoid cooking that smell into your food…

…we recommend running your air fryer without food for a round or two.

It’s probably best to return that particular air fryer…

…for another one if after trying this more than three times…

…the smell does not significantly decrease or disappear completely.

It would be helpful to sacrifice one or two potatoes…

…so that the process can be completed a little bit faster.

Throw away some cut potatoes after cooking them.

Potatoes seem to absorb smells faster than other vegetables.

However, do not eat those potatoes.

Put them in the trash. Remember that this should only occur in the first few uses.

If you experience anything beyond that, you should return your air fryer.

Go on…

Cooking Time!

Air fryer
credits: canva.com

Air frying can be started by simply jumping in and getting started!

Follow the recipe instructions for time and temperature…

…or follow the guide book that comes with your air fryer…

…to prepare something simple like fries (fresh or frozen).

You will usually find a few simple recipes in there to get you started.

By all means, if you feel better starting with frozen foods, do so!

However, if you want to make your own fries or onion rings…

…don’t be afraid to cut and season them yourself.

Tips For Air Fryer Beginners

  • You don’t have to fill the basket all the way up. Fill your food tray or basket only with enough food to create a single layer of food with some space around it. As you gain more experience with your air fryer, you will be able to adjust the amount of food you put in, based on what you are making. Start small, however.
  • Turn your food or shake your basket. It is not a microwave. You can’t just push a button and walk away. During cooking, shake the food around a couple of times in the basket drawer. Consider tongs if you have trays so you can easily flip your food. Air cooking is easy, but you cannot ignore it during cooking. (This is why we love our air fryer’s rotating basket. We can walk away, and the air fryer will take care of everything like fries and roasted vegetables).
  • The conventional oven will not cook food as quickly as a microwave. Usually in about half the time. If you are going rogue and trying to determine cooking times on your own, keep that simple rule of thumb in mind. The results won’t always be exact, but they’re a good place to start.
  • The air fryer cooks at a high temperature. Reduce the temperature if you find your food is starting to burn. Due to the smaller cooking space in an air fryer, temperatures are often hotter than in a normal oven. Therefore, you may need to lower the temperature from what you’re used to with your regular oven from time to time. Please keep in mind that this is just general information for those of you who do not like to follow recipes.
  • Use the pre-heat function if your air fryer has one. Despite that, many people ignore it and just add a few minutes to the total cooking time to allow the food to heat up as well as the air fryer. You will need to add anywhere between 2-5 minutes of cooking time to the recipe if you choose this option.
  • Tongs are used to remove food. If you have cooked with any oil, dumping your basket out could result in you burning yourself.

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Sum Up!

  In most supermarkets or restaurant supply stores you can find air fryers.

These units range in price from cheap models…

…with small capacities to expensive large ones…

…that hold several pounds of product.

The best quality products have an automatic shut-off feature…

…that turns off after 30 minutes if there isn’t enough heat left in the unit.

It usually comes with multiple racks inside…

…so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding.

Timers are even included on some of them.  


The air fryer is considered to be one of the best inventions since sliced bread.

Our lives have been made easier, more convenient…

…faster, and healthier thanks to it!

Try out this amazing machine and let us know what you think!  

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