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All-Bran For Weight Loss: Does This Fiber-Rich Cereal Aid Your Diet?

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All-Bran Nutritional Information

The nutritional value of all-bran will be investigated, based on the smart label estimate for the nutritional composition of the product, for reference purposes for the 2⁄3 cup (approximately 41 g) of cereal.

What about all-Bran carbs? Your carb input is about 32g, mainly bran, with added sugar in flavor, for an average all-branch breakfast (approximately 40g grain of cereal). This represents at least 14 percent of the daily intake of carbohydrates and is exactly what your body needs to get a start in the morning.

Bran is categorized as “slow” carb, which means it is slowly burning, causing a slow and steady increase in blood sugar levels.

Slow carbohydrate combined with fiber and protein are the perfect combination to prepare your body for the rest of the day, improving digestion and increasing energy levels so much needed in the morning.

How Much Sugar is in All-Bran?

A part of all bran has approximately 8 grams of sugar (not including milk). Kellog has very high scores in sugar content, in particular flavored versions, as compared to similar brands.

In contrast to bran, sugar is classified as fast carb, thus quickly burning down and causing a rapid development and a dramatic decrease in the blood sugar. Ever wondered why after a hearty breakfast you feel so hungry? This is probably because mostly in refined sugar it is not enough for a first meal during the day.

Fast carbs are not recommended in the morning, which is why fiber, protein and fat are to be fully avoided or combined.

All-Bran Health Benefits

Numerous research suggests that whole-grain foods like bran bring an array of advantages for our health and wellbeing. Since it’s based on wheat bran, All-Bran is one of the great sources of this ingredient and a balanced combination of all the necessary nutrients like fibre, protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Regular consumption of bran can lead to numerous benefits:

  • Antioxidant effect
  • Improved digestion and fighting constipation
  • Boosted weight loss and calorie burn
  • Inhibiting cardiovascular disease
  • Lower chances of diabetes
  • Positive effect on cancer prevention
  • Boosting energy levels
  • Improving metabolism

This cereal has also a health benefit due to the positive effects of minerals and vitamins like iron, vitamin D, vitamin C and folic acid.

Prominent in all- B vitamins. Bran was linked to improvement in cognitive performance and one study found a connection in Alzheimer’s patients between vitamin B12 consumption and improved health and others. More research indicates that vitamins B12 and chronic disease prevention and even treatment are potentially correlated.

Can I eat All-Bran on a low-carb diet?

It is not the better way to start your day with best bran cereals compared to other breakfast options, if you have a low-carb diet, since an average of 50 g (39 g) is present. Please remember that a small part of All-Bran breakfast takes over 68 per cent of your daily carbohydrate intake, which is mostly limited to 20 -57 g per day. All-Bran products, in comparison with similar options, remain rated as low-carb cereals and high in the form of fiber which is great for controlling weight loss and the intake of carbs.

So to reply – yes, but very controlled quantities and perhaps limited to occasional consumption.

Is All-Bran Cereal Good or Bad For You?

Given the relationship between every positive and damaging nutrient of All-Bran cereal, it is safe to conclude that if dosed and consumed correctly, it can be a good choice for a healthy breakfast.

Sugar appears to be the only controversial nutrient, but it all depends on your serving size. In view of recommendations for the daily intake of sugar, All-Bran is probably not the best choice for cereals who are looking for low sugars. Nevertheless, this cereal is worth (carefully) integration into your breakfast routine thanks to its high fiber, minerals and vitamin-packaged composition, together avec les ‘good’ Carbs.


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