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Are Electric Egg Cookers Worth Buying?

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I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of kitchen gadgets — some that I love and use all of the time, and others that are literally collecting dust.

I thought it would be fun to share one with you every now and then and tell you whether I think they were a good investment, so let’s start with the electric egg cookers I recently purchased.

I bought my electric egg cookers from Lakeland for £14.99 a few months ago while out shopping with my husband, but you can get one similar to mine (if you’re interested) for a few pounds more on Amazon.

Now, clearly, boiling an egg is about the simplest thing you can do in the kitchen, and even as I was buying it, I was ashamed at the thought of paying for a gadget that does something as simple as boil an egg, but I’d seen a YouTube video where someone had one and it appeared to make a simple task even simpler and took the guesswork out of making that perfect soft boiled egg.

Also, I paid for it with money I received for my birthday, so it’s not entirely a waste of money, right?

What is an Electric Egg Cooker?

Essentially, it is exactly what it claims to be – a small machine that ‘boils’ your eggs for you. It can also make poached eggs and omelettes, although I mostly use it to boil eggs.

It can boil up to six eggs in one minute and is ridiculously simple to use. You’ll need an egg pricker to poke a tiny hole in each egg before placing it in the egg cookers. Once you’ve got your eggs in the egg cookers, use the tiny bottle that comes with it to add the proper amount of water.

The jug has three fill lines – one for soft boiled eggs, one for medium boiled eggs, and one for hard boiled eggs – so all you have to do is choose what you want, add the water, and turn on the egg cookers. It then finishes cooking the eggs and turns off when all of the water has evaporated, leaving you with wonderfully cooked eggs.

Actually, my electric egg cooker’s only flaw is the inability to turn off. Because there is no actual sound when it turns off, the only way to tell is when the light turns off. It’s not a big concern because I’m always around while I’m cooking them (typically toast for soldiers), but I would have like a beep to alert me.

Is an Electric Egg Cookers Worth The Money?

This one is difficult since it’s always difficult to justify spending money on something you could easily do yourself, but it’s not expensive, and I believe you’ll get your money’s worth if you get one. If you can’t justify spending the money yourself, put it on your Christmas or birthday list.

What I say about it:

  • It’s a totally unnecessary gadget that, if you’re anything like me, you’re going to love.
  • I can make perfect dippy egg and soldiers for everyone in no time at all just by putting the eggs in the best electric egg cookers and adding the right amount of water for soft boiled eggs.
  • Even the kids can use it when I’m not at home and yes, I know they could easily boil an egg in a pan but as a Mum, I prefer this as there’s less boiling water involved.

Would I buy another electric egg cookers if it broke? I always think this is a good way to evaluate if something is worth investing in. Yes, I would like to inform you. It’s the laziest device I own, but it does exactly what it says on the package. It consistently produces flawless boiled eggs.


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