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Are Silicone Tongs Dishwasher Safe? 4 Superb Facts About It


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What’s your favorite kitchen tool? For me, it’s my silicone tongs. I use them whenever I need to grab something in a pot or pan or in the oven. They’re so handy and flexible. But how do you keep them clean? Are silicone tongs dishwasher safe?

Read this article until end to know more about are silicone tongs dishwasher safe? In this blog, we also have an article about the best salad tongs on amazon that you might want to read about it.

What is Silicone?

Silicon is a chemical element that is often found in rocks and soil. It is also used in many products, including lubricants, plastics, and cosmetics.

Medical uses include catheters, implants, contacts, lenses, bandages, and more. Personal care products include shampoo, shaving cream, and more.

What Makes Silicone so Great?

Silicone is a versatile material that lends itself well to cooking. It’s heat tolerant, making it perfect for use in baking. Because of its slippery nature, it’s great for non-stick cookware. Silicone is also used as oven mitts and utensils.

Are Silicone Tongs Dishwasher Safe

Silicone tongs are a fantastic kitchen tool to have in your kitchen. They are great for flipping food in a pan, grabbing food off a hot surface, and even for stirring food in a pot. But, are silicone tongs dishwasher safe? Here are the breakdown for it: 

  1. For silicone utensils, putting it in the dishwasher is always an option. It will not struggle with the temperatures, and it will clean easily in the dishwasher.
  2. Just make sure you take the time to get anything that’s stuck on the utensil off, as the dishwasher may not be able to pick up the slack in that department.
  3. That being said, it may be just as easy for you to throw the utensil in a soap-filled sink. Most of the time, it would take a simple wipe down to get it all clean.
  4. It all comes down to personal preference on that one. If you are already filling up a load for the dishwasher, toss that spatula right in.

Consideration Before Choosing Silicone Tongs

 Silicone tongs are a great way to serve food without the risk of dropping it. These tongs are perfect for handling delicate foods such as pastries, small vegetables, and delicate meats. You can use them to toss salads or pasta, or to remove food from a pan.. How to choose it? Here are some consideration before choosing silicone tongs: 

  1. Weight – weight matters when using silicone utensils. Make sure that you buy silicone tongs that are sturdy enough to handle the task at hand.
  2. Size – the size of the silicone tongs should match what you usually need. When I say size, I mean how big they are. Smaller sizes are good for smaller tasks like reaching into cupboards. Larger sizes work better for larger tasks, but remember to keep an eye out for how much room there is in your kitchen.
  3. Durability – I’m a huge fan of stainless steel. So if durability is important to you, then go ahead and consider stainless steel silicone utensil sets.
  4. Price – price doesn’t matter too much if you’re buying a set of silicone tongs. The only thing to look at is whether or not it was made in China or somewhere else.
  5. Functionality – this might seem obvious, but it’s not really. Think about what you’ll be using the silicone utensils for. Will you be using them for one day or multiple days? Do you want something that’s going to last forever? What about washing? If you’re planning on doing dishes by hand or in the dishwasher, do you want a set of utensils that’s built for that kind of environment?
  6. Safety – safety is another major concern when it comes to silicone utensils. Look into whether or not these utensils are certified by organizations like NSF International or BPA-free. This means that the utensil won’t leach any toxic chemicals into your food or beverage.
  7. Ease of Use – while it seems obvious, ease of use is another big factor. Is it going to require any special tools? Does it come apart easily? Are there parts that fall off? How many pieces does that set include?
  8. Overall Convenience – convenience is also important. Is there anything that’s included in the package? For example, are there cutlery accessories included? Or are there rubber handles? Is it easy to find?

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