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Essential Cake Decorator’s Kit: Must-Haves

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We are talking about cake basics and the basic cake decorating kit you need to take your cake game to the next level.

Like having the right ingredients will ensure you get a great tasting cake, having the right tools will ensure you end up with a gorgeous cake as well! You could spend your money on so many fun tools and gadgets, but you don’t need them all to get started. In case you need cake decorating kit recommendation, we have the list you can check.

Let’s start with the “basic,” and then we’ll discuss the “nice to haves.”

Basic Cake Decorating Kit


Our list of basic cake decorating kit begins with the turntable. One of the biggest game changers for my decorating was this. There are many types of turntables on the market, so depending on how much you decorate cakes will determine the type of turntable you need. You’ll probably be fine with something less expensive like THIS Ateco plastic one if you only make birthday cakes every once in a while. I use it in my cake classes at Orson Gygi. This is my favorite place to get birthday cakes!

Cake Scraper

A cake scraper is another basic cake decorating kit I think is a must-have. I use a cake scraper to smooth out the sides of my cake. I’ve experimented with a variety of scrapers over the years (heights, materials, thicknesses, etc.). All of them are not created equal. It was THIS Ateco one that I selected, and I really liked it for many years. The superior qualities of this scraper were its weight and thickness. I felt, however, that it didn’t quite reach the top of my bigger cakes, and the texture on the sides didn’t go well with them. Last year, I decided to design my own scrapers, as well as spatulas, acrylic disks, and a few other things. As I designed my scraper set, I made sure it was as thin and light as the Ateco one I had loved for years. Added a handle and separated the textures so you have three scrapers in the set. Birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and more require this!

Icing Spatulas

In addition to the scrapers and turntable, I think everyone needs a good set of icing spatulas – one straight, one offset as basic cake decorating kit . The straight spatula is best for the sides of the cake, and the offset spatula is best for the center and top.

Quality Cake Pans

You’ll also need quality cake pans if you want to make your cakes stand out. This is a good brand of pan. Anodizing Fat Daddio’s pans means they’ve created a pan that evenly distributes heat.

Acrylic Disk

Acrylic disks are another tool that will change your world. With the disk, you will be able to get straight edges and sharp corners. Please note, acrylic disks will be back in stock next week. I have created a full tutorial here!

Is that something you can relate to? This means your cakes will be more evenly baked.

Cake Lifter

Have you ever wondered how I get my cakes to the elegant cake stand from the turntable? It’s as easy as using one tool! The cake lifter is a tool that is used to lift cakes. In order to complement the collection, I also created my own version of this tool. I like the color so much that I have it on my counter against the wall near the stove, behind my trivet. This cake lifter is pretty substantial and will provide excellent support for your cakes. Make sure you’re not exclusively reliant on the lifter. To support the cake, you’ll need to position your hand under the lifter a little. It’ll be a piece of cake to stack birthday cakes.


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