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Best Budget Deep Fryers Under $100


Best budget deep fryer come in different sizes, shapes and designs.

Their baskets are usually made of metal, plastic or ceramic.

They also have timers and alarms, venting systems…

… filters temperature control systems and other safety features.

Let’s Hear What Joanna Said!

I’m tired of always ordering fried chicken and french fries from restaurant.

I wanted to make one myself!

I tried but it always not as cripsy as the restaurant-bought.

Then, I see this best budget deep fryer commercial.

I bought one and I loved it.

It’s cheap, durable, easy to use, and make my foods better than the take outs!

Best Budget Deep Fryer Construction

Modern commercial fryers use a radiant heat transfer process.

This means that the heat comes directly from the burner…

… without passing through any other material.

These types of fryers are very efficient, but also very expensive.

Electric fryers are more mobile than gas fryers, and they’re easier to install.

Gas fryers are usually cheaper, but they lose heat more quickly.

Gas fryers are cheaper than electric fryers, but they take longer to heat up.

They’re made out of stainless steel, which doesn’t rust, and they usually come…

… with warranties longer than those offered by electric fryers.

Cold zones are helpful for frying foods without getting burned.

Tube-style fry pots are easier to clean than open-style fry pots.

Tube-style fry pots also make it easier to get into the hot oil.

Open fry pots are easy to clean and maintain, but they do not provide…

… sufficient space for larger items.

They are generally used for lightly breaded foods, and flat-bottomed fryers are more…

… effective for frying dough.

Batter traps can be used to prevent batter from burning or sticking to the bottom of the fryer.

A domestic fryer uses less oil than a traditional fryer.

They are usually much smaller than their commercial equivalents…

… and have a capacity of 2-4 liters.

Best Budget Deep Fryer Features

Before buying yourself a best budget deep fryer, you need to know these features in…

… best budget deep fryer first!

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls for best budget deep fryers are rare, and most of the time you…

… need to watch the temperature constantly.

Some deep fryers have computerized temperature controls…

… and others have automatic shut-offs.

You should always use a separate thermometer when using a best budget deep fryer…

… even if the unit already has temperature controls.

Oil Filtration

Restaurants can buy oil filters to filter out impurities…

… and make sure that the oil stays clean.

Filters can also be bought inside the fryers to avoid having to get into the kitchen.

Old oil can be recycled into bio-diesel fuel.

Automated Deep Fryers

Best budget deep fryers are used to cook food quickly and efficiently.

These machines use a heating element to heat oil up to a certain temperature.

Food is then placed into the heated oil and cooked until done.

There are many types of deep fryers available today, including automatic ones.

Automatic deep fryers are commonly found in grocery stores and restaurants.

Food Basket

A food basket helps you to fry food without burning yourself.

You can also use a food basket to drain excess fat from the deep fryer when cooking.

Deep frying your favorite foods from your kitchen will be simple with…

… your best budget deep fryer.

You don’t need to go out to restaurants every time you want to enjoy fried food.

Your deep fryer will make sure that your chicken and other foods are cooked perfectly.

Best Budget Deep Fryer Buying Guide

Best budget deep fryer is very useful pieces of restaurant equipment.

They are used to make many different types of fried foods.

These include french fries, fried chicken, fried shrimp, fried calamari…

… fried oysters, fried fish sticks, fried dough sticks, fried cheese sticks…

… fried vegetables, fried onion rings, fried jumbo potato chip. 

Deep-frying is a very useful cooking technique.

It makes food taste much better than when cooked using other methods.

Deep frying is also a great way to make money.

Fried foods are popular among people because they taste delicious.

Best Budget Deep Fryer Type

Open vat fryers are versatile and suitable for most cooking needs.

They are easy to use and usually value priced.

They are designed for fried foods that are lightly breaded or unbreaded.

Their cold zones tend to be narrow and easily fill up with sediment and food particles.

Tube-type fryers are used for frying foods that contain a lot of breading.

These types of fryers use a wide range of heat to cook food quickly.

This type of fryer is easier to clean than other types of fryers.

Flat-bottom fryers are used for frying foods that are…

… delicate and need to be kept away from heat.

These fryers are not suitable for large volumes of food because…

… they do not contain a sediment zone.

Best Budget Deep Fryer Recommendations!

Duxtop Commercial Deep Fryer with Basket

To Sum Up

We think best budget deep fryer is reliable if you love cooking fried food.

Choosing a best budget deep fryer can be pretty hard since not a lot of people…

… used to use one.

Remember to check your needs and our guide before buying yourself one.


We hope this article is going to help you with best budget deep fryer!

Comment and tell us in the comment section below what you think!

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