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8 Uses of Electric Kettle That Will Make Your Life Easy

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You know that there are lot of uses of electric kettle that will make your life easier. Aside from your dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator, there are numerous other appliances accessible today.

Microwaves, toasters, toaster ovens, milk frothers, electric mixers, and other appliances can be found in the appliances sections of some retailers. The kettle is one of the most popular small appliances, because to its cost and adaptability. To show the kettle’s appeal, we’ve produced a list of five of the most popular uses for this small gadget.

Some of them will be familiar to you, while others may surprise you. Looking for the best tea kettles? We have a review you can use as reference.

Uses of Electric Kettle: Make Hot Beverages

Making hot beverages is the most popular use of a kettle, whether it is stovetop or electric. It really is as simple as adding water to your kettle, and letting it heat up to the proper temperature, to make tea or coffee. Once the water is poured into your mug, add the teabag or coffee. That’s it! You can use the same method with hot chocolate as well. Alternatively, you can heat apple cider in your kettle. You can fill it with cider just by draining the water!

Uses of Electric Kettle: Just Add Water Meals

Many instant meals are available on the market that may be prepared simply by adding hot water from your kettle. Instant ramen noodles are the most popular, especially among college and university students. Also available are fast soup mixes and freeze-dried food, both of which are often used on camping trips. While the procedure is straightforward, make sure you check the guidelines for whatever meal you’re preparing to see if there’s anything extra you need to do (e.g. stirring, sauce packets, et cetera).

Uses of Electric Kettle: Boil an Egg

You may be surprised to learn that you can boil an egg in your kettle. Unless you have an attachment to protect the egg from contacting the coil, we would only recommend doing this with kettles that do not have the exposed coil at the bottom. Some people additionally place their kettle on one side to allow the eggs to roll away from the cooking element.

This is how you go about doing it. Fill your kettle halfway with water and crack your egg (or eggs). Bring the water to a boil in your kettle. Most kettles have a function that turns them off automatically as the water starts to boil. If this is the case, we recommend that you set a second timer to begin as soon as the kettle turns off.

Depending on how far you want boiled eggs, you need to set the secondary timer for a certain amount of time. It usually takes between eight and 12 minutes to hard-boil an egg. You can expect to boil soft-boiled eggs in two to four minutes. Calculate how long you normally boil an egg and use that as a rough guide for making the egg in the kettle.

Uses of Electric Kettle: Cook Rice

Yes, you can boil rice in your kettle, though if there is an exposed coil at the bottom, you will have to clean up afterward. Simply soak the grains in water for 20 minutes before adding the water and rice to the kettle to create some rice. Spices or veggies can also be added to the kettle, but never heavy stuff like meat. Turn on the kettle and simmer everything for about 20 minutes, however the time will vary depending on how much rice you want to make. If your kettle has an automated shut-off feature, you may need to restart it a few times to ensure that your rice boils properly.

Uses of Electric Kettle: Heat A Little Milk

Yes, you can also heat milk in your kettle. Simply drain any remaining water from your kettle and add the desired amount of milk. The only difference between heating milk and water in your kettle is that you’ll have to pay closer attention to it. Most people will tell you not to let the milk boil. As a result, you’ll need to turn off your kettle before it reaches that stage, which means you’ll have to keep a watch on it. The good news is that adding heated milk to your hot chocolate will make it extra creamy, so why not try it?

Uses of Electric Kettle: Instant Oatmeal

Instant oatmeal should be just that – instant, which is why the next time you cook it, consider using your electric kettle. The quickest electric kettles can make your morning oatmeal even faster, easier, and more delicious.

We don’t advocate filling your electric kettle with anything other than water. EVER. It’d be a nuisance to clean, and it might even ruin your kettle. Make your oatmeal in a separate bowl.

Uses of Electric Kettle: Hot Chocolate

Making a steaming cup of hot chocolate is one of the most typical uses for the hot water kettle.

You can prepare hot chocolate more quickly by heating the water in your kettle, whether it’s a cold winter night or you just want something sweet in your life. This way, you may take advantage of the stay-warm option included on many current electric kettles to keep your chocolate warm all afternoon. It also has the added benefit of reducing your cooking time.

Uses of Electric Kettle: Instant Noodles

Another unexpected usage is to make instant noodles, sometimes known as ramen noodles. In their dorms, where hot plates are prohibited, many college students swear by this trick.

An electric kettle can also be used to keep the noodles warm. In addition, the fastest electric kettle makes instant noodles a quick and convenient meal with fewer dishes to clean. Your instant noodles may be even more instant than you are used to with the fastest electric kettle.

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