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5 Best Tea Kettles on Amazon for a Great Cup of Tea!

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Best Tea Kettles

There is nothing more timeless than a tea kettle’s whistle.

Whether you’re reading a book in the evening…

…or enjoying espresso in the morning, it’s a hallmark of everything.

Although today’s tea kettles don’t just whistle, they do much more.

Others have handy features such as gooseneck spouts…

…trigger-action lids, and more.

Determining the right model for your needs can be a challenge.

A wide variety of materials is used, such as steel, stoneware, and glass.

The following list details a variety of options for different types of buyers.

To make our picks, we read customer reviews…

…consult third-party articles, and test many products ourselves.

Before we move into next section, let’s hear Irene’s story…

I am extremely satisfied with the tea kettle I bought!

The whistle is loud enough to be heard throughout my apartment, but not too loud.

You may not hear it on another floor if you live in a large house.

The swing handle is a nice feature. For filling,

I like how easily the handle can be moved out of the way.

(The handle stays in place when you want it.)

The handle has a “good grip” that stays cool even at full boil.

By lightly pressing the thumb button, the spout opens easily.

There is no risk of steam burns. My needs are met by the capacity. 

 I liked this kettle so much I bought another one for a friend.

I’m pleased to report that he loves his too!

Let’s get started

A Guide to a Tea Kettle

Electric vs. Stovetop

When purchasing a tea kettle, the first decision…

…to make is whether to buy an electric or non-electric model.

In addition to heating up faster, electric kettles may even come…

…with a preset temperature to accommodate specific tea types.

On average, they are more expensive and occupy more counter space.

By contrast, stovetop kettles are cheaper, easier to find…

…and come in a wider variety of designs.

What are your preferences when it comes to styles?

Do you drink a lot of tea and demand hot water in a hurry…

…or do you prefer a more traditional aesthetic and don’t mind waiting a few minutes?


The size of most tea kettles is similar. In general…

…stovetop kettles hold close to 2 liters of water…

…while electric kettles hold slightly less water, often around 1.7 liters.

It’s quite easy to find outliers on either side…

…small or large, depending on your preference.

You might not need a large kettle on your stovetop…

…or in your cabinet if you usually make only one cup of tea…

…or fill a small French press. However, if you frequently entertain large crowds…

…it’s nice to be able to serve everyone without waiting…

…for a second batch of water to boil.

Each kettle on our list is available in a variety of sizes…

…all you have to do is choose the right one for you.


Several materials are used to make tea kettles…

…including glass, stainless steel, and coated metal.

There are a few ways to choose the right option for you.

When it comes to durability, customers should avoid glass…

…and opt for stainless steel or enamel.

The material to choose for your kitchen will be determined…

…by the aesthetics you are looking for.

A kettle’s material also affects its weight, so glass…

…or lighter stainless steel are the best choices if you want one that’s easy to lift.

Your options are limited if you have an induction cooktop…

…(instead of a gas or electric stove), so make sure that the kettle you choose is compatible.


There are some kettles that pour smoother than others…

…and it all boils down to the spout.

When a kettle spout looks longer, tapered…

…or comes to a point at the end…

…rather than remaining perfectly round, it’s promising.

Gooseneck kettles fulfill all three criteria…

…thereby providing the most precise and measured pouring.

Even so, many standard tea kettles, including those listed above…

…have spouts that are designed to prevent drips, spills, and messes.


Even if you only boil water in your kettle…

…you’ll occasionally need to remove scale residue.

For cleaning, a kettle with a large opening may allow you…

…to fit your whole hand inside, while a kettle with a smaller opening…

…might need a brush. Cleanliness is easier to assess on glass kettles…

…while metal kettles are harder to examine.

Before purchasing a kettle, make sure it is dishwasher-safe…

…or has to be hand washed only.

Here’s the real deal…

Our Top Pick for Tea Kettle

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Let’s go through them one by one…

OXO Brew Classic Tea Kettle

Tea kettles
credits: amazon.com

A versatile kettle that will help you brew a perfect cup of tea…

…is the OXO Classic Tea Kettle.

With high-quality stainless steel that won’t rust or stain…

…this kettle will last a lifetime, and it’s designed to be easy to use.

The kettle’s rotating handle really makes it stand out.

Its swinging handle makes it very easy to fill and clean…

…according to our product tester.

Despite how full the kettle looks, she said it was comfortable to hold and pour.

There’s also a large opening, so you can get your hand…

…into the corners and sides of the kettle.

To prevent you from touching the hot metal surface…

…the item has a silicone grip on the handle, a silicone knob on the lid…

…and a silicone tab on the spout cap.

When the water boils, you’ll hear a loud whistle…

…so you don’t have to set a timer or check the kettle.

With the cap up, you can easily pour from the precise spout that doesn’t drip.

It has a unique shape that would look great in a retro kitchen…

…or a modern one, and the brushed stainless finishes will fit any décor.


  • Stylish classic with modern features
  • Rotating handle for easy filling and cleaning
  • Very large opening for easy filling 


  • A little pricey
  • Stainless steel lid gets hot

Mr. Coffee Claredale Whistling Tea Kettle

Tea kettles
credits: amazon.com

An affordable stainless steel tea kettle that comes…

…with an ergonomic Bakelite handle.

Customers say the handle is extremely comfortable…

…and easy to grip in addition to offering an eye-catching silhouette.

Claredale holds 2.2 quarts of water, which is close to average…

..if not slightly bigger than average.

Despite its reasonable size, the item only weighs about one pound…

…and its lightness is lauded by users.

The reviews are generally positive as well…

…with hundreds of customers giving it five stars.

The spout cover is another key feature, which is easily flipped up..

…with the touch of a button. It also emits the signature whistle…

…when the water is ready, whether it is for tea, hot chocolate, or anything else. 

It is recommended, however, that you hand-wash instead of using the dishwasher.


  • Spout trigger and ergonomic handle 
  • Multiple colorways
  • Lightweight


  • Very quiet whistle
  • Thin material

“When in the market for a stovetop tea kettle, find one that both appeals visually but is also made of a durable material like stainless steel. If you are interested in electric tea kettles, my pick is always for one with variable temperatures especially when brewing green and white teas—just know there will be some limescale that looks like brown rust develop over time in the bottom of your electric kettle, which you can clean with a vinegar and water solution.” 

 Annelies Zijderveld, Author of Steeped: Recipes Infused with Tea

Le Creuset Classic Whistling Kettle

Tea kettles
credits: amazon.com

Want to invest in high-quality items? Le Creuset has you covered.

The company known for its cast-iron Dutch ovens…

…also manufactures stunning tea kettles (among other kitchen appliances). 

If you’re looking to upgrade your current tea kettle…

…this stainless steel tea kettle with porcelain enamel…

…makes an excellent registry gift.

There are nine gorgeous colors available…

…including Oyster, Deep Teal, Cerise, and more.

In addition to being stylish, the kettle is highly functional.

Our reviewer praised the item’s features and performance after testing it.

Its knobs and whistle are heat-resistant, which may be our favorite feature, she said.

In addition to having no need for an oven mitt to open the kettle…

…and pour hot water, she also noted that changing the whistler…

…back and forth is simple, and like many others…

…she noted that the overall design is sturdy.


  • Colorful
  • Sturdy handle
  • Works on all stovetops
  • Easy to clean


  • Lid is somewhat difficult to remove
  • Heavier than most kettles

KitchenAid 1.25-Liter Electric Kettle

Tea kettles
credits: amazon.com

Designed to last, this electric tea kettle heats water in less than five minutes…

…and holds 1.25 liters of water. A LED light illuminates the on/off switch…

…for easy visibility and the base can be removed.

The body of this kettle is stainless steel…

…and it is available in red, black, pistachio…

…or brushed stainless steel to suit your decor or add a pop of color.

It has a smooth aluminum handle that’s easy to hold and makes pouring easy.

There is a removable lime scale filter in the pouring spout for those with hard water.

The lid can be removed for easy cleaning, and the opening is wide enough…

…to scrub it thoroughly with your hand.

Even though it is expensive for a device that only heats water…

…it’s great for someone who drinks a lot of tea…

…and appreciates the aesthetics of a well-designed product.


  • Easy to use
  • Fast boiling
  • Long lasting


  • Expensive
  • Small capacity
  • Several plastic parts

Zeppoli Electric Kettle

Tea kettles
credits: amazon.com

An electric kettle cannot boil dry which is one of the best reasons to use one.

It only has one function, so it’s just an extra gadget.

An electric kettle, however, makes sense if you frequently drink tea…

…or make pour-over coffee.

For a modest price, this 1.7-liter unit offers cord-free serving…

…auto-shutoff after 30 seconds, and a wide opening for easy cleaning.

Furthermore, you will have boiling water in five to six minutes…

…which is much faster than the old-fashioned method.

With its slip-free handle, you don’t have to worry about spills.

It is also heat-resistant, so you don’t have to use a potholder. 

It makes a tasty cup of tea, is easy to use, and is a best seller online.

During our review, our reviewer was impressed…

…with how quickly the water began boiling after filling the kettle…

…to the maximum capacity. 


  • Quickly heats up 
  • Easy to remove filter
  • Push-button operation
  • No heating element required


  • Short power cord
  • Lid opens forcefully

Sum Up! 

A tea kettle that you will use every day is the best.

Not only should it look great, but it should also feel great in your hands.

It must be made of a durable material that won’t crack or break over time.

If possible, choose an ergonomic design that makes pouring easier.   


The OXO Stainless Steel Kettle is a stylish and functional option…

…that is all-around reliable and well worth considering.

The handle rotates easily, the spout is precise…

…and it is built to last for a long time.

For those looking for a slightly more affordable kettle…

…we recommend the Mr. Coffee Claredale, our top budget pick.

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