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Best Juicers For Celery: Top Models To Try

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When we’re thinking about a healthy life, it reminds us of…

…drinking green juice. A lot of celebrity has been drinking celery juice.

It might make you think to follow their path since it gives a lot of benefits.

So what’s the best juicer for celery?

Let’s check on Medina’s story to know more about the best juice for celery

Let’s hear them out!

Best juicer for celery
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Hi! I’m 23 now and I’ve been living abroad for some years now.

I escape from my hometown since there are not so many things women can do.

My mother and I agree that we can pursue a better life.

So my mom brings me to Spain on 2013 when I was on junior high.

I was just a growing youngster with a lot of new things going on.

I suffered anxiety and depression. Coming to a new country does…

….need a lot of adaptation and a stable mind.

While my mother was busy working for our life, I have nobody else to talk…

…about my struggles. My comfort was food and as I become bigger…

…and bigger every day, it is obvious people will laugh at me.

Through the bullying I’ve been through, can’t believe there’s still…

…someone that has a golden heart to help me and be a good friend to me…

…until today! Through her support finally in my last year of college…

…I successfully change my look and become popular.

My friends have been suggesting to share my story about transformation..

It’s so simple! All thanks to celery juice!

Are you experiencing the same journey with Medina?

Or do you just want to develop a healthy life?

Keep reading to know more!

Celery Health Benefits

The beverage of choice for fans of celery juice…

…is a do-it-all tonic that provides many health and beauty benefits.

According to celebrities who promote the beverage,

…it aids weight loss, increases energy during workouts,

…and helps your skin look healthy.

There is some evidence to support these claims,

but experts are cautious about suggesting any single beverage…

…as a do-it-all answer to good nutrition.

A healthy dose of vitamins C and E is provided by the juice of cruciform.

Eating foods with L-ascorbic acid is important for good bones,

…muscles, and blood vessels because our bodies do not synthesize it.

The absorption of iron and wound healing is aided…

…by the presence of Vitamins C and K.

Scientists are still trying to understand the extent…

…of the medical benefits of vitamins C and B.  

You might be able to boost your weight loss efforts…

…with the help of fiber in celery and juice.

Fiber is good for your body because…

…it makes you feel full and satisfied.

It is possible that fiber may promote healthy cholesterol levels.

The best health benefit from celery juice…

..is its ability to help with blood clot prevention.

While everyone benefits from blood clotting functions,

people who are on blood thinners are advised to get enough vitamin K.

Celery Juice Mix

Best juicer for celery
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The same basic steps are followed in most of the different celery juice recipes.

There are three steps to making juice at home.

Pick up a few fresh raw celery stalks.

Leave the leaves intact by rinsing and chopping them into thirds.

A half to a full cup of water is what you’ll need to make the vegetable smoothie.

You can blend on high for 30 seconds.

The easiest way to get a smooth drink is to press…

…the juice through a sieve.

A slice of lemon or lime is a good way to serve it over ice.

If you don’t like the taste of certain ingredients,

…add them to your dish for added flavor.

How Much Celery Is Needed To Juice?

Best juicer for celery
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It depends on the size of your juicer, but a bunch of celery…

…would yield around 16 ounces of juice,

…which is an adequate high yield.

The best way to get the maximum health benefits…

…from your celery juice is to drink 16 ounces daily.

Juicer Types

There are two main categories of juicers: centrifugal and masticating.

Centrifugal juicers use high-speed spinning blades…

…to chop up fruits or vegetables, while masticating juicers crush…

…produce with their jaws. Both work well on celery…

…but each type is better suited to different tasks. Juicing efficiency

Slow Juicers

Best juicwe for celery
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Slow juicers operate at 80 rotations per minute…

…and are some of the best in the business.

Some of them do more than 40 rotations per minute.

The auger is used to carry out the extraction.

A corkscrew-shaped part gets spun by a motor.

The juicer starts to squeeze the juice out of the celery after you toss it into it.

There are several benefits to the slow-turning motor.

One, it’s silent. Two, it doesn’t produce as much heat and forced air.

It’s not a good idea to drink juice from heat and air.

The heat destroys vitamins and slows down the metabolism.

The air causes it to oxidize. Oxidation removes harmful elements…

…from the environment. Antioxidant substances can prevent cancer,

…heart disease, and slow aging.

What do you get when you strip a piece of fruit?

Sugar water is the answer.

A juice made from a slow juicer has the most nutrition out of it.

They allow you to keep your juice cold for up to three days.

They typically produce more juice with less produce.

Fast Juicers

Fast juicers spin at speeds of up to fourteen thousand revolutions per minute.

They use discs with sharp prongs on the bottom.

If you put celery into a machine that spins fast,

…it will cause the juice to release because of the sharp prongs.

If you want to make a fast cup of juice, it’s not the best for vitamins.

A lot of air is created by cutting open the cell walls…

…when the juicer spins so fast. The froth in the water…

…is visible when you drink the juice.

The machines operate around 700+ watts and give off a lot of heat as well.

That means there is more electricity flowing through the motor coil.

The hotter the motor, the longer the electrons are flowing through it.

Fast juicers tend to be cheaper.

You may not get the highest yield of celery juice…

…because they create more waste.

It’s a good idea to drink the juice immediately…

…because it will oxidize in 24 hours.

The left is where the masticating machine made the juice.

There is a fast juicer on the right side of the picture.

The juice on the left is a darker green than the juice on the right.

It contains less air and is richer in minerals.

The juice on the right has more froth and looks airier than the juice on the left.

What Should We Observe When It Comes To Choosing The Right Juicer For Celery

Maintenance and Usability

I discovered that vertical slow juicers are the easiest to use and clean.

It’s easy to use and operate because of its small components,

…which don’t need much upkeep.


A compact model that won’t take much of your counter space…

…is what you should look for if you’re drinking a lot of celery juice.

If you are constantly moving a small juicer can be beneficial.

Vertical slow juicers are the type of juicers that fits that profile.


You will be able to use a long cord with a model.

This would not be an issue if you had a power outlet near your counter.

Container Purpose

Most juicers come with a complimentary container…

….that is designed to prevent splashes.

Check if your juicer model comes with a juice container.

Otherwise, you need to start looking for…

…a perfect glass that would exactly match the height of the spout.


The slower type of juicer is more durable.

If you’re going for an Omega juicer or from a known brand,

it’s likely that you will get a 10-year warranty.

The longer coverage is more beneficial.


This is one of the most important factors when making a buying decision.

It’s not a luxury to have a juicer nowadays.

If you’re looking for a non-branded machine,

…it can go as cheap as $100 if you choose.

Buying a cheap product with quality in mind is always a concern.

You need to keep your budget in mind.

You should go for a heavy-duty machine if you have enough savings.

Stick with what you’re able to afford if you don’t.

Let’s get into the main topic!

Best Juicer For Celery To Support Your Healthy Life

Omega J8006HDS Quiet Dual-Stage Slow Speed Masticating Juicer

It is good to use a juicer at 80 RPMs.

It will not have as much heat or oxidation that…

…can make enzymes unhealthy. Juices are best when consumed fresh.

This juicer does its best with hard veggies and fruits like carrots,

…apple celery, and wheatgrass. It will not do well…

…with leafy greens as it tends to clog the feed chute…

…too easily since they have a tendency to be soft.

Still, if you could get your hands on this.

Mueller Austria Juicer Ultra Power, Easy Clean Extractor Press Centrifugal Juicing Machine

This best juicer for celery is easy to use and comes…

…with a smaller price tag. It delivers on its promises…

…of being the best at juicing leafy greens, hard veggies,

…and fruits with little to no pulp involved in the process.

It is easy to clean and assemble and easy to use.

If you have a budget but still want the best juicer out there,

…this is the one for you.

The extra-large feeder chute can fit whole vegetables and fruits,

less prep time is needed. This juicer comes…

…with several handy accessories like the pulp collector

…and a cleaning brush so you can make your work easier while using this product.

One thing that needs improvement in this…

…best masticating juicer may cost more than…

…other models available on the market today,

Keep reading!

MAMA’S CHOICE Juicer Machine

If you want to juice your celery the easy way,

…this is the best masticating juicer for you.

It comes with extra accessories like…

…a cleaning brush and an instruction manual so…

…you can easily assemble and disassemble it within minutes.

It is built with high-quality materials that are durable enough…

…to last longer than other models available on

This extra-large 800W motor gives this juicer a fast and powerful delivery.

Nine times out of ten it turns leafy greens like celery into juice…

…with just one or two passes over all the leaves.

This most expensive best juicer for celery delivers…

…on its extra-large food chute and extra strong motor which is really helpful.

If you want a high-quality best masticating juicer for celery,

…this is one of the top choices for you.

You will be amazed by how good it works when juicing hard fruits

The Cheapest Best Juicer For Celery : EX328 Heavy-Duty Stainless Steel Immersion Blender/Chopper

If you are looking for the best juicer for celery that is inexpensive,

this best immersion blender can do the job easily.

It has a handheld design so you can use it anywhere in your kitchen.

With its stainless steel blade and grip,

…it is great for chopping up nuts, making salsa,

delicious soups, and grinding spices.

You can even use it to make sauces and purees!

This best immersion blender..

…will let you feed your family healthy homemade food

…without too much work involved. It also comes with…

…a one-year warranty just in case something goes wrong.


Let’s Compare It Together!

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 Sum Up!

There are two types of celery juicer…

The pace is slow and fast. So what’s better?

Between the slow and fast juicer, the price is also differ

We can see if it fits us the most according to its quality of..

…material, size, and warranty that is beneficial for the use of a juicer…

…if you would like to use it on a daily basis.

Let’s Conclude

You can choose whether you prefer a slow or a fast juicer for celery.

Who determines the best juicer for celery is you!

Choose the ones that suit you the most!

Have you chosen your juicer?

Any doubts or questions, you can always tell us by dropping a comment below!

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