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Create the Perfect Burger Patty Press With Only 4 Materials

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There is a process to purchasing selection of burger patty press, and determining which ones are best for your burgers and which ones should be avoided. The different types of burger presses could be a very good or a bad thing. They are not all the same, and one thing to keep in mind is the experience one has when using a press.

Usually, theshiretof the burger pressis the one that is used in commercial establishments. They are bought in bulk by the pound and there are so many types to choose from. This is a good way to try several different types, if you have the chance.

You may find a press that is just right for you. You may also be lucky enough to find a press that will easily blend ingredients for you. For just about every job, you will need to have a blender or a food processor. This will make your life much easier, and you will have fast, memorable meals. We have a list for best burger presses if you need recommendation.

How To Create the Perfect Burger Patty Press

Don’t buy a fancy burger press that forms tiny patties or removes all the moisture from your meat. DIY burger patty press uses items you probably throw away every week and recycles them into the perfect patty maker.

This is best for making beef patty diameters of 4-5″, turkey patty diameters of 4-5″, or tuna patty diameters of 4-5″. Every time, they come out perfectly round and juicy with the necessary amount of moisture. 

Materials Needed to Build Burger Patty Press

  • Electric or hand can opener 
  • Cooking spray 
  • Empty 64 oz chicken stock can 
  • Empty 10 oz ground coffee can with plastic removable lid.

Steps To make the Burger Patty Press:

  • To remove the bottom of the chicken stock can, use a can opener. Remove the top of the can as well if it is still intact to form a hollow cylinder.  
  • The second is. Remove all paper labels from the outside of the cans.
  • The third one. Both the cans and lid should be washed with soap and water. Make sure that all coffee grinds and glue residue have been removed. If you want to avoid rusting your cans, make sure you dry them thoroughly after you’ve cleaned them.  
  • The fourth point. The dry lid must be placed on top of a hollow drum before it can be used.
  • Five. Assure that the coffee can fits easily within the chicken stock cylinder and that it can enter and exit from both ends without getting stuck. Remove from heat and set aside.  

The Burger Patty Press should be used as follows:

  • The sixth point. Form meat balls the size of your palm from the ground meat. Place on baking sheet greased with cooking spray.
  • The seventh. A formed meat ball should be placed on a baking sheet over the cylinder. Cooking spray can be sprayed on the coffee cans’ plastic lids.
  • This is eighth. The plastic lid of the coffee can should face down when you press it into a cylinder. You can flatten the meat ball by pressing down on the coffee can. Form the meat into a cylinder by pressing down on the coffee can.  
  • The ninth point. Patty can be removed from the cylinder by gently pushing the coffee can against the cylinder. Approximately 4-5 inches dia. and 1-11/2 inches thick, this should make a perfect burger patty. It may be necessary to press the patty down a bit further, if desired, to further flatten it.
  • The 10th Item. To make the rest of the burger patties, repeat steps 6-9. After that, prepare burgers according to your preference.
  • Burger Presses need to be cleaned as follows:
  • The 11th. For drums and cylinders made of tin, wash them with soap and water. Rust can be prevented by thorough drying. If you notice any signs of rust after use, discard and replace with new cans.

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