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Top 5 Chemex Filters: Reusable and Disposable

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Do you seek the perfect cup of coffee, and what does it include for you? Are you looking for a reusable, long-term filtering solution?

Is there a difference between coffee made with white and brown paper? Are you able to tell the difference in taste between a metallic and a non-metallic one?

Can you use standard, less expensive filters with the Chemex vessel? What makes the originals so special? Where can you find these at the best price?

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for the best filter for a Chemex carafe based on price, flavor, quality, durability, or the most eco-friendly option. It is important to understand which filter is suitable for a Chemex carafe when deciding what to buy. We’ll get started now.

What Is Chemex Coffee?

A Chemex coffee maker is a type of pour-over coffee maker. It offers a time-honored method of brewing coffee that may be both delightfully easy or startlingly complicated, depending on your coffee preferences.

A coffee maker is simply a beaker with an hourglass shape and an open mouth. The basic form can be found in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some have a wood and leather handle wrapped around the middle, while others have a glass grip.

No matter what model or size, every one is designed to use specific Chemex filters. Unfortunately, exclusivity comes with scarcity, so getting your hands on the brand filters can sometimes be challenging.

What Is A Chemex Filter?

Chemex filters are designed to remove every trace of contaminants from coffee, including sediment, oils, and fats. The filter paper is heavier and thicker than other coffee filters you may have used in the past.

As well as functioning as a high-quality filter, it helps in providing the perfect brew duration for your coffee.

Additionally, their filters are guaranteed not to break, meaning that even if you pour a little hotter or heavier water than you meant, the filter will not burst and turn your coffee into gritty sludge.

Which Are the Best Chemex Filters, and What Are Their Alternatives?

Now that we have cleared the air, let’s look at the best Chemex filters and their alternatives. I only listed things that would be useful for the glass carafe and could be used with it. To use a Chemex, these are the ideal filters:

Chemex’s Original Filters

The thick Chemex filters prevent leftover coffee bits from passing through and filter coffee oils, resulting in a low-acid cup with a lighter body.

Dietary intake of diterpenes is linked to an increase in cholesterol, another benefit of the Chemex paper filters. They are easy to use. The brown filters may need to be rinsed with hot water a little longer to remove the paper flavor.

The other alternatives on the list could be more appealing if you bought the Chemex vessel merely because it looks stylish and you like a fuller-bodied cup.

Able Brewing Kone 

The Able Brewing Kone is one of the most popular Chemex filter replacements – a long-term option for those tired of restocking on paper filters. It is made in the United States and is somewhat more expensive than other alternatives, but it is strong and will last for many years. The price is well worth it.This is a reusable stainless-steel filter made specifically for the Chemex carafe.

The Able Kone walls do not touch the glass, allowing for adequate air circulation and extraction of coffee. Due to the possibility of coffee oils passing through it during percolation, this filter will provide a more full-bodied cup. Easy maintenance is a feature of the Able Kone. Be sure to empty and clean it immediately after use. It will be much simpler this way since the grounds will still be moist and easily removed.It will be much easier if you have a sink sprayer. Unfortunately, only the Able Kone works with the 6-cup, 8-cup, and 10-cup vessels. If you have a 3-cup type, it will not fit. Investing in a high-quality reusable Chemex alternative is a good choice for those who prefer a fuller-bodied cup, wish to reduce waste or avoid purchasing paper filters.

CoffeeSock Organic Cotton

A cost-effective, long-lasting replacement for your Chemex filters, the Organic Cotton CoffeeSock is a great option. CoffeeSock is reasonably priced and comes with two filters.With reasonable care, even if you use only one of them every day, it will still perform well after a year. Place the sock somewhere to dry after each use. Rinse it with water after each use. You can use it more than once a day if it hasn’t dried after the first usage – well, you’ve got a second sock.

To prevent the cloth flavor from settling in their coffee, some individuals keep their cloth filters in zip lock bags soaked with water in the fridge or freezer between uses.This approach is viable if you live somewhere where the humidity is high and socks don’t seem to dry out quickly. The filter is ideal for those who are particularly sensitive to the faint papery taste that paper filters may impart. CoffeeSocks are for individuals seeking a more sustainable, eco-friendly alternative to Chemex filters without sacrificing the clean cup provided by the originals.

Barista Warrior Stainless Steel Filter 

Barista Warrior is less expensive than Able Kone and has a different filter system. There are two sides to it. The inside is mesh and stainless steel as well.The goal is to keep all the grounds out of your cup. The disadvantage of the double-wall mechanism is that it clogs up more easily. Rinse the cone immediately after use to prevent this. Additionally, if you are able to grind it a medium to coarse size, that would be ideal.This method will prevent clogging. It is possible to put the Barista Warrior in the dishwasher if it drains more slowly than usual, and it will work as usual.The Barista Warrior may leave some sediment in your coffee, but it is not possible to get an ultra-clean cup, except with the original Chemex filters. Stainless-steel filters are also more robust than Ovalware. My opinion is that this product is worth the money, and I believe that it is one of the best reusable alternatives to Chemex filters for those who aren’t picky about the details of their coffee.

Bolio Hemp

Among the top eco-friendly alternatives to Chemex filters is Hemp from Bolio. Compared to a Chemex, they let more sediment into your cup, but it does not affect the flavor. After each use, it must also be rinsed and hung to dry.Since they are constructed entirely of organic materials, they will make you feel more comfortable if you care about the environment. With this method, you won’t waste paper filters after each batch.

Additionally, the Square Hemp for the Chemex brewer is reasonably priced.It is easy to use. Bring it to a boil for 5 minutes before you brew. Over time, it may wrinkle, but this will not affect its performance. In addition to the guide we compiled, we also have compiled a list of other best reusable coffee filter options as well.


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