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Nowadays people are aware of climate change…

But that’s not stopping them from their love to drink a coffee.

Let’s contribute to go green lifestyle by having..

…a reusable coffee filter.

For most of you who are looking for…

…the best reusable coffee filter..

this article is made just for you!

Let’s take a look at Joan’s story...

Reusable coffee filter
Credits: canva.com

All of my family members like to drink coffee..

…on a daily basis. There are 5 of us in the family…

…and we all love manual brew coffee since it smells great.

However, here in my city, to have a coffee paper filter is..

…quite pricy, since we live far from the capital.

So every time I get it in the supermarket I bought a dozen..

…box of a coffee paper filter. Now, since I take care of the kitchen,

looking at the waste of the paper filter could be overwhelming..

However, there is no way for us to quit drinking the coffee we love.

Something unbelievable happens, on our anniversary date…

…my fiancè come with a box in his hand..

curious…I opened up the box and..

..I can’t believe it. There’s a reusable coffee filter!

I didn’t know happiness could come from a simple thing.

From the story, we knew that keeping this planet safe..

…is not always an easy task to do..

We all need access to that. But..

..no worries! We live in an era full of technology..

So let’s take a look…

The Best Reusable Coffee Filter 2021!

InWildTek Reusable Coffee Filter

Pros :

  • Mr. Coffee Maker, DGB-500, DGB-600 Series, Black & Decker, Cuisinart GTF-B, Continental, Hamilton Beach, Proctor Silex, Bonavita, KRUPS KM785D50, Breville BDC, and Keurig K-Duo Essentials, K-Duo Brewers & More…
  • Using an eco-friendly coffee filter instead of a wasteful paper filter saves a lot of money. It is not a disposable filter like a paper filter and must be replaced on a regular basis. This is the most effective approach to save money over time.
  • This reusable basket filter makes better use of the aroma of coffee to make you experience different feelings. These rigid plastic coffee filters are built to the highest standard.
  • This BPA-free reusable golden stainless steel mesh filter contributes to the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection. These coffee filters are made of hard plastic and are of the finest quality.
  • With a simple grip of the handle, cleaning is a breeze. This washable filter is simple to clean with running water. When not in use, our practical handle folds down. Our filters may be washed in the dishwasher.

Cons: people are happy with their product, we found none of the complaints.

The Most Asthetique Coffee Filter : Apace Living Pour Over Coffee Filter


  •  Engineered with an extra-wide top base, this is arguably the best filter for Chemex (6, 8, 10 Cup), Hario V60 (2.0, 3.0) and other branded coffee makers.
  • The mesh of our filters have unique designs to complement your coffee maker. Stored together, the two become a statement piece for your kitchen.
  • These filters have double-layer mesh with holes sized for perfect filtration. These perforations provide ideal extraction of the coffee without clogging.
  • When it comes to making the ideal cup of drip coffee, flavor extraction is key. For thorough extraction, our sealed-tip filters provide total covering of the coffee grounds.
    Our filters have a broad top that fits over the rim of most pour over coffee machines. This indicates that the cone filter may be easily removed for cleaning.


  • The rubber ring which holders the filter in place & makes it easy to pick up/handle started coming off after 2 months and now, just 3 months in, it has ripped so much it cannot stay on any longer. The metal edge of the filter has pierced through the rubber so it essentially sliced through it.
  • This is too small for the larger chemex. You can only fit 50 grams of grinded coffee in it. It fits the edge but is better for a single server not a 2 or more pour over.

YEOSEN Permanent Coffee Filter


  • The coffee powder does not run out due to the fine mesh of the large coffee filter basket. Unlike paper filtering, it retains the natural flavor of the coffee and does not eliminate the fragrance. It’s made of food-grade 18/8 stainless steel and doesn’t emit any unpleasant odors, so it’s safe and healthful.
  • There’s no disputing that the disposable filter saves time and effort. It’s OK to put it in the ashcan, but I like the basket permanent coffee filter when I think of those fallen trees. It can be used instead of a basket paper filter on a permanent basis. Not only does it help the environment, but it also helps you save money.
  • Only run it under running water to rinse the coffee powder, and the permanent coffee filter will not rust. Give a spoon with a cleaning feature so you don’t have to bother about cleaning. Dishwasher-friendly.
    Fits Black and Decker, Mr. Coffee Makers and Brewers and is compatible with most filters. Whether at home or at work, it’s simple to use.
    They provide lifelong quality promise and would refund your entire purchase. Please email us if you have any suggestions or helpful advise. I eagerly anticipate your purchase.


  • It does not fit all the way down into the holder, so you have to balance it over the ledge and close it slowly.
  • It does not drain the water fast enough to keep up with the pace that the water is dispensed. The coffee maker beeps to indicate it’s done a good bit before the water is done draining. Also, the water level rises up to the top of the filter and it makes the bottom of the machine where the water comes out filthy with used coffee grounds.

Fill ‘n Brew Reusable Coffee Filter (Cone #4)


  • To keep your coffee smelling fresh and tasty, run it through the dishwasher between uses.
  • To reduce your carbon footprint, replace your old paper filters with this reusable filter.
  • Because there is no paper, you can taste more of your ground coffee, resulting in a fuller-bodied flavor than ever before.
  • This 4.25″ diameter by 3″ cone filter is composed of laboratory-grade materials to withstand high temperatures in the dishwasher or when brewing.
    Rinse after each use to prevent grounds from accumulating and generating bad coffee.

Cons :

  • If you want to conduct a manual pour over, it could work, but it doesn’t appear to be the proper fit for a #4 sized machine or pour over equipment.

let’s compare it together

Find The Most Suitable Reusable Coffee Filter For You

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Reusable Coffee Filter vs Paper

Permanent Filters

  • Cleaning and maintenance: Permanent filters must be cleaned on a regular basis. They require a lot of upkeep and are more difficult to clean. Taste: Because these filters are synthetic, they can affect the coffee’s flavor. It could also be influenced by the sort of permanent filter employed.
  • Environmental impact: Because permanent filters are reused, they are environmentally benign because no trees are torn down in the manufacturing process. They also don’t contribute to a massive waste pile.
  • The cost of permanent filters is determined by the type of material used in their construction. In comparison to a gold tone filter, a nylon filter will be less expensive.
  • Freshness: Coffee prepared with a permanent filter offers a deeper, more vibrant flavor. It depends on the type of permanent filter used once again.

Paper Filters

  • Cleaning and upkeep: Because paper filters are discarded after each use, there is no need to clean them, making maintenance simple and inexpensive. Taste: Paper filters can drastically alter the flavor of coffee on a large scale.
  • Environmental impact: They are not environmentally friendly because they are discarded after each use, resulting in a large amount of garbage. These filters are made by cutting down trees.
  • Cost: These are far less expensive than permanent filters.
  • Freshness: Because no residues are left, the coffee made is quite fresh, albeit with a somewhat altered flavor.

And, that’s it!

Sum Up!

There are several types of reusable coffee filter you can use..

The best one is according to your priorities!

There’s the cheapest one from Fill N Brew,

or if you want something versatile you can pick…

..the apace reusable coffee filter.


It’s not hard to choose between the best reusable coffee filter..

All you have to do is looking up to your priority,

and make the deal!

Let us know about your favorite reusable coffee filter…

…on the comment section below!

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