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Coffee Filter Substitute Paper Towel: 3 Important Things Before Using It


Nowadays, paper towel is a popular coffee filter substitute. Many people are discussing this coffee filter substitute paper towels, and some of them think that it can truly be used as a coffee filter.

Coffee filter substitute paper towel
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Filtering coffee is important when you make a cup of coffee. A study found that filtering coffee, rather than just boiling ground coffee beans and drinking the water, was better for health, especially for older adults.

There are 8 coffee filter substitutes, one of them is a paper towel, that you can use. While reading this blog post learn the answers to some of the most often asked questions before you go try it at home.

Continue reading to learn more about the characteristics of the paper towel substitute if you’re still unsure about whether it can replace paper towels as coffee filters.

Coffee Filter Substitute Paper Towel

You can easily try using a paper towel as a coffee filter to get your morning dose when you run out of coffee filters. You might be doubting your actions as you place the paper towel in the filter cup.

What about the substances found in paper towels? Will they contaminate your coffee? Does this approach pose a risk to your health? Let’s investigate.

Paper towels and your coffee filter have a lot in common. There aren’t many distinctions between the two save thickness and absorption capacity. If you believed that just wood pulp was used to make paper, you would be wrong.

The following are some considerations you should make when utilizing a paper towel as a substitute filter:

Do the paper towels include bleach?

The first thing that comes to mind when the idea of replacing filters with paper towels is the chemicals used in bleaching paper towels. Bleaching paper is undoubtedly a problem because it might cause undesired chemicals to leak into your cup.

However, the pollutants are often not severe and the health hazards are minimal (unless you make it a habit to use paper towels every day).

Water works as an extracting agent for any industrial chemical utilized in the manufacturing process when you pour hot water over the grounds that have been placed inside the paper towel.

Since chlorine is used to bleach most paper towels, the chlorinated dioxins that are present in the product could be harmful to your health.

Surprisingly, research from the 1980s found that dioxins leaking through paper filters were responsible for one in every 10,000 incidences of cancer among coffee consumers.

Although the amount of chemicals seeping from coffee filters is little, the number of dioxins recovered from paper towels may eventually be detrimental to your health.

Although this risk has been significantly decreased by recent advancements in the paper bleaching industry, certain residues of dioxins may still be found in the bleached paper. Switch to natural paper if you want to entirely eliminate the risk of ingesting dioxin!

Are The Paper Towels Recycled?

Let’s not overlook the fact that paper towels were not intended to be used as coffee filters. It is intended for wiping, but if you desperately need coffee and the box is empty, you can use it as a temporary paper filter. Each person does.

The paper does, however, come into contact with impurities throughout the manufacturing process.

These pollutants, such as fillers, strengthening agents, and colors, have infrequently undergone toxicity testing. Even phthalates, Bisphenol-A (BPA), and other hormone-imitating compounds may be present in some papers.

These goods have been given the go-ahead by food authorities because they are confident that the papers won’t come into contact with the food we eat. Recycled paper towels include residues of chemicals because pollutants are recycled along with the wood pulp when the paper is recycled.

How To Use A Paper Towel As A Makeshift Coffee Filter

Coffee is among the most consumed beverages worldwide, and for good reason. But what about the harm that coffee-making does to the environment? There is a workaround for that, so don’t worry. Consider using a paper towel to build a temporary coffee filter.

Simply wet the paper towel on the inside, cut it to the appropriate size, and place it over the coffee cup lid. In order to close off the opening of your mug, make sure to press firmly down in the center of the paper towel. Voila! You may proceed now.

What Are Other Alternatives To Paper Towel?

One of the most prevalent household products is paper towels. Yet, is it the best alternative? There are several options for coffee filter substitutes available, such as mesh sieves, cloth napkins, and tea bags, so it’s up to you to choose.


You don’t have to forgo the pleasure of treating yourself to a tasty cup of coffee just because you ran out of coffee filters or don’t have access to one when traveling.

Paper towels are a simple and dependable replacement that can save your mornings.

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