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Review: Cuisinart CSB-400CD Cordless Smart Stick Blender

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Cuisinart CSB-400CD Cordless and Rechargeable SmartStick Hand Blender

Your new favorite hand blender will be the Cuisinart Smart Stick. You can create silky-smooth soups, curries, and so much more with this blender! The cordless immersion blender has 5 speeds and is rechargeable. Portability and versatility are two features of the Smart Stick. Along with the blender attachment, there is a convenient whisk attachment that is ideal for bakers.


  • Safety features to prevent injury from sharp blades
  • Powerful motor
  • Saves space
  • Portable


  • A bit pricey
  • May become heavy to lift after prolonged use

Things You need to Know About the Cuisinart Smart Stick Blender

The Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-400CD can be a great solution if you need to blend things but don’t want to deal with the hassle of a large countertop blender. It is a powerful handheld blender that you can dip in pots, mugs, and more to blend tasty meals. This Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-400CD review will help you decide if this blender is right for your kitchen.

What Features Are Available on the Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-400CD?

The Cuisinart Smart Stick comes with several features to look forward to.

  • You can choose from five different speeds, so you can blend everything from soft-cooked potatoes to frozen ice cubes.
  • The three-inch blade guard and two-button start system provide safety against the sharp blades.
  • A rechargeable battery provides 20 minutes of run time and eliminates the need for any cords.
  • The battery can be recharged from full to empty in about two hours.
  • Its length of 10 inches allows it to reach deep pots without being bulky.
  • Its stainless steel body creates a durable and long-lasting design.
  • The light-up display indicates when the blender needs to be charged in an easy-to-read manner.
  • The product comes with a three-year warranty from Cuisinart.
  • There are options for both pulsing and constant running with the button design.
  • You can remove the chopper part from the motor and wash it in the dishwasher, while the top can easily be wiped down for cleaning.

If you would like more options of Cuisinart Smart Stick, you can find them in a guide we have compiled. 

How to Use the Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-400CD

If you have never used an immersion blender before, you might be wondering why you should use one rather than a normal blender. A blender like the Cuisinart Smart Stick eliminates the need to transfer liquids between various containers.

Would you like a pureed soup? To use the hand blender, simply place it into your pot and blend for a few seconds. You can make a smoothie by putting fruit in a cup, blending it, and drinking it. Cooking with a hand blender reduces mess and extra steps.

At the same time, the Cuisinart Smart Stick is space-saving. If you don’t need a big appliance that stays on your counter all the time, get a smaller one that slides into a drawer when not in use.

Is it Necessary to Get the Attachments for the Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-400CD?

Many Cuisinart Smart Stick fans debate whether they should get the attachments and other parts for the blender. 

In addition to providing you with additional functionality, blender attachments are very helpful. You can use the whisk to beat egg whites, bake macarons, and make fluffy mashed potatoes.

One additional add-on worth considering is the immersion blender cup by Cuisinart. It fits perfectly over the head of a blender, so you can ensure even blending. This little cup is perfect for making homemade mayo and other dressings, according to its users.

Is the Cuisinart Smart Stick CSB-400CD Better Than Other Hand Blenders?

One of the main things that makes the Smart Stick stand out from other hand blenders is the lack of a cord. A hand blender is almost always a plug-in blender, which is annoying given the whole point of a hand blender is maneuverability and convenience. You don’t have to worry about the cord falling into hot pots of soup or pans of sauce when using the Smart Stick.

The power of the Smart Stick is another reason to pick it over a different brand. It still has a 400-watt motor, despite being cordless. It is significantly stronger than the 280-watt Breville hand blender or the 200-watt KitchenAid hand blender. Due to its stronger motor, the Cuisinart version can easily handle crunchy vegetables, thick sauces and sticky doughs. At around $95, the Cuisinart blender is more expensive than the Breville and KitchenAid models, but it is much more powerful.


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