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5 Super Steps To Do Electric Range Cleaning


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Electric Range

Do yo know about electric range cleaning method? An electric stove…

…or electric range is a stove equipped with an integrated electrical heating element for cooking and baking. Electric stoves gained popularity as a low-maintenance alternative to solid-fuel (wood or coal) stoves. Certain contemporary stoves are packaged with integrated extractor hoods. 

The electric range is the most common type of cooking appliance, used by approximately 70% of households worldwide. However, there are many types of cooktops including induction ranges, steam ovens and convection ovens, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages compared to traditional gas burner and electric ranges.

Electric ranges may be classified into two groups: single element and dual element.

  • Single element models consist of one heater that heats both sides of the pan simultaneously while dual element models heat each side individually.
  • Dual element models also exist where only the top surface is heated; this can increase efficiency because it reduces hot spots on the bottom of the pan.

Both versions include temperature controls located above the burner elements, usually at the front edge of the countertop along with switches for turning the burners on and off.

In addition to these features, some ranges feature timers, griddles, warming drawers, and other accessories such as glass lids, drip pans, racks, etc., depending on manufacturer design preferences. In here, we also have a review about electric range that you might want to see.


The first electric ranges were made from cast iron and contained two separate elements, one for each side of the pan. These early units had no safety devices, so they would often overheat when left unattended. To prevent overheating, manufacturers added thermostats to control the maximum temperature reached by the elements.

In addition, the earliest electric ranges did not allow users to adjust the flame height, which resulted in uneven baking. Later designs allowed the user to regulate the amount of heat coming out of the elements using knobs found behind the burners. This led to even better results than those achieved using earlier models.

What You Need Before Doing Electric Range Cleaning 

To clean an electric stove, make a baking soda paste by combining three parts baking soda and one part warm water. We’ll walk you through the five-step method in detail to demonstrate how to clean an electric stove properly.

If you are unfamiliar with the most effective cleaning techniques for electric stoves, they can be a little tough to clean. Many of them use coil burners, and an increasing number are constructed with glass stove tops, which require extra care during the cleaning procedure to avoid scratches.

However, cleaning your electric stove is lot easier than you might believe if you follow the tips below. In only a few minutes, you can restore the luster to your stove with common household items. The best method for removing oil, stains, and burnt residue from your electric stove.

Electric Range Cleaning Step by Step

Remove the coils and drip pans from the stove

If your electric stove lacks coils, proceed to next step. Remove the coils from electric stoves before cleaning. Set them aside for the time being. If your coils are also unclean, follow our comprehensive step-by-step instructions for cleaning your stove coils here. After reading the post and cleaning your stove coils, proceed to next step.

Coat the stove top with a baking soda paste

Three parts baking soda and one part water can be used to make baking soda paste. Make the paste with warm water for the best results. This will aid in the breakdown of grease on your stove.

Allow a few minutes for it to sit

Between two and five minutes is required for the baking soda to rest and break down the food residue on your burner.

With a towel, wipe the area

Wipe the area with a towel after a few minutes. Avoid violently cleaning the stove, since you do not want the baking soda to harm the surface.

Wipe the exterior of the stove

Clean with a glass cleaner or a solution of soap and water. Any market will sold any glass cleaner

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