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How Do Kegerators Work? Superb 2 Facts That You Need To Know About This


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What is Kegerators

Have you ever wonder, how do kegerators work? What is kegerator used for?

A kegerator a combination of the words keg and refrigerator, is a refrigerator that has been constructed or modified to hold and distribute kegs. By storing the keg in a refrigerator and employingCO2 to pressurize and dispense the keg. Do kegerators need CO2? Using CO2 will made the contents will remain fresh and carbonated for a long amount of time, often a couple of months. This makes them popular among craft beer drinkers as well as home brewers who want to create their own beers at home without having to deal with the hassle of storing large quantities of pre-brewed beer.

In addition, they are often used by homebrewers because they can be easily modified into an automatic dispensing system that allows users to pour themselves a drink whenever desired. They have also become increasingly common as party favors and promotional items for bars and restaurants. The first commercially available commercial kegerator was introduced in 1983 and since then there has been a significant increase in popularity. In here we have list for best kegerators that you might want to see!

How Do Kegerators Work?

The kegerator uses either mechanical or electronic pressure regulators to maintain constant internal pressures within the keg. Mechanical regulators consist of a valve placed between the keg’s interior gas space and atmosphere. When the regulator senses low internal pressure, it opens allowing atmospheric air to enter the keg until sufficient pressure is reached again.

Electronic regulators use computer sensors to monitor both the temperature and pressure inside the keg and adjust accordingly. Both types offer some level of safety features including: interlocks, flow control valves which limit how much liquid flows out when the tap is opened, and overpressure relief valves which vent excess pressure from the keg back outside so that no damage occurs to anything other than the keg itself.

Kegerators may come equipped with additional accessories such as draft tower filters, ice chutes, and even built-in lighting fixtures. Some models include integrated digital displays showing current volume levels, remaining capacity, and serving temperatures. Others provide visual indicators on the exterior of the unit letting people know if the keg is full or empty. Many modern units feature touch screens where users can navigate through menus and make adjustments directly via a stylus or finger. Most kegerators are powered by 120VAC electrical power and require approximately 1–3 horsepower depending on the size and speed of compressor being used.

How Do You Use One Of These Things?

To start using one of these things you need to buy some equipment. First thing you’ll probably get is a kegerator. There are two main types; electric and manual. Electric ones usually cost more money, but tend to be easier to set up and operate. Manual ones are cheaper, but harder to setup and operate.

Once you have decided what type you want, you should go ahead and purchase one. Next step is choosing a brand and model number. Make sure it fits your needs before buying it, are kegerators worth it or not. Also look around online to see what kind of reviews customers have had regarding the product. Finally, once everything is ready, plug it in and turn it on! Thats really all there is too it. Now just put away those kegs and enjoy.

What Is A Keg?

A keg is similar to a wine container but instead contains beer. It typically holds 5 gallons of beer and weighs about 60 pounds. While many breweries produce kegs specifically made for kegerators, others sell standard aluminum kegs ranging anywhere from 3 to 20 gallon sizes.

Because these container contain only beer, they must not be allowed to freeze. To avoid this happening, most manufacturers recommend placing the keg in a refrigerator during nonuse hours. If left unsupervised, however, freezing could cause the bottles to burst open and leak all over your kitchen floor.

 Where Can I Find Them?

Kegs and kegerators can be found almost everywhere nowadays. Stores like Home Depot and Lowes carry different brands of kegs and kegerators for sale. Online stores like Amazon sell them as well. However, if you aren’t looking to spend any money, don’t worry. People love sharing their favorite recipes and tips for making great tasting brews. 

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