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How to Smoke on a Gas Grill – 3 Easy Steps!

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Today, we enjoy foods that have been smoked for their special taste.

It is a favorite dish that many people enjoy and often appears in meals.

The flavor of smoke mixed with food creates a unique flavor…

…that can’t be found in other dishes.

People can enrich food flavors by handling and handling the smoking process.

Smoking methods can include traditional methods…

…as well as tools such as a gas grill.

Today’s market and technological demands necessitate the use of gas grills.

How to smoke on a gas grill?

Check out this article to find out!

Here are a few words from Hannah…

The grill we have is wonderful.

The process of putting it together was wonderful for the most part,

with a few not so nice remarks.

It has all the features I want, and the size I want.

It makes food evenly and cleans up quickly.

Gas grills do not come with a smoke box,

so I have to purchase a high quality smoke hood instead. 

However, that’s no problem as long as we can enjoy smokey meats

with the family on the weekend.

Now, let’s get started…

What is a Gas Grill Smoker?

How to smoke on a gas grill
Credits: barbequewhizz.com

If you like smoky food, then a gas grill smoker will be familiar to you.

It is a type of stove with a burner and a grill.

Smoking will be easier with some gas grills that have a dedicated smoke box.

Most gas grill smokers have lids for smoking.

A kitchen thermometer is essential for measuring the temperature.

During the smoking phase, you should adjust the temperature using this thermometer.

Modern gas ovens come with a metal hood placed over the burner.

To get rid of smoke, simply turn on the stove and add damp wood.

With gas grills that don’t have a smoke box…

…you can buy a high-quality smoke hood instead.

As the taste of the smoke is affected by the material of the smoke box…

…you should choose one with a good, rust-resistant material.

If you can’t purchase smoke boxes and your gas grill does not have them.

There is nothing to worry about!

You can make a temporary smoke box yourself.

It is a highly effective method that has been utilized by many.

It is also very easy to prepare.

You just make a tray from foil, place damp wood chips…

…that have been drained into it, cover with foil…

…and connect the two edges together.

You form a sealed foil package with damp wood chips inside.

Make sure to make a few holes in the foil’s top surface so the smoke can escape.

Place the homemade smoke pack on top of the burner.

Start the stove and smoke the dishes.

Here’s the main part…

How to Smoke on a Gas Grill?

People who love smoked foods want to know the answer to this question.

Gas grills can be smoked in a number of ways and with many different recipes. 

The recipes are different and the flavors are also diverse.

But today, I’m going to show you the most basic…

…and essential steps for smoking on a gas grill.

In order to create the perfect smoked recipe on a gas grill…

… you should start by preparing the ingredients carefully.

During the smoke, you will be more focused and the food will be better.

Make sure the wood chips, pellets, or chips are prepared and suitable for the dish.

The moisture content of the wood should also be determined.

A thorough preparation will make everything go smoothly.

Heat the Gas Grill to the Right Temperature

How to smoke on a gas grill

One of the most important steps is to turn on the burner.

Every type of gas grill has a different number of burners.

If your gas grill has four burners, you cannot turn them all on simultaneously.

The flames will burn your food. Your smoked meal will be ruined.

You must know which burner to use.

With a 4-burner gas grill, 2 ends will usually be turned on…

…and 2 ends will be turned off.

As long as the gas grill is not too hot, you can turn the staggered burners on and off.

Set the burners on a moderate heat with the right number of burners.

A thermometer should be used, please install it first.

Close the lid once the burner has been turned on.

Keep the thermometer at the right temperature, usually between 225°F and 250°F.

Warm up and reach a starting temperature…

…by letting the incinerator run for a short time.

If the temperature you are monitoring is too high…

…you can turn the burner down or turn it off.

Alternatively, if the gas grill has not reached the desired temperature…

…turn on the other burner.

It is still necessary to monitor the temperature continuously and keep it stable.

Your bacon will be better if you do this.

Keep reading…

Fire Up the Gas Grill with Suitable Wood

How to smoke on a gas grill
Credits: staceysnacksonline.com

Wood is the most important ingredient in smoke on a gas grill.

In addition to the smoke box, your home gas grill might not have one.

You have several options for resolving this issue.

One option is to buy a smoke box, while another is to build one.

I have shared the recipe very clearly for you.

You should pay attention to your wood chips…

…in addition to the smoke extraction box.

There are many types of wood used in smoking.

Different types of wood seem to suit different foods.

Below I will discuss the different types of wood used in smoking.

Don’t let the wood chips get too wet.

Pay attention to the moisture of the wood.

Otherwise, the food will steam with steam instead of smoke.

Additionally, you should equip yourself with a solid candy…

…or high-temperature resistant gloves.

You cannot touch a hot gas grill with your bare hands.

Remember to heat it up first.

To add wood to the gas grill, use tongs or gloves.

You can burn hardwood, wood chips, wood chips…

…or pellets directly on the burner or use a smoke box.

Match the amount of wood to the amount of food you wish to smoke.

If smoke streaks appear, your smoke is ready.

Go on…

Start the Smoke

How to smoke on a gas grill
Credits: blog.thermoworks.com

Food should be placed on the opposite side of the burner once smoke has appeared.

Do not allow flames to reach your food.

Smoke will break! Stay away from the burner and close the lid.

The temperature on the thermometer…

…must be observed continuously to ensure that it remains constant.

Don’t let it go too low or too high.

You shouldn’t open the lid of the gas grill just yet.

It was a mistake, the smoke will escape if you open the lid.

You should time them and check them after an estimated amount of time.

If you still don’t get the smoke you want, remove more wood and cover again.

Check it out until you’re satisfied.

You already know how to smoke on a gas grill in 3 easy steps.

You only need to pay attention to a few points…

…in order to easily smoke using the gas grill at home.

“Before foods are seasoned and smoked, make sure their outer skin has been dried to a certain extent, which is the key to a complete smoked product. the best! Not only does it act as a skin covering and protecting the outside, but it also plays an extremely important role in capturing the smell and taste of all ingredients afterwards! Always use the thermometer to check the internal temperature before enjoying bacon. Smoking should be done with meats at room temperature (thawed if frozen).” 

Aimee Nakazawa – Food Writer

Perhaps you are wondering…

Which Woods Should be Chosen to Suit Smoke?

Much like fine wines, smoke wood pairs well with many different types of dishes.

The wood’s flavor permeates the food through the smoke phase.

It can be said that the wood pellets directly affect the flavor of the dish.

For smoking, hardwoods such as rosewood, oak…

…cherry, walnut, chestnut, apple tree, alder tree…

…mesquite (a legume tree grown in northern Mexico)…

…and wood of various types of Citrus stalks are good choices.

Alder wood, apple and cherry combine…

…for a delicate and mild flavor, similar to pecan.

Hickory and oak, however, have a stronger flavor.

When smoked, mesquite wood is only suitable for beef brisket.

A strong and strong flavor can be achieved…

…by using aromatics with a high essential oil content.

Smoke not only originates from the product…

…but also contributes to its distinctive flavor.

Pine and other soft-bodied woods, when burned…

…emit great heat and burn rapidly, leaving behind an unpleasant dark odor…

…from the sap that makes them a bad choice for smoked ingredients.

Smoking involves the addition of flammable ingredients…

…such as hardwoods, tea, herbs, spices, vine branches…

…corn husks, fruit bark (typically orange or apple peel), peanut shell…

…which combine with the scent of smoke…

…to impart a distinctive, attractive flavor to the dish.

What Wood Should I Choose to Smoke?

As a matter of fact, the type of wood you choose…

…depends upon the food you intend to smoke.

A large piece of meat cannot be smoked with wood chips or chips.

Adding wood to this fire burns very quickly…

…so it is inevitable that you will have to open the lid constantly to add more.

Take note of the following:

  • Wood chips, also known as wood chips, are small and relatively easy to find. During the smoking cycle, you must add them many times because they burn very quickly. Short smoked foods are best with wood chips. They will become very troublesome if they smoke for a long period of time. They are the easiest wood to smoke.
  • Wood pellets are compressed and compacted wood humus about the size of a half-inch cube. Pellets are quite flammable and are widely used. Wood pellets are so good in temperature and taste that they are often used as the main ingredient in cooking.
  • Wood blocks are smaller pieces of wood that burn more slowly than wood chips. You can usually finish the smoke with one or two pieces, approximately the size of an egg. This wood produces very stable and long-lasting smoke. Its start-up phase, however, may take a long time.

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Sum Up!

It is still possible to smoke food with just a gas grill…

…if you want to get into smoking.

How easy is it to smoke with a gas grill?

Yes, but if you plan to cook a lot of barbecue…

…we recommend investing in a dedicated smoker.

Gas grills are not meant to smoke meat.

Heat and smoke escape easily from the gaps around the lid and burners.

You can cook a decent meal, but it won’t be the same…

…as food prepared on a smoker.

If you only have a gas grill, however, delicious barbecue is still within reach.

Just follow the steps above and you’ll impress your family and friends in no time.


A smoke always leaves a lasting impression.

There are many different kinds of wood that create different flavors.

In the above post, we discussed how to smoke on a gas grill. 

Wishing you the best with your smoke!

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