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Do Kegerators Need CO2? 4 Superb Facts That You Need To Know About It


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Do Kegerators Need CO2? Your carbon dioxide (CO2) tank…

…is an important aspect of distributing beer from your kegerator. To achieve the ideal pour, make sure your CO2 tank is correctly placed and tuned to offer the greatest taste. If this is your first time buying a kegerator, you may have many questions regarding how to set up your CO2 and how a CO2 tank works. As beverage experts, we have some suggestions on how you might sip away your worries. In here we have list for best kegerators that you might want to see!

Do Kegerators Need CO2?

To answer your question, a kegerator does not require a carbon dioxide (CO2) [tank], but the beer within must in order for it to flow and stay carbonated, how long kegerators is gonna last depends on CO2. CO2 is the gas that is used to carbonate the beer and push it into your glass. If you have a carbonated beer in a keg (commercial or homebrew), it will only contain a particular quantity of CO2 gas, based on the style’s recommended serving temperature. As you dispense the beer, the CO2 expands and pushes the beer up the tube and out the spout, finally resulting in a closed keg with less beer and a correspondingly less CO2.

Because you have used up some of the CO2, the pressure in the keg will drop slightly, causing the beer to lose carbonation and the gas to come out to fill that space; do this enough times and you will eventually get a flat tasting beer; a few more times and even though there is beer in the keg, there will not be enough energy (read pressure) in the keg to push the beer out to your glass.

Keeping your keg with a CO2 connected helps keep the pressure in your keg at the same level. This maintains the same quantity of CO2 dissolved in your beer while also assisting in pushing it up the lines. It is difficult to keep a keg always balanced, but it is not required to have a nice beer.

What Exactly Is a Kegerator?

What is kegerator used for? A kegerator is an at-home draft (draught) beer dispensing equipment that is a combination of the terms “keg” and “refrigerator.” A keg, generally of beer, is kept cold in a refrigerated container, allowing you to retain beer for extended periods of time without losing quality or freshness. A pressurized carbon dioxide (CO2) tank and coupler are also included in full-size kegerators to force beer from the chilled keg to a beer faucet where it may be dispensed.

Kegerators are available in a range of designs and with a variety of accessories to meet your specific needs. The most significant part of a kegerator, however, is that it allows beer fans to drink their favorite draft beer in the manner intended by the brewer — cool, fresh, and straight from the tap!

How Can I Find Out What Pressure My CO2 Tank Is Set To?

A regulator is a necessary component of a kegerator dispensing system that checks CO2 pressure. Single gauge regulators and dual gauge regulators that attach to the air line and read the pressure are available.

The display on a single gauge regulator will show you your CO2 pressure. When shopping for a dual gauge regulator, seek for one with a range of 0-60 PSI (pounds per square inch). An arrow on the regulator will indicate to your current CO2 pressure.

What Pressure Should I Put My CO2 Tank?

This will vary depending on the beer, but most American brewers recommend a pressure of 10-14 PSI. If you are not instructed on the pressure by the beer manufacturer, or if you are making your own homebrew, start dispensing at 10 PSI and modify accordingly to reach your perfect pour.

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