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Best Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide – 5 Factors That You Need To Consider

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Want to buy electric wok but don’t know which one is the best for you? Don’t worry, we will share an electric wok buyer’s guide that will help you get the best one! Looking for the best electric woks? We have a list of recommendation you can check

When you want to prepare a tasty meal quickly, electric woks can be used to whip up your favorite meals. If you need to prepare several dishes at the same time, or just don’t want to heat up the stove, these woks may be a better choice.

It can be quite challenging to find the right model these days since there are so many to choose from, as more and more people are realizing how convenient and versatile these pans really are. Electric stoves are not ideal for cooking in woks, but electric woks bring the heat.  

Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide: Consider the Material

The shape, size, and most importantly, the material of the stovetop wok is very important. When it comes to electric woks, your options are much more limited. Certain materials, such as heavy cast iron, are simply not practical for portable units. Before NuWave Induction Woks, no one made electric woks from carbon steel because they need a lot of care and use (aka, constant seasoning), so no one was making them until now. You will mostly be limited to classic stainless steel and nonstick coatings on highly conductive metals like aluminum.

Most electric wok sets come with detachable components, making the kind of scrubbing you have to do with stainless possible. With high temperatures, cooking with nonstick can wear it out more quickly, but it is easier to clean. With one, you can use metal utensils, and with the other, you cannot. Both are neither traditional nor authentic, so it comes down to convenience and comfort.

Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide: Think about the Function

It is important to consider more than just the inner vessel material when buying an electric wok. As a result of thick sauces, stuck-on meat, and a lot of searing, it’s important to consider the cleanup when choosing your item. Most electric woks come with detachable components that can be washed, scrubbed, or even thrown into the dishwasher.

This will also allow you to effectively clean the base. Look for models that have a removable power cord, too. While you’re considering power cords, also consider their lengths and where they’re located to ensure that they work in your kitchen. If you get an appliance and you have to read knobs and indicators backward, or if, as we discussed in our review of the Presto Electric Wok , you have to get an extension cable just to be able to use it, there’s nothing more irritating!

Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide: Consider the Size

Typically, electric woks come in family sizes with wide mouths, high walls, and bowl-shaped interiors. These characteristics give them a distinct advantage over stovetop woks, which are required to have flat bottoms and dimensions conducive to a balanced center of gravity to avoid falling over.

Because the powered kits sit on a stand, they can be made with higher walls than pan-types, giving you more cooking real estate and barrier enough to tumble with abandon without worrying about having to call “meat overboard!” Additionally, while stovetop woks may come in 10-inch diameters, freestanding units usually offer cooking space a foot across or more, making them ideal for batch cooking or making dinner for the whole family. Those two inches make a big difference! A 12- to 14-inch wok is a good size to make a meal for three to four people, giving you enough room to stir-fry a generous amount of food without crowding.

Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide: Consider the Heating Capacity

The one theme that continues to carry through with all wok references is heat, heat, heat. It’s important to consider that all restaurants that specialize in wok cooking use big open flames, achieving temperatures far higher than you can achieve on a home stove. Needless to say, you want as much firepower as you can get, then, when it comes to your electric wok.

Most electric woks come in around 1500 watts, which is the same as the top end for electric skillets. You need at least that to stand a chance at achieving even a pale imitation of that coveted wok hei. If you can get more power, then literally, the more power to you! Some, like the Breville Hot Wok Pro, hit 1800.

Also important is heating stability. You need a unit with good temperature control that will get hot fast and respond quickly when you need it to simmer down. Precision is not as important as responsiveness for electric woks. For proof, just take a look next time you’re in a wok-kitchen restaurant. Those dials that control the flames? There’s nary a mark on them.

Electric Wok Buyer’s Guide: Compare the Price

The cost of woks can run the gamut, and honestly, there’s not much of a consistency to the whys and wherefores. Entry-level woks can cost as little as $35 while high-end woks can catapult up to $400 and change. Luckily, electric wok costs are a little more stable, and top-notch ones hover around the $200 mark, give or take not bad, considering it’s a whole appliance, and many woks average in the upper hundred for just the cookware.

What’s The Difference Between an Electric Skillet and An Electric Wok?

You should pay attention to the wattage. Electric skillets range between 1000-1500 watts, while electric woks are aimed at the high end. The most obvious difference between an electric skillet and an electric wok is their shapes. Every pasta connoisseur knows that changing a shape changes everything, and square skillets and round, bowl-like woks are no exception. Curves in woks characterize this type of cookware, impacting the chemistry and technique of how your food reacts and is prepared. As you stir, tumble, and toss with the vigor needed to spark up the breath of the wok, the high, sloping walls create varied heat zones that function as additional cooking surfaces and barriers to keep errant bites in.

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