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Review of the 4 Best Electric Woks You Can Buy on Amazon

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Best electric woks

You can’t beat cooking on a roaring fire.

No matter whether you’re grilling outside in the summer heat…

…or even just firing up a gas stove with some serious BTUs…

…it adds a primitive element to your cooking.

When it comes to stir-fries, nothing compares to a commercial wok burner…

…a gas-controlled fire pit that delivers up to nine times the power…

…of even the most powerful gas range burner. 

It doesn’t mean that we will stop trying…

…just because we can’t have this experience at home.

Introducing the electric wok, a relatively new invention introduced…

…to the public in 1983 and only patented in 1992. 

Essentially, based on this patent…

….an electric wok is a small appliance that has a bowl-shaped pan…

…that has a bottom side that has a receiving area and a base…

…that has an insulated base that has a heating coil. 

To make sure your stir-fry sears and cooks without letting your greens get mushy…

…you need at least 1500 watts of power, or roughly 5,000 BTUs.

Then at least you stand a chance of capturing that elusive element called wok hei…

…which makes the difference between a fiery stir-fry and a meh sauté. 

Additionally, woks must be curved and have high…

…flared walls to create different temperature zones…

…which allows some foods to stay warm and others to sear all at the same time. 

Therefore, electric skillets with straight rims, large flat bottoms…

…and typically square shapes are not suitable for woking.

We researched and tested the best electric woks on the market…

…and these are the ones that can deliver the heat.

In preparation for the next section, let us hear Adam’s story.

I’ve just purchased an electric wok for my roommate, who is disabled yet loves to cook.

Before becoming disabled, he always used a regular non-electric wok on his gas stovetop.

He never washed his wok. He simply wiped it down to keep it seasoned.

His stir fry was the best ever! Because of a stroke,

he now has trouble using any stovetop pot or pan.

While some of the reviews made me hesitant, I still went for it.

This turned out to be a great little appliance.

Plus, it’s easy to use for my disabled roommate!

It’s as close to a true “over-a-gas-flame” work as you can get.

He actually had to show me how to use it – and now I’m hooked too!

Now, let’s jump right in!

Our Top Picks for Electric Wok

Electric wok
Credits: amazon.com
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Let’s go through them one by one…

NuWave Mosaic 14-Inch Induction Wok

Electric wok
Credits: amazon.com

Induction wok sets like the NuWave Mosaic…

…are unlike anything we’ve ever seen before.

They offer a variety of heat patterns along with ultimate control over the heat.

Featuring a maximum temperature of 575 degrees Fahrenheit within a minute…

…a digital dial that adjusts in 5-degree increments as well as time…

…and three wattage settings…

…no competitor can match this level of temperature control. 

Its round-bottomed, stick-handled carbon steel wok is another major differentiator.

With these three key features…

…this 4-quart wok emulates real wok cooking like no other on the market.

With their flat bottoms, contemporary woks at home…

…lose the heat projection of traditional woks.

In addition, most electric woks have small side handles…

…and locked-in bases that make flipping impossible-not this one.

With a long silicone handle, you can remove it off the heater easily…

…and independently mid-cook to toss like a pro.

Due to its use of traditional carbon steel, it is the first electric wok of its kind.

Furthermore, the technology behind induction is impressive.

In the same way real-life flames wrap themselves around the edges of the wok…

…the cooktop does the same.

Despite this, the magnetic coils are concentrated…

…on the lower portion of the cookware…

…which preserves the disparate heat zones so vital to cooking.

Also, it’s fast-quick to warm up, to heat, and to cool down so you can wipe it clean.


  • Quickly reaches high temperatures 
  • Long handle, traditional round bottom, and carbon steel construction
  • Removes easily from base 
  • Includes lid, draining rack, and wok stand 


  • Carbon steel requires seasoning and extra care

There are two ways to cook in a wok: tumble- and flip-tossing. When you buy a long- or stick-handled wok, you have the option of both cooking techniques. Most electric woks, however, must remain in contact with their bases to function, and can’t be removed while in use.  

Su-Jit Lin – Food Writer

 Presto 5900 Stainless Steel Electric Wok

Electric wok
Credits: amazon.com

The all-stainless flat-bottom electric wok performed admirably…

…in a recent in-depth product review…

…with our tester gushing that “the controls were amazing.”

In this unit, the output is controlled by a regulator that is set by degrees…

…with a maximum setting of 400 degrees.

Reviewers noted that it heated up quickly at the base, but not at the sides.

However, once hot, it effectively retained the temperature. 

A regulator shuts off when it reaches the desired temperature…

…and then restarts when it drops…

…which makes the wok stable and safe for all types of cooking…

…at different temperatures, or even for soaking the food…

…that gets stuck at high temperatures.

It is also easier to clean than most stainless steel cookware…

…as our tester found by scraping the bottom of the pan as the water boiled…

…and the residue came off with ease.


  • Retains heat
  • Easy to set up
  • Side loop handles stay cool
  • Dishwasher safe


  • The heat control plug gets hot
  • It’s not recommended for deep frying

 Oster DiamondForce 4.7-Quart Electric Wok

Electric wok
Credits: amazon.com

Despite being slightly smaller than its competitors…

…this electric wok is still an effective cookware appliance.

In terms of performance, the cooktop is no slouch either…

…with a max temperature of 420 degrees Fahrenheit…

…according to the temperature control panel;

…good heat conduction from the round bottom up the sides;

…and the brand’s “longest-lasting nonstick.” 

Diamondforce from Oster is a coating infused…

…with diamond particles for long-lasting durability and scratch resistance.

The temperature probe plug is also fully detachable, which makes for easy cleaning.

With those features also come cool-touch, broad handles…

…and a tempered-glass lid with a knob that will also help to prevent…

…the lid from getting too hot to handle.

Perhaps the cheapest diamond you’ll ever buy…

…this small and affordable machine is a diamond in the rough.


  • Detachable power cord
  • Heat settings are set to temperatures, not just numbers
  • Traditional round bottom


  • Not recommended for deep frying
  • Temperature control inconveniently placed and hard to see

Aroma Housewares AEW-306 Electric Wok

Electric wok
Credits: amazon.com

Aroma Housewares specializes in Asian-inspired small appliances.

It cut its teeth on rice cookers and now leads the category. 

Thus, it came as no surprise that its electric woks are also highly regarded.

Aroma Housewares’ basic model is a best seller in this category…

…but for a little more, we recommend the Professional Model here…

…even though it is only 2 quarts.

It comes as a complete set that includes a fully dishwasher-safe wok and base;

…a steamer platform; a frying rack, cooking chopsticks;

…and a steam-control tempered glass lid.

With a dial that goes up to 10 and a quick-release trigger…

…the temperature probe is easy to disassemble and clean.

It’s also nonstick-coated to simplify things even more.

Authenticity adds more points to the pro column…

…such as the cast metal construction and the fully rounded basin.


  • Includes a detachable power cord
  • Entire unit is dishwasher-safe
  • Adjustable steam vent allows for steaming or simmering
  • Suitable for deep-frying 


  • Basin is on the shallower side

Sum Up!

Using the best electric wok will make cooking your favorite dish quick and easy.

With these pans, you can cook more than just stir-fries.

As electric models are gaining in popularity, these pans heat up quickly…

…promote even cooking, and allow you to cook a variety of dishes…

…in a fraction of the time it would take in a traditional wok on the stove.

This top four list are designed to help you choose the perfect wok…

…for your budget and cooking needs.

Each of the products that made it onto our list earned high ratings…

…in a variety of areas, including durability, ease of use, and overall quality.


If you’re looking for a true wok cooking experience…

…you can’t do better than the NuWave Mosaic Induction Wok. 

Those who are a little apprehensive about using carbon steel…

…but comfortable with stainless steel…

…the Presto Stainless Steel Electric Wok remains a popular choice.

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