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Electric Wok Vs Wok Pan – Comparison Between 2 Useful Tools You Must Read!

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Electric Wok Vs Wok Pan, what is the difference? The electric wok is simply a wok that is powered by electricity. It comes with a heating element, and the wok sits on top of it. The temperature of the wok can be controlled using a radial dial that ranges from low to high. As the price of the wok climbs, other cool features may be introduced.

Electric woks have become increasingly popular in recent decades as a result of their simplicity of use, adaptability, and low maintenance. Looking for the best electric woks? We have a list of recommendation you can check.

There are a few aspects that make electric woks desirable, and a few features that make traditional wok pans worthwhile to purchase. Our demands and preferences are the tiebreaker.

This article aims to answer all of your questions about them, including maintenance, quality, durability, usage, price, and user experience, so you can make the best decision in the Electric Wok Vs Wok Pan debate.

Electric Wok Vs Wok pan: Shapes, Sizes, and Material Comparison

As previously stated, an electric wok is simply a wok that uses electricity to heat up and cook, whereas a traditional wok uses fire.

Sizes: Wok Pan vs. Electric Wok Both electric woks and traditional woks available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials.

Electric woks are usually sized up to 14 inches (diameter) with an 8-quart or less capacity which can serve up to 5 people, whereas stovetop woks can range more than 28 inches and the smallest of them is 6.25 inches. And the best choice depends on how many members are going to have the delicious wok-cooked food.

A traditional wok measures 14 inches in diameter, while an electric wok is 11 inches in diameter. The electric wok provides more variety and options. There is sometimes only an indication of the size in quarts. In that case, a 7 quarts wok makes enough for about 3 – 4 servings, and a 5 – 5-quart wok makes enough for about 1 – 2 servings.

Capacity Of a Wok (Electric/Regular) Servings

  • 5 quart 1-2 servings
  • 7 quart 3 – 4 servings
  • 8 quart 4 – 5 servings

Shapes: Electric Wok Vs Wok Pan

When it comes to shapes, round-bottomed woks are ideal because they heat up faster, distribute heat more evenly throughout the pan, and require less oil.

The carbon steel round bottom wok is a great choice if you wish to enjoy a true wok cooking experience on a gas burner or stove. The best material for traditional woks is carbon steel, which is preferred by chefs around the world.

Hand hammered carbon steel wok measuring 14 inches is handmade by Craft Wok. The book has received a huge number of positive reviews on Amazon and is cherished by many of my chef friends.

There are now flat bottomed traditional woks as well. As long as your wok has a flat bottom, you can use it on any stovetop. From Cooks Standard, this is a very popular induction-safe flat bottom stainless steel wok that I recommend for beginners who don’t like the frequent seasoning and tough maintenance process needed with a carbon steel wok. The cup has an aluminum core and a dome lid, which are both very handy.

Conversely, electric woks are available in mostly single shapes, such as the Presto 1500 watt electric wok below. It is the most popular electric wok for a budget. Electric woks aren’t very versatile, but they do offer the convenience of cooking anytime and anywhere.

I recommend the Presto electric wok to anyone who doesn’t have enough space in the kitchen, lives alone, or leads a very busy life but still wants to eat healthy food. In addition to being safe and naturally nonstick, stainless steel won’t require much oil during cooking. You do not need to season or clean the wok before cooking because this one comes pre-seasoned and ready to use. You can also use it in your kitchen without taking up a lot of space.

Now, if you want the most traditional and authentic wok cooking experience, where you will do all the flipping, tossing, and turning, then a round bottom wok is perfect for you. Induction, ceramic, and electric stovetops require flat bottom woks. In addition, you can’t toss without an open fire. There’s no reason to worry about burns on your glass or ceramic stovetop when you have a healthy stir fry wok-cooked.

Material: Electric Wok Vs Wok Pan

Both electric and regular woks are available in materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and cast iron. Regular woks may have a non-stick coating. Using an instant wok means you don’t have to season it before cooking every time. The process is therefore easier.

A non-stick coating is almost always included. Since not every coating is safe to use on high heat, you need to be careful when selecting a non-stick coated wok. My recommendation is to always avoid nonstick coated woks, especially since wok cooking is a high-temperature cooking technique and nonstick will not last for long.

Regular cast iron and carbon steel woks without a non-stick coating are best suited for stir-frying at high temperatures. Lightweight, easy to handle and care for, carbon steel is great for heat distribution and conduction. The best, most authentic, and most healthy woks are those that are hand-hammered out of carbon steel.

Chinese chefs favor this wok as a special favorite because of its high heat resistance and durability. Mammafong makes the best flat bottom carbon steel hand hammered woks. It is also crucial to make stir-fries at temperatures between 100k and 150k BTUs when cooking on a stovetop wok rather than an electric wok.

Electric Wok has some limitations, and a regular wok would be a much better option.

But, to be honest, not all of us have outdoor kitchens or high BTU wok burners to cook in such high heat. For that matter, neither induction nor electric stoves are able to produce such high BTU flames.

An electric wok heated on an induction or electric oven will generate more heat in an indoor kitchen than a regular wok. Furthermore, the Electric wok is placed in the heating probe in a manner so that the entire wok is evenly heated. As a result, your food will be tastier and retain all its natural flavors. For electric woks, Presto manufactures the best built-in heaters.

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