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Gluten-Free Chicken Sausage Option: Celiac-Friendly Choices

Gluten-free chicken sausage option

According to John, “Yes, those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can enjoy italian sausage provided it is truly gluten free.” 

Finding gluten-free options with the authentic taste of regular sausage can be tricky. 

Over two decades of research and one hundred samples later, I’ve found top certified brands you can feel good about, like Bell & Evans. 

The key is choosing sausages with certifications to prevent cross-contact risks, as not all clearly state gluten-free status.

Key Takeaways

A gluten-free chicken sausage option provides a protein choice for those avoiding gluten, as verified brands produce sausage using only ingredients without wheat, barley or rye. Checking labels and recipes ensures these options meet a gluten-free diet.

Top Gluten-Free Chicken Sausage Brands

When trying to find gluten free sausage varieties made with only simple, natural ingredients, brand name becomes important. 

I’ve tested dozens of gluten free chicken sausage options from different sausage brands to determine which consistently use high-quality ingredients and taste great too. 

Here are some top choices to look for at grocery stores or buy online that meet my standards for delicious gluten free food produced responsibly.

Bell & Evans

Bell & Evans uses only real ingredients in their usda organic and certified gluten free chicken sausage lineup (1). Full of protein and flavor but low in unnecessary additives, their sausages are made for enjoying gluten sensitivities without compromise. 

Having sampled several myself, I can confirm they are full of herby umami taste yet easy to digest. The chicken apple sage is one I find myself reaching for often for quick breakfasts or easy meal additions. For sausage seeking the best gluten free and organic options, Bell & Evans delivers.

  • Made with ALL-NATURAL INGREDIENTS like chicken, rice, and seasonings
  • Wide variety of flavors like Italian, Chicken Apple Sage, and Chicken Chorizo
  • High in protein, low in fat
  • No artificial ingredients, colors or preservatives
  • Based in Pennsylvania and family-owned since 1984


Applegate stands out for commitments to non-gmo and transparency in addition to gluten free options (2). All their sausage varieties are not only free of gluten but usda organic verified as well. We regularly enjoy the italian chicken links at home—the robust seasoning satisfies without artificial extras. 

Quality ingredients are clearly a core value as their founder aims to better meat production standards industrywide. Those concerned about food and willing to pay more for peace of mind appreciate applegate’s choices.

  • GLUTEN FREE chicken and turkey sausages
  • USDA Certified ORGANIC and non-GMO Project Verified
  • Made with REAL, simple ingredients you can see and pronounce
  • Flavors like Chicken Apple Baked, Chicken Italian, and Chicken Sage
  • Free of hormones, antibiotics and artificial preservatives
  • One of the largest natural and organic meat brands

Trader Joe’s

Privately labeled Trader Joe’s chicken sausage makes enjoying high protein breakfasts easy and budget friendly (3). Varieties like chicken maple are full of aromatic flavors yet made simply without concerning additions or preservatives. 

While time crunched most mornings, it’s reassuring to know nourishing options like theirs are swiftly prepared. Their plain ingredients are refreshing to observe for shoppers price and label conscious.

  • Inexpensive private label GLUTEN FREE chicken sausages
  • Flavorful and made with simple ingredients
  • Varieties include Chicken Apple, Chicken Maple, and Chicken Chili Lime
  • High in protein and low in fat and calories
  • Good option for budget-friendly STORE BRAND sausage
  • Ingredient lists you can feel good about


Whether following a vegan or allergen conscious diet, Annie’s sausages are generally suitable options. I appreciate they are not only usda organic but likewise free of nitrates treated meats commonly contain (4). 

Having recently sampled the herbed chicken links, I was impressed by the robust herb seasoning achieved without artificial flavor boosters. For those seeking the highest standards in ethical, gluten free meals, Annie’s deliveries.

  • CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE chicken and turkey sausages
  • Made with high-quality organic ingredients
  • Flavors like Chicken Herb and Chicken Apple Chicken
  • Free from artificially produced nitrites/nitrates
  • Products are vegan, vegetarian and allergen-friendly
  • Known for their commitment to organic and sustainable farming practices

How to Choose Gluten-Free Chicken Sausages

For those following a gluten free diet or avoiding gluten due to celiac disease, finding tasty protein can take effort. 

I have tried many gluten free products to accommodate dietary needs, I’ve learned much about what makes options truly gluten free through both success and failures. 

Here are some of the top guidelines I’ve discovered for ensuring chicken sausages are safe to enjoy.

Check for Certification

Certified gluten free labeling provides the clearest guarantee that extensive testing verified sausages contain microscopic gluten levels. 

Through trial and error I’ve found this certification most trustworthy, as even preferred brands I once assumed gluten free changed recipes without notice. Seeing this label eases concerns about accidental cross contamination in processing.

  • Look for labels clearly stating CERTIFIED GLUTEN FREE
  • This certification means products pass third-party testing for gluten levels below 20ppm
  • Other credible labels include “USDA Certified Organic” for items verified GLUTEN FREE

Inspect Ingredient Lists

Examining ingredient lists is equally important, as sneaky additives like grain thickeners or malt vinegar could still pose issues. 

Short, simple lists featuring ingredients like chicken, celery and seasonings rather than questionable extras inspire the most confidence. Complex listings hide more risks better brands openly avoid.

  • Avoid products containing wheat, barley or rye which may have trace gluten
  • Ingredients should NOT INCLUDE wheat fillers, thickeners, malt vinegar or flavorings
  • A short list means fewer unnecessary additives that could harbor gluten

Consider the Brand

For sausage gluten free options I’ll rely on longstanding producers exclusively making certified gluten free products like Applegate or Bell & Evans. 

Their commitment ensures no risks from shared equipment or transportation. Newer names deserve extra vetting to ensure the same rigorous standards protecting those with celiac disease.

  • Trusted brands like Applegate and Bell & Evans make only GLUTEN FREE sausages
  • Lesser known brands may not strictly control for cross-contamination risks
  • Talking to customer service ensures commitment to GLUTEN FREE production

Beware of Preservatives

Maltodextrin and malt vinegar are ingredients found in some sausages that may not always be gluten free as claimed. Simple is best when considering long term health. avoiding additives prevents uncertainties.

  • Some sausages contain maltodextrin or malt vinegar which may not always be GLUTEN FREE
  • Look for simple ingredients like chicken, rice or potatoes instead of questionable extras
  • When in doubt, choose brands longstanding in the GLUTEN FREE space

Check Reviews and Labels Continuously

Product and supplier changes happen, requiring continued vigilance. Only persistent awareness protects those dependent on gluten free products. Communication with trusted producers establishes reliability wherever possible.

  • Brands sometimes change recipes or suppliers without notice
  • Stay informed online of product recalls or formulation changes
  • Don’t assume favorite brands won’t introduce gluten without certification

With application of these guidelines for choosing natural ingredient sausages certified gluten free, popular gluten free options no longer pose risks to health. Verifying labels empowers well-informed choices.

Cooking and Enjoying Gluten-Free Chicken Sausages

For a delicious breakfast or easy dinner, gluten free breakfast sausage delivers. Through trying various cooking styles myself, I’ve learned what works best for different varieties. Here are reliable methods alongside recipes using fully cooked options anyone can follow.

Gluten-free chicken sausage option

Stovetop Cooking

Small links of apple sausage or smoked sausage brown up nicely in a hot pan. Cooking these over medium heat until the inside reaches 165°F ensures the fully cooked sausage is heated through without burning. Larger varieties need watchful eyes to fully cook inside and out.

  • For small links of apple breakfast sausage or smoked variety, heat a skillet over medium heat
  • Cook for 5-7 minutes, turning regularly, until browned and internal temp reaches 165°F
  • Larger sausages may take longer to fully cook inside

Oven Method

Baking bulk breakfast sausage on a sheet pan offers effortless cooking. Less mess and easy checking internal temp without punctures lets home cooks relax. Perfect for batch cooking large amounts with simple instructions.

  • Arrange sausages directly on a baking sheet and roast at 375°F for 15-20 minutes
  • Less messy than the stovetop and easy to check doneness without piercing links
  • Best for larger amounts or bulk sausage

Breakfast Sausage Patties

Shaping the gluten free chicken sausage into patties adds crispiness from searing over heat. Paired with maple breakfast syrup, it equals incredible morning fuel.

  • Ingredients: 1 lb gluten free chicken breakfast sausage, maple syrup
  • Form sausage into 4 patties and pan fry over medium heat for 5-7 minutes per side until browned and no longer pink inside
  • Serve on an English muffin with syrup for a comforting morning meal

Glazed Apple Sausage

Simmering small, fully cooked maple breakfast sausage links in sweet cider results in a tender exterior coating. Warm, the flavor sings – satisfying supper solution for busy nights.

  • Ingredients: 8 oz package of small, fully cooked chicken apple sausage links, 1/2 cup apple cider or juice
  • Simmer links in juice for 10 minutes, spooning liquid over frequently, until glazed
  • Serve warm paired with potatoes or rice for simple supper satisfaction!

With just a few basic preparation methods, gluten free chicken sausage makes for quick, flavorful additions to any meal. Simply cooked and mildly seasoned for maximum flexibility, they prove versatile options perfect for avoiding gluten.

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Can you have italian sausage if you have celiac disease?

Yes, those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can enjoy italian sausage provided it is truly gluten free. Several brands produce gluten free italian chicken sausages using only ingredients that do not contain or risk cross contact with wheat, barley, rye, or their derivatives. 

Always check labels and contact the brand if you have any concerns. A gluten free diet requires avoidance of all sources of gluten.

What is a good farm sausage option that is gluten free?

Jones Dairy Farm is a popular producer of high quality gluten free farm sausages. Their sausage links and patties are made from free range organic chicken raised on their family farm. 

They use only natural preservatives in their simple recipes to produce tasty sausages that are also free of unwanted ingredients like nitrates, nitrites or gluten containing ingredients.

How can you be sure the sausages are gluten free?

To be certain sausages are gluten free, carefully check ingredient lists for potentially dangerous ingredients and look for clear labeling. Most reputable brands that specialize in gluten free products will state “gluten free” right on the front of packages. 

You can also check with customer service if ingredients or procedures risk cross contact contamination. Certifications from groups like the Gluten Intolerance Group can offer additional assurance.

What should I look for in cooking instructions for cooked sausage?

Fully cooked gluten free chicken sausage does not require cooking instructions since it is already prepared for safe eating. Uncooked sausage may provide guidelines for proper handling and recommended cooking temperatures to ensure safety. 

Heating instructions help kill any potential bacteria and are usually to cook to an internal temperature of 165°F as measured by a food thermometer.

Are any products including breakfast patties certified gluten free?

Yes, many brands offer certification that their full line of products including breakfast sausage patties are gluten-free. 

For example, Applegate Organics products carry the Gluten-Free Certification Organization (GFCO) seal, ensuring proper manufacturing and sourcing practices to avoid cross-contact with gluten in all their product offerings. 

This extra verification provides confidence for those managing celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


In conclusion, choosing gluten-free chicken sausages is now simpler than ever before thanks to numerous trusted brands rigorously tested to prevent cross-contact risks. 

Whether you’re following a gluten-free lifestyle for celiac disease or other reasons, verified sausage options satisfy taste buds without digestive upset. 

Brands like Applegate prove through leadership that high food standards and transparency create popular supermarket items. 

With basic cooking methods and delicious recipes, everyday meals become exciting while prioritizing health. 

Speaking from experience, I’d advise readers seeking protein variety or homemade comfort foods to give tested gluten-free chicken sausage a try! 

You may be pleasantly surprised how nutritious satisfaction need not compromise your well-being.

Have you tried any gluten-free chicken sausage brands or recipes? Share your favorites in the comments below!


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