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Grinding Whole Nutmeg, Amazing 3 Tools That You Can Use To Do It


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Grinding Whole Nutmeg

Can we grinding whole nutmeg? Buying powdered nutmeg…

…instead of whole nutmeg is a common practice for people who aren’t familiar with grinding their own. An added benefit of buying and utilizing whole nutmeg is that, with proper storage, the whole seed will remain fresh for many years. In addition to having a greater aroma and flavor, freshly ground nutmeg is better than powdered nutmeg.

Whole nutmeg seeds should be stored at room temperature or colder in an airtight container. No more than one year after harvesting, use up all the whole nutmegs you have on hand. Their smell will begin to dissipate if left unopened for an extended period of time. It’s also important that you keep them out of places where they might be exposed to high temperatures like ovens, microwave ovens, and hot water pipes, which can cause oils on the nuts’ surface to evaporate and irritate nearby tissues.  In this blog, we also have best spice grinder that you might want to see.


Nutmeg: the spice that launched a thousand ships, expeditions, and trade wars. It also happens to be the celebrated key ingredient to our merriest of holiday sweets. As soon as you open the spice jar or begin grating delicate shavings from the seed, the warm aroma immediately transports you to cozy evenings by the fireplace sipping a spice-dusted cup of eggnog.

Nutmeg has been used since ancient times as medicine, food flavoring, perfume, currency, and even as money itself. The first known record of its medicinal uses was found during the reign of King Solomon. He recorded it among his other spices and herbs as “a good ointment.” Throughout history, nutmeg has become increasingly popular throughout Europe as well as North America, especially around Christmas when we celebrate the season with friends and family.

The word “mace” comes from the Latin mactus meaning bran. Mace refers specifically to the outer layer of brownish skin surrounding each nutmeg seed. This thin shell protects the fruit inside and prevents damage while it matures. Maceration is the process of soaking raw materials in liquid so they are softened before being processed into oil or powder form.

Although this process involves no actual cooking, maceration allows ingredients to release essential nutrients, giving them more value and potency. Macerate your nutmeg seeds for 24 hours prior to using them in any recipe. Some recipes call for grinding the nuts themselves but because of how fine the mace is, you may find that simply adding the mace directly adds a much richer taste and texture.

How Do I Grind My Own?

We recommend purchasing whole nutmeg rather than preground nutmeg. Why? Because whole nutmeg provides several advantages over powdered nutmeg including increased fragrance, longer shelf life, and superior quality.

Grinding Whole Nutmeg

Nutmeg may be ground in three different methods

Turmeric Mill

There are two ways to use a nutmeg mill: a crank handle or a turn top. We went with the classic French brand Peugeot. In addition to grinding and storing nutmeg, Peugeot’s beautiful mill looks great in the kitchen.

Grater for Nutmeg. Nutmeg Grating Tool

This gadget is simple to use and produces precisely grated nutmeg when bent outward into an arc with a small-hole grater. When grating, use caution; the grates are sharp, and a slip might be unpleasant. Be careful.


A Microplane is likely already in your kitchen and is used for a variety of activities, from zesting lemons to mincing garlic. You may also use it to finely grind nutmeg, but be sure to thoroughly clean it before doing so.

Tips To Grinding Whole Nutmeg

  • Follow these guidelines for grinding whole nutmeg.
  • Squash the nutmeg’s shell open with your bare hands. I’ve found that using a flat-edged knife to push the nutmeg against a wooden cutting board works best for cracking the shell.
  • Remove the nutmeg’s outer shell entirely by peeling it off.
  • Maintain a 45-degree angle with your cheese grater during grating.
  • Smoothly slide the nutmeg seed down the grater.
  • Use only as much nutmeg as you need, and don’t over-grate it.
  • In order to get the greatest results, use a Microplane grater instead of a regular grater.
  • Because freshly ground nutmeg has a richer flavor, you may want to use a less amount than the recipe specifies.
  • Store your entire nutmeg in an airtight container in a cold, dry, and dark area to keep it fresh for years.

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