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Stropping With Compounds, Sprays And Pastes – Pro Tips

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Guide to stropping for you.
Credit: pickstrops.com

It is possible to rub just leather..

..but polishing compounds produce a much better result.

When you strop, you are actually polishing the metal. You need some guide to stropping.

In this regard, polishing compounds can be used.

In essence, it is sandpapering with a fine grain so that any imperfections can be removed.

It will shine like a mirror after you’ve done it long enough.

Let’s hear Bella’s story first…

I utilized scrap mat board because it was readily available…

The diamond paste’s speed is incredible, especially for harder blade alloys like A2…

.. which are becoming increasingly popular.

When you sharpen with paste, some of the paste embeds itself…

in the substrate and cuts for a long time. When I initially tried sharpening…

using the most widely available paste, I discovered that it came…

with a specific lubricating oil that irritated my skin and soiled my bench.

We opted to stock the water-based pastes after some testing…

because they are much more user-friendly.

With a simple water rinse, these water-based pastes can be cleaned…

Frequent, light applications are better than less frequent, heavy applications”.

Lee Valley Antique Tool Collection


What Is Stropping Compound?

Stropping compound is a polishing agent that comes in the form of a block.

The textures can be similar to crayons and are often quite hard.

Like a crayon, you apply it to a leather or balsa wood strop.

Guide To Stropping: Polishing and Bite

In terms of operation, you have to consider two factors..

.the “bite” and the polishing effects of polishing agents..

How fast it removes material is indicated by the bite.

Depending on the product, this may vary.

Polishing compounds can differ in their ability..

..to make cuts shine more or less than others.

Because these two factors are taken into consideration..

..certain compounds may remove material rapidly, but will not polish as well.

This is a good place to start.

If you want to polish better with a finer compound..

..you can get one that takes off less material.

Together, these elements make a perfect combination.

Typically, diamond sprays have a good balance of both factors..

..they remove a lot of material quickly, but are also good at polishing.

If you are interested in getting the best leather strop

…we have the best recommendations for you.

Sizes of Compound Grains

Guide to stropping
Credit: amazon.com

Compounds and pastes can have different grain sizes..

..and you can’t always tell this by the colour.

In terms of black, it can vary in quality..

from coarse to very fine, depending on the manufacturer.

Take a look at the user experiences in the product description…

…and always read it carefully.

Keep reading…

What Is the Best Way to Apply Stropping Compound?

Stropping compound feels like a crayon..

..but a little harder and less greasy.

This assumes that you have a leather strop or stropping paddle blank.

To apply the compound to the strop, use the compound as a crayon.

..make sure you don’t touch it!

If you can barely handle the strop with your hands, you have reached your goal. 

In this way, you’ll make it easier for the strop to absorb the compound.

You can also briefly hold the compound above the heat source..

..depending on the hardness of the compound.

As a result..

..there will be fewer irregularities in the compound.

Have you noticed that the compound on the strop is somewhat crumbly?

You can then heat it again to be able to spread it out better.

Guide To Stropping: Stropping Paste

Applying stropping paste..

..such as Herold Solingen Staging paste (HS501), is a breeze.

Since it is soft, heating the strop or paste is not necessary.

After you lubricate the strop evenly..

..you finish it off with a piece of kitchen paper to smooth out the last imperfections.

You almost there…

How To Remove Compound From A Strop

Guide to stropping
Credit: pickstrop.com

There are times when you want to try a different compound.

There is no need for a new or additional strop every time.

It is easy to remove the compound.

The leather can also be roughened or maintained with this.

Choose a piece of sandpaper that has a coarse to fine grain.

You should be able to get around 240 grains.

After finishing the leather, make sure to clean it well.

Guide To Stropping: Diamond Spray Application

Simply spray it on and you’re done.

Simply put, it’s that easy!

There are still a few key points you can watch.

It is important not to use too much, for example.

Diamond spray does not seem like it does much..

..but it has a very aggressive bite.

You can avoid red eyes with it.

Guide To Stropping: Using Diamond Paste

Also, diamond paste can be applied easily.

Spray some dots on the surface of the strop.

A lot less than you think..

..diamond paste works quickly so you do not need much to get the job done.

You should then massage the cream into the strop.

You can add more diamond paste if you find yourself completely dry.

Always start with the finest grain size..

..since it is no problem to have some fine grain on a coarse strop..

..but the other way around is less satisfying.

Guide To Stropping: Tips for Diamond Paste on Strops

Here’s a tip from us..

..have you noticed that the diamond paste strop is becoming a little rough and dry?

Place a few drops of medicinal alcohol in an atomizer and spray over the strop.

As a result, you will notice the diamond paste softening again.

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Sums Up

Before stropping, leather is treated…

…with leather strop compound and diamond paste.

Stroping paddles, straps and sprays…

…can be prepared easily with some paste, spray or balm.

Stapping paste will eventually spread across the leather, after all….

So, you won’t have to worry about treating the leather for quite some time….

Among the brands we carry are Herold Solingen…

…DMT, Wicked Edge, and Ken Schwartz…


There are some great details I have shared in this article…

…about guide to stropping and diaomond paste.

I hope this article was useful..

..and that I have brought a little bit of clarity…

..to your understanding of guide to stropping compound and diamond paste.

Thanks for sticking around!

If you have more clue guide to stropping compound and diamond paste…

..feel free to contact us!

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