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How Big is a Cookie Scoop: Size Guide & Measurements


How big is a cookie scoop

According to an expert baker, a cookie scoop typically measures around 1.5 to 2 inches in diameter. This ensures that each cookie is uniform in size, resulting in evenly baked treats. (1)

So if you’re looking for perfectly portioned cookies, keep reading to discover more tips and tricks for using a cookie scoop effectively. 

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How Big Is A Cookie Scoop? 

A cookie scoop typically ranges anywhere from 1-3 tablespoons in size, depending on the number imprinted on the scoop. Cookie scoops come in various sizes so that bakers can choose the perfect size scoop for their recipe and desired cookie size.

What Are Cookie Scoops and Why Are They Used?

Cookie scoops help bakers make cookies that are all fairly similar in size. Using a cookie scoop ensures each scoop of dough has approximately the same amount of dough, about 1 tablespoon or so. This consistency is important because cookies of similar sizes will bake evenly on the baking sheet.

If cookies are dramatically different sizes, the smaller ones may burn on the edges before the centers are fully cooked. Larger cookies need more time in the oven than smaller ones. A cookie scoop promotes batch to batch consistency.

Understanding the Size Measurement of Cookie Scoops

Cookie scoop sizes are usually measured by both their diameter, in fractions of an inch or centimeters, and by volume, in tablespoons or teaspoons. The higher the number size of the scoop, such as a #16 scoop instead of a #0 scoop, the larger the diameter and volume capacity.

Since most modern cookie recipes call for amounts of dough by volume, it’s helpful for scoops to have both measurements labeled. This prevents confusion between the diameter size and the volume measurement in recipes that calls for dough by tablespoons.

Standard Cookie Scoop Sizes and Their Measurements

How big is a cookie scoop

Benefits of Different Cookie Scoop Sizes

Smaller cookie scoops like the #000 and #00 sizes allow for more precision and control when scooping dough. The cookies will tend to be on the smaller side but allow for excellent detail and decorating.However, smaller scoops can be tedious to use, requiring many scoops to fill a standard baking sheet.

Larger scoops like the #1 and #16 sizes mean faster scooping but the cookies may spread more in the oven since there is slightly more dough. Smaller cookie dough portions will browning more evenly with a more crackly or crunchy texture compared to larger cookies. The optimal scoop size often depends on personal preference and the style of cookie.

Choosing the Right Size Cookie Scoop for Your Needs

How big is a cookie scoop

When selecting a cookie scoop, consider the consistency or texture of your cookie dough. Drop cookie dough is traditionally thicker, chunky dough that holds its shape well when portioned, so a larger scoop can work fine.

Rolled cookie dough is a smoother, less lusty dough that benefits from precise, smaller scoops to yield evenly shaped cookies after cutting. The size of cookie you wish to produce is also a factor – jumbo cookies call for larger scoops than petite cookies.

Top Recommended Cookie Scoops by Size

Brands like OXO Good Grips and Nordic Ware are industry leaders for high-quality stainless steel cookie/ice cream scoops. (2) Their scoops are durable, rust-proof, and dishwasher safe for long-lasting use.

Customers praise how these brands’ scoops can scoop doughs ranging from thick cookie doughs to flourless recipes without falling apart or leaking like cheap plastic or coated steel scoops. The premium prices of these brands is offset by years of consistent, non-stick food portioning. Stainless steel also resists browning or developing flavors from strongly scented batters which could transfer between uses.

Properly sized and shaped scoops are a key baking tool for consistent, professional looking results!

Tips and Tricks for Using Cookie Scoops

For easier release, chill dough firm beforehand or dip scoop in water between scoops. An ice cream scoop’s release trigger makes it ideal for scooping very soft doughs. When scooping toward yourself in one steady motion, you’ll get accurate comparable scoops with minimal crumbling.

Marking scoop sizes onto your baking sheet provides a helpful guide. With practice, you’ll be a cookie scooping pro in no time! Let me know if any part needs clarification or expansion.


In conclusion, the size of a cookie scoop can vary depending on the brand and model. However, it is important to note that the size is typically measured in tablespoons.

A standard cookie scoop is usually around 1.5 tablespoons, which is equivalent to about 1.5 inches in diameter. This size is perfect for creating consistently sized cookies that bake evenly. Some cookie scoops may be larger or smaller, ranging from 1 tablespoon to 2.5 tablespoons. It is important to choose a size that suits your baking needs and preferences. Remember, a cookie scoop is a handy tool that can make your baking experience easier and more enjoyable.

So go ahead, grab your cookie scoop and start creating delicious treats!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do cookie scoops only come in certain standard sizes?

Cookie scoops are available in a wide variety of sizes to suit different needs. Common cookie scoop sizes range from extra small #000 and #00 scoops up to larger #1, #16, and even #20 scoops for really large cookies. Most sets come with at least three sizes so you have options for small, medium, and large scoops. Be sure to check the scoop diameter and tablespoon measurements when selecting individual scoops or a set to make sure you get the right sizes for your recipes.

What else can I use a cookie scoop for besides cookies?

Cookie scoops work great for evenly portioning all sorts of batter and dough beyond cookies. Scoops are commonly used for baking cupcakes, muffins, scones, and biscuits. They also make scooping and serving mashed potatoes, peanut butter, and ice cream a breeze. Just be sure to check that the scoop is the right size for the task – extra large cookie scoops may be too big for cupcakes!

How do I know which size scoop to use for a recipe?

Most recipes will specify the size scoop needed, often correlating to tablespoon measurements. As a guide, smaller #00 and #000 scoops hold about 1 Tbsp of dough each, while medium #1 scoops hold around 2 Tbsp. But you can also use the visual cues in recipes – smaller individual cookies or cupcakes call for smaller scoops than larger cookies. It’s always fine to use a slightly larger scoop if uncertain.

Are stainless steel or plastic better for cookie scoops?

Both stainless steel and plastic cookie scoops work fine, but stainless steel tends to be the preferred material. Stainless steel scoops are durable, rust-resistant, often dishwasher safe and carry a variety of sizes. Good brands like OXO make high-quality stainless steel cookie scoops that reviewers praise for consistent, non-stick performance with both dry and sticky batters and doughs. Plastic scoops can release stuck-on dough better in some cases, but may eventually stain or degrade quicker than stainless steel.

Do cookie scoops need to be perfectly round?

No, cookie scoops don’t need to be perfectly circular – a slight oval or irregular shape is fine and won’t affect baking results. The important things are that the scoop holds approximately the right tablespoon volume listed for the size and has an opening large enough to scoop dough through easily without breaking. Minor irregularities in shape won’t impact cookies.

How do I store my cookie scoops?

For long-term storage, wash cookie scoops by hand and allow them to air dry completely before storing away from moisture. Scoops can be stored in a drawer, hung on an acrylic rack or placed upright in a mug/glass. Avoid tossing scoops loose in a utensil drawer where they may knock around and develop nicks. Consider storing each scoop in a small ziplock bag too. Proper drying and storage helps scoops maintain their non-stick coating and shape longer.

My scooped cookies don’t look like the pictures in recipes. What gives?

Don’t worry if cookies scooped from dough don’t look exactly like photos – recipes are guidelines, not hard rules. Factors like oven type, altitude, humidity and imperfect scooping all impact results. Focus instead on how the baked cookies taste. You can also try leveling scooped dough with wet fingers or a second smaller scoop to refine shapes. With practice, you’ll get better at visual consistency too. Enjoyment is what baking is about!

Can cookie scoops be used for more than just baking?

While cookie scoops are primarily baking tools, their steady scooping action can translate to other kitchen tasks too. Use appropriately sized scoops to neatly measure and transport ingredients like rice, cereal, nuts or candy. They’re also great for scooping litter or filling a cat’s food bowl. Just be sure any scoop used this way is thoroughly cleaned before using again for food preparation.

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