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Keto Yogurt Insights: Top Options for a Low-Carb Diet

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Keto yogurt

According to nutritionist, “keto yogurt is a delicious and healthy option for those following a ketogenic diet. It’s low in carbs and high in healthy fats, making it a great choice for anyone looking to maintain ketosis.” (1)

If you’re interested in learning more about the benefits, flavors, and creative ways to incorporate keto yogurt into your diet, keep reading!

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What are some of the best yogurt options for those following a keto diet?

Plain Greek yogurt is a top choice because it is high in protein and lower in net carbs than regular yogurt, providing about 2-5 grams of carbs per 6 ounce serving depending on the brand. Unsweetened coconut or full-fat yogurt are also good keto-friendly options that have a creamy texture and less than 5 grams of net carbs per serving.

Can You Really Enjoy Yogurt on Keto?

While yogurt contains natural sugars from milk, plain Greek yogurt can easily fit into a low-carb keto diet. With only 2-5 grams of net carbs per 6 oz serving of most brands, Greek yogurt provides protein, calcium and gut-healthy probiotics without disrupting ketosis. The key is choosing varieties labeled “plain” without added sugars or sweet flavors. Plain Greek yogurt is a versatile keto-friendly food that can be snacks, used as a sauce or dressing, or eaten for breakfast. 

Compared to regular yogurt varieties, plain Greek yogurt is strained resulting in a thicker consistency with nearly double the protein and about half the carbohydrates. The higher protein content makes Greek yogurt very filling and satisfying to support appetite control and blood sugar regulation for those following a ketogenic diet.

The Surprising Truth About Yogurt Nutrition

Many people are surprised to learn regular yogurts are higher in total carbohydrates and added sugars versus Greek varieties. (2) Plain Greek yogurt contains nearly double the protein of regular varieties for about half the total carbs thanks to straining out the extra liquid whey during processing. You get more nutrients with fewer impactful carbs. The straining process creates a creamier texture that is very versatile for snacks and recipes.

Nutritionally, plain Greek yogurt wins over regular varieties by providing higher protein at a lower total carbohydrate cost. The lower carb count makes it more suitable for those watching their carbohydrate intake, such as people on keto or paleo diets. Opting for plain, unsweetened Greek yogurt is an easy diet-friendly swap.

How to Ensure Your Yogurt Fits Your Macros

When choosing Greek yogurt, go for plain flavors free of sugar to keep net carbs lowest. Total carbs should be 8g or less, with 5g or less of net carbs per serving. Compare nutrition labels to find brands with the ideal carb to protein ratio for your keto macros. Adjust serving sizes as needed to fit your daily allotment. Buying full-fat Greek yogurt will provide more fat and calories without significantly affecting the carb count. 

Always be sure to check nutrition labels, as some flavored yogurts can be high in total carbs and added sugars. The nutrition info will help determine what portion size fits within your daily macros if following a keto lifestyle. Measuring accurately and fitting yogurt into your daily macros is important for successful weight loss or maintenance.

Revealing the Lowest Carb Yogurt Brands

Top keto-friendly Greek yogurt picks for carb counts of 5g net carbs or less per 6oz include Oikos Triple Zero and Fage Total Classic. Chobani Complete offers strained Greek with 6g. For more variety, try higher fat Icelandic or coconut yogurt styles which offer creamier texture with less than 4g net carbs. Icelandic and coconut yogurts can provide desirable fat and flavor without excessive carbs. 

When considering brands, compare carb counts per serving and avoid any with added sugars. Full-fat yogurts have a richer taste and will not significantly increase net carbs in the serving. Planning meals with an ideal brand makes sticking to a keto lifestyle much simpler.

The Remarkable Benefits of Including Yogurt

Beyond supporting ketosis, yogurt offers gut and immune boosting active cultures. Regular yogurt eaters have less risk for chronic diseases and tend to manage their weight better over time. Greek yogurt is also very filling due to its high protein content. This makes it a smart choice for blood sugar control and appetite regulation. The probiotic cultures improve digestive and immune system health over time.

In particular, the protein in Greek yogurt keeps you feeling satisfied for longer without dramatic blood sugar spikes. This helps control appetite if weight loss is a goal. Multiple dietary studies also show clear benefits of probiotic foods like yogurt for overall chronic disease prevention long-term.

Get Creative With These Keto-Compliant Snacks

Keto yogurt

Customize plain Greek yogurt into a satisfying snack by mixing in keto-friendly add-ins. Try crushed nuts, unsweetened coconut flakes or cocoa. Low-sugar fruit like raspberries keeps carb counts low. For decadence, flavor with a spoonful of nut butter or dark chocolate chips. Homemade yogurt parfaits are easy to personalize and portion out. Layering ingredients makes these snacks visually appealing as well.

By mixing in crunchy nuts or coconut and other flavors like cocoa powder or nut butter, customizing Greek yogurt becomes enjoyable. Using just a few berries will add flavor with minimal carbs. Creating DIY parfaits also neatly portions out macros for effortless keto snacking all week long for work, school or busy days.

Make Your Own Yogurt at Home with Two Basic Ingredients

Making plain Greek yogurt at home allows for ultimate customization and freshness. Simply combine milk like full-fat cow’s milk or almond milk with a yogurt starter culture. Keep warm overnight for culturing, then strain to thicken. Sweeten to taste or use as-is for complete protein and gut health any time. Homemade yogurt costs less and saves plastic waste versus store bought.

Homemade yogurt only takes a few simple ingredients and some time. Using a starter ensures the culturing process works. Straining thickens it into Greek yogurt style. Because flavorings are added after, anyone following a specific diet can customize their yogurt. Taking time to make your own yogurt allows for more control over what goes into it.

Yogurt Makes the Perfect Breakfast on Busy Mornings

On busy weekdays, it’s hard to compete with convenience of plain Greek yogurt. Mixed with seeds, nuts or low-sugar fruits, you get filling fats, complete protein and beneficial bacteria to fuel your mornings, all while supporting ketosis. Yogurt also makes ahead portion-controlled breakfasts or snacks weeks at a time to grab and go when you’re rushed.

Whether eaten on its own or with mix-ins for extra flavor and nutrition, plain Greek yogurt provides an easy, satisfying and diet-friendly breakfast in minimal time. Portioning out servings in advance makes it ideal when busy mornings leave no time to cook. This versatility makes yogurt a reliable breakfast time and again for anyone following a ketogenic way of eating.


Keto yogurt is a delicious and nutritious option for those following a ketogenic diet. With its low-carb, high-fat content, it can help promote weight loss, boost energy levels, and improve overall health. So why not give it a try?

Start enjoying the creamy goodness of keto yogurt today and experience the numerous benefits it has to offer. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and experiences in the comments below!

Frequently Asked Question

Is yogurt keto friendly?

Yogurt can be keto friendly if you choose the right types. Plain Greek yogurt and full-fat varieties tend to be lower in net carbs compared to regular or low-fat yogurts. Opt for plain flavors without added sugars to keep carb counts low.

What are some keto yogurt options?

Good keto yogurts include plain Greek yogurt, full-fat coconut or dairy yogurs. Icelandic or sheep’s milk yogurts also work well. Check nutrition labels and aim for 5 net carbs or less per 5-6 oz serving.

Can I have flavored yogurt on keto?

Some flavored yogurts have added sugars and are higher in carbs. However, a small serving of unsweetened fruit-flavored varieties could fit your daily macros. Check labels closely and weigh nutrition tradeoffs of flavored vs. plain yogurt.

What is the best low carb yogurt?

Top keto-friendly Greek yogurt brands providing 5g net carbs or less per 6oz include Oikos Triple Zero, Fage Total, and Chobani Flip Zero Sugar. Plain full-fat varieties and unsweetened coconut or Icelandic yogurts also tend to be very low in net carbs. 

How do I make my own keto yogurt?

Make plain Greek yogurt at home by culturing milk with a probiotic starter. Cow, goat or coconut milk work. Keep warm 8-12 hours, then refrigerate or strain in a cheesecloth for thicker Greek texture. Customize flavor and macros to your liking.

What can I use as yogurt toppings?

Some keto-friendly yogurt toppings include unsweetened coconut, nuts, seeds, dark chocolate chips, and berries in moderation. Nut butters, crushed pork rinds or sugar-free preserves also work. Check labels for added sugars in commercial toppings.

Are there dairy-free keto yogurt options?

Yes, coconut yogurt and unsweetened plant-based yogurts made from coconut, almond, cashew or soy milk can work for dairy-free or lactose intolerant keto dieters. Check nutrition panels for total and net carb counts.

When is the best time to eat yogurt on keto?

Yogurt makes a convenient breakfast when paired with nuts or low-sugar fruits. It can also be enjoyed as an afternoon snack to curb cravings. The protein and fat in yogurt helps you feel satisfied.

How many carbs are in plain yogurt?

Plain Greek yogurt typically contains around 5 net carbs or less per 6 ounce serving. Regular yogurt may have 8-10 grams of net carbs due to higher sugar content. Check the nutrition label and choose unsweetened options. 

Can yogurt cause inflammation on keto?

Most full-fat yogurt should not cause issues if eaten in moderation. However, individuals with dairy sensitivities could experience inflammation from the milk proteins in yogurt. Opt for lactose-free or dairy-free yogurt alternatives if needed.

What is the best fat ratio for keto yogurt?

Aim for yogurts with 3-5 grams of fat per 5-6 ounce serving. Higher fat yogurts like full-fat Greek or coconut varieties provide satisfying fats that don’t significantly increase net carbs. Check the nutrition label to compare fat contents.

How can I make homemade low carb yogurt?

Use full-fat cream, coconut milk, or nut milks when making yogurt at home. Strain the yogurt if desired. Sweeten naturally with a touch of honey or maple syrup if needed, taking into account the total carbs. Flavor selectively with extracts or low-sugar fruits.

Are probiotic drinks a substitute for keto yogurt?

While probiotic drinks offer some benefits, they lack the protein, fat and thickness of yogurt. For keto, yogurt is generally a more satisfying snack or breakfast that supports ketosis better than low-calorie drinks due to the macronutrient profile.

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