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How To Use Cookie Scoop? 7 Superb Benefits From This Tool

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How to use cookie scoop? If you are baking cookies or making other baked goods, a cookie scoop is an essential tool. It can help to get the perfect portion of dough from the mixing bowl and shape them into uniform shapes. Find out your question by reading this article until the end. In this blog, we also have an article about cookie scoop that you might want to read about it.

A cookie scoop is a handheld, spring-loaded kitchen tool that scoops uniform sizes of dough and batter. Using a cookie scoop helps maintain product size consistency and even baking.”


What is cookie scoop?

Cookie Scoop is a device that helps scoop the cookie dough without making a mess. It has a flexible shaft that is covered with silicone, so it can be easily used to scoop out the cookie dough. Cookie Scoop also comes with different types of scoops, so you can choose the one that you want. We also have an article about what is a cookie scoop that you might want to read about it.

Cookie scoops are among my most recommended baking tools. I have several in different sizes, and they get used quite frequently.


Why do we need cookies at all?

Cookies are basically made from flour and sugar. The batter used for baking cookies is usually very thick and sticky. This makes it hard to work with, especially if your hands are wet or oily. Using cookie scoop lets you make evenly shaped cookies.

You just have to put some cookie dough on the cookie scoop and then press down firmly. After that, simply slide the cookie scoop onto the pan. Voila! There’s no mess and you only have to clean up the counter top. What’s more? Cookies baked in this way taste better than the ones that are not even touched by a spatula.

How To Use Cookie Scoop?

The easiest method to use a cookie scoop is to scoop the dough into the bowl until it is completely filled, then press the dough (no need to press batter since it is much looser) into the bowl to remove any air pockets and create a uniform, rounded border. Following that, level the exposed edge of the dough or batter. Then, using the spring-loaded handles, compress the dough or batter into your sheet tray, muffin pan, or cake pan.

Benefits of using cookie scoop?

Create flat circular shapes

The best thing about using cookie scoop is that it creates rounder shapes compared to other methods such as pushing out the cookie dough into the shape you want. When you bake cookies, its important that they come out perfectly round because when they get cut their edges will be uneven due to the thickness of the dough. So, when you use cookie scoop, you won’t have to worry about them being uneven.

Bake cookies thicker and flatter

 When you push the dough into the bowl, you might end up having a lot of air spaces inside the cookie dough. These give rise to an uneven texture when you bake the cookies. Therefore, try baking cookies with cookie scoop instead of using your hand. This will let you create a much thinner sheet of cookie dough which will ensure that there are less air pockets inside. Therefore, these can be baked for longer periods of time before they start breaking. In addition, cookie scoop will also enable you to have a much firmer cookie.

Easier than using a rolling pin

Rolling pins are great tools but they take a long time to roll out any type of dough. If you don’t use a proper technique, you could also end up ruining your dough. On the other hand, cookie scoop allows you to quickly roll out dough in a controlled manner. Simply place the dough on the cookie scoop, push the handle downwards, squeeze the sides together a bit and then lift the cookie scoop off. That’s really simple and quick.

No waste

Another benefit of using cookie scoop is that you won’t end up wasting too much dough. Since you can easily control how much dough you put on the cookie scoop, you can avoid wasting excess dough. Also, since you are making one batch at a time, you won’ t have to deal with extra scraps leftover after baking.

Save time

Since there is no mixing involved, using cookie scoop saves a lot of time when it comes to creating perfect circles. You can easily mix all ingredients except for the butter and rest of the dry ingredients required. All you need to do is add those ingredients to the bowl and then proceed to add the remaining ingredients. Thus, you can save some time when it comes to mixing. Once everything has been added, you can just scoop the whole mixture onto the cookie scoop.

Less messy

Using cookie scoop will definitely help you reduce the amount of mess caused during cookie baking. Apart from that, it also helps you create uniformed rounds of cookie. So, there is no need to clean up the countertop once you are done baking. It will be easier to maintain cleanliness while you are cooking.

Evenly distributed

If you don’t know what kind of shape you want to achieve, then you should use a cookie scoop. The result would look amazing if you have a perfect circle or heart shaped cookie. As you can see from the images above, we used the circular cookie scoops for this purpose. With other tools like the spatula or fork, you will end up spreading the dough around in different directions. But, with cookie scoop, you will notice that the dough gets evenly spread across the surface.

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