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How to Use the Beaba Babycook – Superb Guide

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The Beaba Babycook Food Maker is an excellent homemade baby food maker. Now, the homemade baby food process is much easier because of its easy functioning system. If you don’t know how to use the beaba babycook food maker, we have outlined that process in this article following an easy guideline.

Maintaining home chores, office chores, and the baby’s daily meal preparation for a busy working mom. When it comes to servings of baby food, it’s crucial to provide healthy meals at all times.

Therefore, the Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker is designed to give parents some rest. It makes it easier for them to prepare quick meals for babies. Unlike regular baby food makers, this machine has both steam cooking and blending options. You can now prepare your own homemade meals with ease!

How to Use Beaba Babycook Food Maker

Our favourite baby food maker is the beaba baby food processor because of its versatility. With the beaba babycook, you can prepare any food for your baby in no time!

No matter what puree you intend to prepare, this outstanding blender will blend it all. From meats to fruits and veggies, you can put anything inside its bowl, and it will run with one click!

To help you use this babycook food maker more effectively, here’s a simple guideline!

Start with Meal Ingredients

You must first prepare your cooking ingredients before you begin using the beaba babycook appliances. If you want to make mango baby food, get some ripe mangoes and place them in a bowl. Before preparing a meal, make sure fruits and vegetables are thoroughly cleaned.

Cut the Ingredients Into Small Pieces

It’s time to cut up your fresh veggies or fruits after you collect them. Although it seems a bit hazardous, we believe that is the best option. Steam cooking will be easier if the fruits are cut into small pieces. Then you can easily prepare purees for your baby.

Steaming the Food Ingredients

Start by adding a few glasses of water to the water reservoir of the baby food maker. There is a stainless steel water reservoir with BPA lead in this baby food maker. Put your chopped food ingredients in the steam basket of the food processor. Before filling the basket with food, make sure it is clean. The basket and bowl are completely dishwasher safe and easy to clean.

After that, place the steam basket in the cooking bowl. After the bowl is loaded into the machine, lock it in place with the beaba base. It would be helpful if you turned the bowl counterclockwise to lock it.

It’s time to close the lid. Therefore, there will be a double block system for enhanced safety. To start the steam cook, plug in the beaba and click its steam button!

As soon as the food is fully steamed, the processor will shut down automatically. Additionally, you will hear a beep coming from the processor! Also included is a flashlight with a button to indicate the steaming process is complete.

Making the Baby Food

After we’ve completed steaming, we’ll move on to the last step of making baby food. Therefore, remove the blender bowl from its base and empty the excess water from it. You can also use water if you want a pure consistency.

We prefer to remove the soaked fruits with a spatula, however. Finally, close the lid of the machine once the bowl is placed on the base. Turn the steam button counter-clockwise to blend the food into a smooth puree.

There you have it! Baby food is easy to make with a beaba babycook food processor! In addition to vegetables and fruits, you can also steam meat or fish from raw to any stage. The ingredients will be fully cooked in just 15 minutes or less!

Important Tips

  • Babies’ health is heavily influenced by safety. You should therefore wash the bowl and basket each time you prepare food.
  • Wash the baby food maker with vinegar and water mixed solution every two months.
  • Never put the driveshaft in the dishwasher.
  • After each use, wipe the water base clean with a damp cloth and drain out the excess water.
  • Use a cleaned beaba baby food maker to make fresh baby food.

Advantages of Beaba Babycook Baby Food Maker 

With Beaba Babycook’s unique one-handed operation and fast technology, you can prepare your food in no time! In this food processor, you can fully cook sweet potatoes, mangoes, fish or any other food. With its features, you can also defrost frozen food.

Consumers love this baby food maker because of its innovative design. They are looking for a quality product that is convenient and versatile to blend baby and toddler food in 15 minutes or less.

Moreover, BEABA Babycook® offers baby food storage containers for storing batches of baby food. That can either be stored for a couple of days or frozen for a couple of months! It doesn’t matter how you store it, this beaba will make you the right cooked meal. In addition, you can transport this food processor anywhere without any hassle!

If you would like more options of baby food maker, you can find them in a guide we have compiled.  


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