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Toaster Oven Mastery: Beginner’s Essentials

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Toaster ovens come already assembled, unlike conventional ovens.

As soon as it reaches your doorstep, you can take it out of the box…

…plug it into the extension cord or wall socket and begin using it.

Of course, you need to know how to use a toaster oven first.

In light of this, as with any appliance, there are other things to consider…

…when and how to use a toaster oven, and that is what we will discuss today.

Here we will examine some of the steps you need to take to know…

…how to use toaster oven.

Before that…

Let’s Hear Noah’s Story!

I got an amazing gift from last Christmas!

It was a toaster oven. I was so excited to use it…

...but I don’t know how to use toaster oven.

I always burnt my lasagna! What a terrible.

So, I googled how to use toaster oven, there’s a bunch…

of stuffs to read but none seems to be working.

One day I watch this amazing video on youtube…

how to use oven toaster.

Since then I master and know how to use oven toaster perfectly!

Let’s get busy…

How To Use Toaster Oven

Generally, toaster ovens come with a wire rack that…

…you can place your meals on (unless you have a toaster…

…oven with a regular toaster on the top side). Okay, picture this:

  • So, to use the toaster oven, place the rack in the center slot.
  • Unless you wish to toast just bread slices, you won’t have to preheat your oven.
  • Then, select the shade preference and toasting feature you want.
  • Some models will require you to set the timer instead of choosing a shade.
  • The longer you leave your slices in the toaster oven, the darker they will become.
  • The shade selector might be labeled by numbers on a state-of-the-art toaster oven such as one to seven.
  • The first number usually delivers lightly toasted bread slices while the highest number delivers darkly toasted bread slices.
  • If you are new to these appliances, I recommend that you start with a lower setting for the first few times.
  • As a result, if the slices are not toasted to your liking you can simply put them back in and toast them again or just a little longer.
  • A higher number may cause the slices to toast more than you would like and there’s nothing you can do about it.
  • Additionally, do not throw in the slices and then forget about them.
  • As the toaster oven performs as intended, keep an eye out for unusual behavior.

How To Use Toaster Oven For Baking

How to use toaster oven
source: amazon.com

Check the dials on the front side of your toaster oven before baking.

  • You should find a setting called “bake” and dials that allow you to adjust the temperature of the appliance next to it.
  • Practice is the only way to learn which temperature levels to use.
  • As a general rule, allow the toaster oven to heat up several minutes before using it.
  • Place the meal you wish to bake inside the appliance and make sure it does not touch the top.
  • In the following section, I will explain why this is important under the title “Mistakes people make when using a toaster oven.”
  • After placing your meal inside and closing the door set the timer and let the toaster do the rest.
  • When the meal is ready, the appliance will emit a beep sound to alert you.

Strictly speaking…

Below is a list of some foods you can prepare using the Bake Setting:

  • Chicken tenders
  • Chicken thighs
  • Roasted pumpkin seeds
  • Coconut shrimp with curried chutney
  • Brie and cranberry bites
  • Wonton cups
  • Asparagus fries
  • Cajun roasted okra
  • Chocolate and peanut butter cookies
  • Muffins

By the way, those muffins can be easily baked in a six-cup muffin tin with ease! Using this method, you can bake a perfect-sized patty in the oven.

Also note:

When you are using your toaster oven for baking…

…both top and bottom heating elements will be turned on.

Now you know how to use toaster oven for baking.

Keep reading!

How To Use Toaster Oven For Broiling

How to use toaster oven
source: amazon.com

It is quite similar to the steps we followed under the baking section…

.. to broil in the toaster oven.

This setting only makes use of the heat elements placed…

… on the top side of your appliance.

You can use the broil setting to caramelize, crisp, brown…

…or melt the tops of specific meals.

Imagine browning a cheese topping on a casserole or…

…melting cheese on a small plate of nachos.

Additionally, broiling does not require much time.

It’s not advisable to go too far away even though setting a…

…timer would be a good idea.

In this way, you can keep an eye on whatever you are preparing.

Here are some of my favorite foods to prepare…

…using the broil setting:

  • Broiled Maryland crap cakes with creamy herb sauce
  • Chipotle Tilapia with Avocado Sauce
  • Grapefruit with Cinnamon Brown Sugar

Talking about chipotle tilapia, my favorite avocado sauce is here. If only it were a little hotter, but that’s just me. I tried it with chipotle last week and it was a great taste!

In conclusion, if you decide to spend a substantial portion of your…

…hard-earned cash on a toaster oven, then you can also get one…

…with three or even four rack positions.

As a result, where you decide to place your meal will entirely depend…

… on how you intend to prepare it.

Make sure to read the user manual that comes with your package…

… thoroughly to understand how each rack position affects your meals.

Now you know how to use toaster oven for broiling.

Here’s a thing!

Other Factors You Should Consider

Before you learn how to use toaster oven, there are several…

…things you should consider.

As with every other kitchen appliance, there are several…

…things to keep in mind if you want to have a great experience…

…with your toaster oven.

When you bake a cake, for instance, always leave enough room…

… for it to rise on the top.

If you have a small toaster oven with limited height, this is very…


If you fail to observe this factor, your meal may touch the heating…

…element and cause a fire.

In case you are using a toaster oven with a convection feature…

…adjust your cooking time and temperature settings accordingly.

We have a list of best buy toaster oven in case you need more recommendations.

Toaster Oven Mistakes You Need To Avoid

How to use oven toaster
source: amazon.com

Toaster ovens take up quite a bit of kitchen countertop space…

…and money. Therefore, it is only fair that you make up for the…

…lost resources by not making mistakes that could ruin your…

…toasting experience or damage your toaster oven.

I have noticed that most people make the following mistakes:

  • Don’t put too many slices into the toaster oven at a time If you have been told to put four slices into your toaster oven at a time, please do so. Even though you can fit up to six slices, they won’t be evenly browned.
  • Plugging the power cord into the socket Please get into the habit of always unplugging your toaster oven when not in use. Even though it doesn’t happen often, leaving it plugged in can cause a fire or circuit.
  • When using a toaster oven with a convection setting, always lower the toasting temperature by approximately 25 degrees if your appliance doesn’t do it automatically. You should also check on your food earlier than you would have if you weren’t using the convection setting.
  • Purchase some mini bakeware if you don’t use the toaster oven for baking. This will allow you to cook meatloaves, muffins, and more with your appliance.


To Sum Up

A toaster oven is an appliance that would make your life better.

Sometimes’s it took extra work to get the perfect toast.

Mastering how to use toaster oven would save your life!


After all the explanation above on how to use toaster oven…

… are interested to buy on?

Do you have any experience with how to use toaster oven?

Tell us your experience in the comment section below!

Happy cooking!


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