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Troubleshooting Guide: Kalamera Wine Cooler Not Cooling – Quick Fixes Inside!


Kalamera wine cooler not cooling

According to appliance repair technician John, “If a Kalamera wine cooler is not cooling properly, first check that it’s plugged in and the temperature is set correctly.

If it still doesn’t cool, the compressor or fan may be malfunctioning.” 

When your wine cooler stops chilling bottles to the right temp, it renders the unit useless. (1)

Before calling a service technician or attempting repairs, knowing some troubleshooting basics helps.

As we dive into common reasons for a Kalamera wine fridge not cooling plus steps to revive it, 

You’ll gain the key knowledge to potentially tackle this issue yourself.

Discover what to check if your model runs warm, 

And continue reading essential tips that could get your Kalamera back to properly storing wines and beverages.


Kalemera wine cooler not cooling, what to know?

If your Kalamera wine cooler is not cooling, check the exterior for warmth, inspect the digital display for elevated temperatures, and consider temporary solutions like ice packs to preserve your wine’s quality.

Top 5 Reasons Your Kalamera Wine Cooler Has Stopped Cooling

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Has your Kalamera wine fridge suddenly stopped cooling properly?

There are a few common issues that could explain why your dual zone stainless steel wine cooler is not holding temperature.

The top reasons a Kalamera KRC wine refrigerator may stop cooling include:

  1. The compressor has failed or is not running. Check if you hear the compressor humming or feel vibrations. If not, the start relay or compressor itself likely needs replacement.
  2. There is a refrigerant leak causing low refrigerant levels. Have an HVAC technician test for leaks and recharge the refrigerant if needed.
  3. The condenser coils are clogged with dust and debris. Carefully clean the condenser coils located at the back of the wine cooler with condenser coil brush.
  4. The temperature control panel or thermostat is malfunctioning. Test the thermostat and replace it if faulty.
  5. The defrost heater or sensor has failed. Test the defrost components using a multimeter and replace any defective parts.

A Systematic Troubleshooting Guide for Your Kalamera Wine Fridge

Is your Kalamera wine storage cooler not cooling properly? Follow this systematic troubleshooting guide to identify and fix the issue:

First check the power supply and cables to ensure the wine refrigerator is getting power.

Next, inspect the condenser coils and clean if they are clogged with dust.

Then, listen and feel if the compressor is running.

If not, test components like the start relay.

Check if the interior fans are working to circulate air.

If not, test the fans and replace if faulty.

Inspect the thermostat settings and test if the thermostat is accurately sensing temperature.

Replace if defective.

For dual zone models, make sure the temperature memory function is correctly set for each compartment.

Use a Multimeter to test components like the start relay, thermostat, and defrost heater during the systematic troubleshooting process.

Finally, have an HVAC technician check for refrigerant leaks and recharge refrigerant levels if low.

Following these steps can help pinpoint why your Kalamera beverage cooler is not cooling…

…and lead you to the repair needed to get it working at optimum temperature again.

Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Kalamera Cooler Performing at its Best

Kalamera wine cooler not cooling 2

Regular maintenance keeps your Kalamera wine refrigerator running efficiently for years. (2)

Here are useful tips:

  • Vacuum the dual pane stainless steel door and condenser coils every 6 months to remove dust buildup. Clogged coils make the compressor work harder.
  • Check the door seal and replace if worn. A good seal maintains the correct temperature range.
  • Test the accuracy of the temperature control panel annually and recalibrate if needed.
  • Lubricate the hinges with silicone spray if the door handle sticks when opening.
  • Replace burnt out LED lights so you can clearly view your wine bottles.

Following the user manual maintenance schedule helps prevent issues and failures down the road.

A well maintained 46 bottle dual zone Kalamera wine cooler will store your wines at the precise temp for years of enjoyment.

Diagnosing Common Cooling Component Failures in Kalamera Models

If your freestanding Kalamera wine refrigerator stops cooling properly, there are a few key components that may have failed:

  • The compressor is not running due to a bad start relay or blown fuse. Replace faulty parts.
  • Refrigerant leaks caused low levels. An HVAC technician needs to locate leaks and recharge the system.
  • The evaporator fan motor burnt out. Test the fan motor for operation and replace if needed.
  • The thermostat or temperature sensors are defective. Test sensors and replace control board if faulty.
  • A clogged condenser or evaporator is preventing proper airflow. Carefully clean dirt and debris from coils.

Knowing how to diagnose issues allows you to troubleshoot your Kalamera 24 inch under counter wine cooler

And make the needed repairs so it continues storing your larger bottles at perfect temperature.

Quick Fixes You Can Try Before Calling in a Repair Professional

Kalamera wine cooler not cooling 3

Before picking up the phone, try these quick troubleshooting steps if your Kalamera 15” wine cooler stops cooling properly:

  • Check the wall outlet and power cord for any loose connections and firmly plug back in.
  • For dual zone wine coolers, confirm the correct target temps are set on the touch control panel.
  • Inspect the compressor and condenser fan to ensure they are running. Remove any dust or debris.
  • Wipe clean the tempered glass door gasket and make sure the seal is tight.
  • For noisy operation, check the leveling feet and adjust as needed. Also tighten any loose hardware. Leveling Feet Kit

If none of these basic steps restore normal cooling, then it’s likely an issue needing professional repair service.

But taking a few minutes to try them could get your wine collection chilling again without the hassle or cost of a service call.

When to Take Your Kalamera in for Service

While minor problems can often be fixed yourself, call for service if your Kalamera 12” under counter wine fridge has:

  • Visible damage like a cracked door panel or broken hinge.
  • A non-functioning compressor, evaporator fan, or control board.
  • Refrigerant leaks causing insufficient cooling even after dusting coils.
  • An unresponsive touch panel unable to correctly set target temp.
  • Faulty internal LED lighting unable to properly display your wine bottles.
  • Excess moisture buildup indicating a door gasket leak.
  • Unusual noises from failing internal components.

Reaching out to an authorized Kalamera repair technician ensures your advanced cooling technology wine refrigerator receives prompt professional service when experiencing these types of mechanical or electrical issues.

Preventing Future Issues: Optimizing Ventilation, Temperature, & More

Kalamera wine cooler not cooling 4

A little preventative care goes a long way for your compressor wine cooler.

By optimizing key factors upfront, you can avoid many common problems down the road:

  • Ventilation – Ensure at least 12 inches clearance on all sides for proper airflow. Clogged vents cause overheating failures.
  • Ambient Temperature – Place the unit away from heat sources like ovens. High ambient temps strain cooling performance.
  • Leveling – Properly level the wine fridge to minimize vibration and noise.
  • Door Alignment – Adjust door hinges so the seal makes full contact around the cabinet. Prevent leaks.
  • Temperature Settings – Set cooling temps to winemaker recommendations. Most wines store best at 55-60°F.

Taking these basic optimization steps allows your bottle wine refrigerator to efficiently hold the precise temperatures needed to protect your wine’s taste and quality for years of enjoyment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my wine fridge not cooling properly?

There are several potential reasons why your Kalamera wine cooler may not be cooling properly:

  • The temperature is not set correctly. Make sure your wine fridge is set to the proper temperature range for storing wine, generally between 50-65°F.
  • The door is not sealing properly, allowing warm air to enter. Check that the door handle and hinges are aligned correctly and the door seal is clean and undamaged.
  • There is insufficient airflow around the wine cooler. Make sure there is adequate ventilation on all sides of the freestanding unit.
  • The internal components, such as the compressor or fans, may be malfunctioning. You may need to have a technician inspect the dual zone wine cooler.

What temperature range is best for storing wine?

The ideal temperature range for storing most wines is between 50-65°F.

Red wines are typically stored at closer to 65°F while white and sparkling wines are often kept cooler, around 55°F.

Sticking within this narrow temperature range helps wines age slowly and gracefully.

How many wine bottles can the Kalamera wine fridges hold?

Kalamera offers wine coolers with different bottle capacities.

For example, the Kalamera 15” 30 bottle wine cooler can hold 30 standard 750ml wine bottles.

The 46 bottle dual zone wine refrigerator has capacity for 46 bottles with its stainless steel shelves and door racks providing more organized storage space.

Larger bottle sizes or special shapes may reduce the total capacity somewhat.

Should I get a single or dual zone wine cooler?

Dual zone wine coolers have separate cooling systems for an upper and lower compartment, allowing you to set different temperature ranges.

This is useful if storing both reds and whites.

A single zone may be sufficient if focused only on one wine type.

Kalamera has options for both single and dual zone freestanding wine refrigerators.

How do I reset or adjust the temperature controls?

Kalamera wine coolers feature digital touch control panels which clearly display the set temperature.

To adjust it, press the arrow buttons up or down until your desired temperature is shown on the LED display.

This should allow accurately setting and maintaining the desired zone temperature range within a few degrees.


Has your Kalamera wine refrigerator unexpectedly stopped cooling your fine vintages properly? 

As we’ve covered, common culprits include failed components like the compressor or thermostat, 

Clogged condenser coils, low refrigerant levels, and other mechanical or electrical issues.

Following a systematic troubleshooting approach can help accurately pinpoint the problem.

Quick fixes may get your wine chilling again, 

But major component failures require the expertise of a professional repair technician…

…to identify issues and get your cooler back to optimally storing your wine collection at the precise temperature needed.

Before shelling out money on repairs or a new wine fridge, 

Take a few minutes to try the troubleshooting tips outlined.

And be sure to optimize ventilation, temperature settings and door seals to prevent future cooling issues.

Now go enjoy a nice glass of properly chilled Cabernet!

We’d love to hear if these tips helped get your Kalamera wine cooler back up and running.

Please share your experiences in the comments below!


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