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Making French Press Coffee Grounds: A Brewing Guide


French press coffee
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Making French Press Coffee Grounds. French press brewing is one of the most well-liked methods for making coffee at home. When you prepare it with a French press, you can get coffee that can be characterized as rich, thick, strong, and heavy. The high degree of extraction that occurs while the coffee grinds soak in the water allows your French Press to extract a significant amount of the coffee tastes and oils.

The French press has experienced several design changes over time. The earliest coffee press, which may have been created in France, was a cheesecloth or metal screen attached to a rod that people would press into a pot of hot water and coffee grinds. An early version of the French press was patented by Mayer and Delforge, two French innovators, in 1852. Frenchman Marcel-Pierre Paquet dit Jolbert submitted a patent, which was formally published on August 5, 1924.

Milanese designer Attilio Calimani obtained a patent for a coffee press in the US in 1929. Faliero Bondanini, who patented his own version in 1958 and produced it at the French clarinet firm Martin SA under the trade name Melior, made a number of design adjustments to it. The Ipcress File, a 1965 Michael Caine movie, may have helped it gain notoriety. British business Household Articles Ltd. and Danish kitchen and tableware manufacturer Bodum helped spread awareness of the gadget throughout Europe.

A thin cylindrical beaker, typically made of glass or transparent plastic, with a metal or plastic cover, plunger, and filter consisting of fine stainless steel wire or nylon mesh, makes up the modern French press.

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Making French Press Coffee Grounds: A Brewing Guide

Getting Ready to Brew

Grind the Grind 

Start by using a coffee grinder to ground your beans until they resemble bread crumbs, preferably on the coarsest grind setting. With this configuration, the coffee beans’ taste and oils will be extracted from them in significant amounts throughout the brewing process. 

The Method

Utilizing the countdown feature, set the timer for 4 minutes.

Fill the empty French Press halfway with ground coffee. Tare your scale (reset the scale so that the French Press is sitting on top and the scale is showing “zero” after placing the French Press on top of it.

The water in the kettle should be filled, and it should be heated until it boils. Pour the water over the coffee grounds after allowing it to cool for 30 seconds, allowing the water’s temperature to drop to around 205 degrees. The coffee grinds should have 100 grams of water added. Try to thoroughly saturate the grounds. The coffee grounds might blossom as a result. Give the coffee grinds 30 seconds to soak in the water.

Then, when the water level reaches 800 g overall, slowly and circularly pour water into the French Press. To combine the coffee grounds and water, give the mixture a brief, gentle swirl. Put the cover on the French Press next to maintain the water’s heat, but don’t press down on the coffee press just yet.

Push down on the coffee press once the timer has run for 4 minutes in the French Press. Your French press coffee is now ready to be poured and savored. To avoid over-extraction of the coffee grounds still at the bottom of the French Press, make sure to pour the coffee right away.

Take pleasure in a strong cup of French press coffee.


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