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Meat Tenderizers Unveiled: Tips and Insights

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Meat tenderizers (like any other way to make meat softer) have two detrimental effects on the meat.

Firstly, it can affect the appearance of your steak or other meat cut. Secondly, chemical meat tenderizers can ruin the flavor and make the meat appear mushy.

This is why it’s paramount not to overuse any kind of meat tenderizer. These are some helpful tips for when you tenderize the meat so that it becomes tender without any harmful side effects.

Don’t Buy Pre-Tenderized Cuts of Meat

Sometimes you can find them in stores. To make them softer from the start, these cuts of meat have been mechanically tenderized.

I personally don’t recommend relying on those commercial meat tenderizers. You should instead use the tenderizer you have at home right before cooking your steak. By doing so, you will reduce the probability of bacteria actually getting into the meat from its surface.

Don’t Use Chemical Meat Tenderizers

There is nothing wrong with using natural meat tenderizers that you can get from naturally occurring sources, such as protein-breaking enzymes such as papain from papaya and bromelain from pineapple.

One of the problems is that you have to buy other ingredients along with them once you buy meat tenderizing season. Salt (not a good ingredient for marinating), corn starch (why add it?) and other chemical fillers are among them.

A tenderizing agent such as salt cannot be used. Salt in a marinade actually brines the meat rather than softening it. Furthermore, it causes the meat to lose flavour and become tougher because it is deprived of juice from within.

Adding corn starch as an additive to meat is a bad idea no matter what the cut is, but things get worst when the meat is heated up. In general, the products of such chemical reactions are not the safest to consume.

Homemade Meat Tenderizers

When it comes to meat cuts, you can sometimes find a real bargain. There’s unfortunately nothing that can be done to fix these tough cheap cuts, other than tenderizing them. Using a tenderizer, you can cook a tasty dish and save money at the same time. We show you how to make an easy meat tenderizer for cheap.

Your roasts, stew meats, and steaks are sure to come out tender and juicy every time you add 1 to 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the cooking liquid. In addition, you can pierce your meat all over with a fork and soak it in vinegar for an hour or two before cooking it. You should cook your meat in a non-reactive pan or dish, regardless of the method you choose. Cast iron and some other metals may react unfavorably with the acid in the tenderizer. A non-stick pan with a coating or a glass baking dish are ideal.

Only Use Meat Tenderizers With Touch Pieces of Meat

With tender cuts such as fillet mignon, rib eye, NY strip, etc., I don’t recommend using meat tenderizers. Tenderizing these cuts of meat doesn’t improve their tenderness, so it’s not the best method.

When you have naturally tough meat, the opposite is true. We are talking about tri tips, flat iron steaks, round steaks, chuck steaks, so on. It is possible to upgrade these tough cuts of meat to high quality cuts that are tender and delicious if you use a stainless steel blade meat tenderizer.

Use a Meat Tenderizer With a Marinade For Added Flavor

Using a blade-type tenderizer to gently pierce the meat creates little holes that allow the marinade to soak in well and penetrate deep into the meat. A combination of tenderizer and marinade reduces cooking time, adds flavor, and actually makes the meat more tender and delicious.

If you want to achieve quick results, take the following steps:

  • You should start cooking your meat right after you take it out of the fridge
  • You can easily pierce the pieces of meat you want to tenderize using one of the meat tenderizers featured here
  • Meat should be put in a food-safe bag with a marinade inside and sealed up with the bag
  • Alternatively, marinate the meat at room temperature or in the fridge overnight
  • Prepare your meat using any of these methods and enjoy the tenderness

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