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Nutribullet or Juicer? – Things You Need To Know!

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Juicing has been practiced for a very long time. For millennia…

people have extracted the juice of raw fruits, vegetables, and herbs as a source of nutrients and for their beneficial medical benefits.

The raw food juicing trend has grown in popularity in recent years. People are increasingly purchasing commercial juicers and blenders to use in their homes to make tasty and healthful juices and smoothies.

Juicers currently come in a variety of models and varieties, each with its own set of benefits and functions. Without conducting extensive study, deciding which juicer is ideal for you is getting increasingly difficult.

It’s possible to get bogged down in the very specific details of different brands of juicers, but there does exist a general comparison that most people find enlightening – Nutribullet vs. Juicer.

It’s easy to get caught down in the finer points of different juicer products, but there is a broad comparison that most people find instructive: Nutribullet or Juicer.

The Difference – Nutribullet or Juicer

So, what’s the difference between a Nutribullet and a standard juicer? At first sight, these machines appear to be extremely similar, yet the difference lies in their output.

Traditional juicers just extract the juice from the ingredients you put in them. In the procedure, the remaining pulp, or insoluble fiber, from your fruits and veggies is separated and set aside, leaving only the liquid extracted in your glass.

The Nutribullet does not have a method of separating out the pulp, instead pulverizing the whole of whatever you put into it. This naturally results in a much thicker juice or smoothie.

Nutribullet or Juicer – A Closer Look

The key difference between a Juicer and the Nutribullet is that a Juicer removes over 95% of theThe main difference between a juicer and a Nutribullet is that a juicer removes over 95% of the pulp, leaving only the juice. The plant fiber in the Nutribullet keeps you feeling fuller for longer. With a Juicer, you’ll be a lot more productive than with a Blender.

The Powerful Nutribullet

The Nutribullet resembles a high-powered blender. It converts whole fruits and vegetables into smoothies, which are thicker than extracted juice since the pulp is broken down along with the juice.

The pulp is high in fiber, which helps you feel fuller for longer, which is beneficial if you’re trying to lose weight by juicing or blending.

The Nutribullet juicer can also combine two popular fruits that are disallowed in juicers – avocados and bananas, which also make fantastic smoothie additions – as well as other ingredients to produce a better smoothie, such as milk, ice, yogurt, nuts or nut butter, and even vitamin supplement powders.

A powerful blender like the Nutribullet can also stand in as a food processor, great for making quick and healthy snacks like guacamole or hummus, soups, and with a milling blade, can even be used to make flours and nut butter.

Which One Is Best? Nutribullet or Juicer?

This is the common question! Fortunately, the answer is simple – it is completely up to you. In this Nutribullet or Juicer compassion, the victor really lies in your own personal tastes and preferences.

Both machines perform exactly what they’re supposed to do, and they do it effectively. Although the Nutribullet isn’t the only single-serve blender on the market, it’s the one we’ve chosen to compare.

It’s easy to state that a Nutribullet is easier to clean, but this is largely due to the fact that the Nutribullet won’t have any pulp left to deal with.

Similarly, a juicer can generate juice that is thin enough to drink right away, but it lacks the healthful fiber that a Nutribullet would produce by reducing the entire fruit. What one individual may see as a problem, another may see as an advantage! It’s entirely up to you.


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