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Pepper Grinder, 5 Best Reviews Worth To Buy on Amazon!

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We put 5 pepper grinders to the test in the Kitchen…

…Appliance Lab at the Good Housekeeping Institute.

To fill each to its utmost capacity, we utilized more than 4 1/2 cups of peppercorns.

By varying the amount of time we grind on the fine, medium…

…and coarse settings, we were able to compare their performance.

To estimate how long it would take to season meals and measure for recipes…

…we weighed the output of each setting. We then put the pepper grinder to…

…the test to see if it could easily return to the fine setting,

or if the coarse grounds became stuck and made the adjustment difficult.

Pepper grinder
credit: rocks.ie

Our testing yielded 36 grams of ground pepper, which is quite a lot when…

…you consider that 1/2 gram would probably be enough on your morning eggs!

In this blog, we also have an article about what to put in pepper grinder

…that you might want to read about it.

What To Look For When Buying a Pepper Grinder

Pepper grinder
credit: timesofindia.indiatimes.com
  • Manual versus electric: Manual pepper mills require you to fill a chamber and then grind the pepper by turning a piece of the mill itself. In the case of electric grinders, you’ll fill a hopper and then grind by pressing a button. Because the repetitive process of grinding can be tiresome with manual devices, electric grinders are especially useful if you have dexterity or hand strength concerns.
  • Grind size settings: You’ll want a coarse grind for some meals and a fine grind for others, so being able to vary your grind size is crucial. Adjustment is possible with handheld mills by moving a dial, rotating the base, or changing a pin or screw. Some grinders feature preset settings, which guarantee consistent grind results every time, but lack nuance. Other grinders allow you to tweak as you see fit, but consistency suffers as a result. Electric grinders may also come with preset settings or a dial that allows you to switch between coarse and fine grinding.
  • Capacity: Mills frequently come with a height measurement. A 12-inch mill, on average, holds more peppercorns than a 6-inch mill. This has an impact on how frequently you need to refill, but the bigger issue is how comfortable it feels in your hands and how much room it takes up. Larger mills and grinders are also frequently heavier, so if space is an issue, a smaller one may be preferable.
  • Ease of refill: Some pepper mills and grinders have a tiny entrance that makes funneling peppercorns into the chamber more difficult. Look for versions with a large and simple-to-open access point (whether it slides or unscrews).
  • Versatility: Consider the grinding mechanism’s substance. You can swap between pepper and whole cumin without mixing or tainting flavors if the surface doesn’t absorb scents (ceramic, for example). When using a pepper grinder to grind salt, be careful because salt may be corrosive, and some salt-specific grinders are a preferable choice.

Let’s get into it!

Our Top Picks of Pepper Grinder on Amazon

We also looked at the weight of the grinder, how easy it was to use…

…and whether the grind sizes were preset or had to be chosen manually.

Manual and electric picks, as well as some innovative grinding types, are among…

…our suggestions. In 2021, these are the best pepper grinder to buy:

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on:

Take a closer look!

Good Grips Contoured Mess-Free Pepper Grinder


  • Clear, easy-to-select grind presets
  • Easy to refill


  • Utilitarian design

This is our first favorite pepper grinder!

Most people are familiar with the look,

we love this one since it is see-through from the outside,

so you can see and manage when to refill the pepper!

Next on, we have…

Paris u’Select 9-Inch Pepper Mill


  • Two-stage grinding
  • Clear, easy-to-select grind presets


  • Must refill around a center post

You might find it classsic, and for sure that’s why we like it too!

Other than the classic look it is comfortable to use,

…it’s already known from old times that it fits in our hands very well!

To know more about the grinder let’s hear it from Laura!

Here’s Laura’s story…

Living life as a housewife is fun…

we are always in a situation where we can make food.

Lately my son often asks for pepper steak to be made on dinner dish.

I had a feeling that some cooking utensil was missing, and yes I knew it!

I need pepper grinder to make the cooking process easier.

but I do not know the details and advantages of each product.

Of course, the use of pepper grinder that is not suitable will interfere…

with the steak. Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

about pepper grinder, after I understand the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I ended up choosing one.

And now i had great pepper grinder for my kitchen work!

When those waiters ask me if I want some fresh ground pepper, I ask if they have any aged pepper.”

Andy Rooney. American radio and television writer.

Let’s move on to our third choice!

Stainless Steel Rechargeable Salt, Pepper and Spice Mill


  • One-handed operation
  • Measuring cap


  • Slow grind time

After moving on from the classics pepper grinder, the tech steps into our kitchen.

Yes, we can use an electric pepper grinder..

This is one of the best picks of electric pepper grinders since it has no rush..

…on crushing the pepper, lower the chance for it to burn the pepper,

so it keeps the taste of the pepper well!

keep reading…

Good Grips Radial Pepper Grinder


  • Comfortable to hold
  • Time-efficient


  • Fill spout could be a little bigger

Get back to the manuals, this one is actually come in with…

…a new look of the pepper grinder,

it’s interesting to have new ideas of design, therefore, the design gives you the…

…ability to turn it well, it also has the anti-slip handle, it makes sure you got it ground,

…as you want it to be, we pick it as one of the best since it’s grind-loose-worry-free!

Kuhn Rikon Essential Adjustable Ratchet Grinder


  • Ergonomic ratchet mechanism
  • Easy to refill


  • Grind sizes are not preset

This pepper grinder is the most unique from all,

how is it unique? you don’t have to turn them all way around,

like the usual grinder that we have..

…instead, we move it back and forth to grind the peppers!

Another reason why we love it is that its not heavy and,

you can fill it with any kind of pepper!

we have extra tips for you!

How To Keep Your Pepper Grinder Long-Lasting


While using the pepper grinder, it might get some heat…

…from the food or stove. There is a high chance that the heat,

…comes with vaporation that might clog the pepper grinder tunnel.

To avoid this from happening, clean the grinder tunnel with tissue,

…or you can use a cotton bud. Make sure it’s all dry and clean when you…

…store it back to the pepper grinder storage.


This is also an important factor to keep your pepper grinder long-lasting.

Make sure you keep it in a dry place. Keep it warm, room temperature is always..

…the best and store it where there’s a good airflow in the room,

…make sure they’re staying in a dry place!

Thank me later!


Sum Up

A pepper grinder is recommended for the freshest taste and scent.

A pepper grinder, also known as a pepper grinder, grinds…

…peppercorns into pieces by passing them through burrs.

It lets you to grind peppercorns to order and pick between fine and coarse grind sizes.

With a mill, you can give recipes like Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin or…

…Pepper-Maple-Glazed Pork Chops the most aromatic, peppery kick possible.


For the freshest flavor and fragrance, use a pepper grinder.

Peppercorns are ground into pieces by passing them through burrs in a pepper grinder.

It allows you to grind peppercorns to order, with fine and coarse grind settings available.

With a mill, you can add the most aromatic, peppery kick to recipes…

…slike Peppercorn Beef Tenderloin or Pepper-Maple-Glazed Pork Chops.

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