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How To Replace Moen Kitchen Faucet Cartridge? 6 Superb Guides To Install It

How To

Replace Moen Kitchen Faucet Cartridge is a surprisingly simple task, especially for Moens. You don’t need to call a plumber to fix this problem. Most manufacturers use a cartridge design on their faucets, whether they’re for faucets in kitchens, bathrooms, or tubs and shower. Maybe you will be interested in reading a Moen Kitchen Faucet Quality Review that will help you.

If problems occur, both their single-handle faucet and double-handle fau­cet are usually easy to fix. They often require removal of the old cartridge and replacement with a matching new one, but if not, they can be fixed by replacing the valve stem. It can be done in just a few minutes by following these instructions.

Preparation Before Starting Replace Moen Kitchen Faucet Cartridge

Moen is brand of cartridge faucets has its own way of replacing the cartridge, but most of them include a convenient tool for removing the old cartridge and installing a new one. Moen makes the task of replacing cartridges easier by using its proprietary cartridge puller tool.

You can alternatively get a generic cartridge pulling tool used by many professional plumbing services. A cartridge puller screw right into the old cartridge so you could turn the cartridge until it was free and then pull it out. You can find cartridge pulls at any hardware store or home improvement center for a reasonable price.

Equipment / Materials You Need

  • Slot and Phillips screwdrivers
  • Utility knife
  • Channel-lock pliers
  • Cartridge puller
  • Replacement cartridge
  • Plumber’s grease

Replacement instructions

Turn off the Water Line

Turn off the water supply to your faucet by turning off the shutoff valves on both the hot and cold water supplies under the sink. Turn the valve handles clockwise until they stop. If there are no valves under the sink, shut off the water to the entire house at the main shutoff valve.

Release the Faucet Handle

Pry off the decorative cover from the faucet handle with a small, flat-headed screwdriver. First remove the screw in the center hole of the handle cavity, and then pull the handle out of the faucet body

Remove the Faucet Clip

Using a utility knife, remove the small retaining clip that keeps the cartridge in place. To fit the tip of the knife into the small hole or space at its back, slide the clip out a bit, and remove the clip with your fingers or plier.

If your faucet has an internal chrome cover, pull it off by pulling it straight up.) This will allow you to use the cartridge clip.

Extract the Cartridge

You can sometimes remove the cartridge from the faucet by pulling it out with pliers, but using a cartridge puller makes it easier.

Place the cartridge puller over one end of the cartridge and screw the centre of the puller into its hollow threaded end. Position the puller so it sits snugly inside the notches of the cartridge stem.

To remove the cartridge from the printer, turn the puller side-by-side a few times, then pull it out. It might come out in one motion, but if it doesn’t, don’t worry Otherwise, continue turning side-to-side while pulling the cartridge out.

Replace the Cartridge

If the O-rings of the cartridge aren’t already lubricated, apply a small amount of plumbers’ grease to them. Insert the cartridge into the faucet, aligning the tabs with the notches. The cartridge must be correctly aligned in order for the retainer clip to fit.

You may need to use a plastic piece when replacing cartridges. If not, you could use a cartridge puller or plastic nut wrench to wiggle the cartridges side-to-side until they go into place easily.

Reassemble the Faucet

If you’re having trouble removing the retaining clip, use pliers or your hands to remove it. Fit the chrome sleeve into place if your faucet has one. Reinstall the handle, securing it with its screw, then snap the decorative cap onto the handle. 

Turn the water back on by turning the shutoff valves counterclockwise until they stop. Run the faucet to test for proper operation. 

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