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Sushi Knife – 4 Best Reviews on Amazon You Need To Know!

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With the opening of many restaurants around the world…

…Japanese cuisine has become one of the most popular delicacies.

Sushi and sashimi, in particular, are regarded must-try items on every Japanese menu.

With the help of a sushi knife, foodies may make their own sushi and sashimi…

…at home for family or friends. Sushi and sashimi share the same…

…method of slicing fish, despite the differences in ingredients and flavor.

As a result, a sushi knife is a must-have accessory for fans of these delectable dishes.

A sushi knife will aid in the cutting and slicing of salmon or tuna for sushi…

…and sashimi that is not only delicious but also attractive.

Sushi knife
credit: torontosun.com

Sushi knives come in a variety of shapes and sizes due to their versatility.

It’s a unique form of knife that can’t be replaced by regular kitchen knives.

Because it has a long and sharp blade that is suited for sushi preparation…

…a sushi knife is a crucial tool for both professional chefs and home cooks.

Sushi knives come in a number of brands from the United States and Germany.

For skilled chefs and fans, however, Japanese sushi knives are the most well-known.

Despite the fact that their prices can be quite exorbitant…

…they will provide top quality over a lengthy period of time. In this blog…

…we also have an article about what is sushi knife

…to know more deeper about this kitchen utensils.

Our Top Picks of Sushi Knife on Amazon You Need To Know!

Yoshihiro Shiroko – Best Sushi Knife in the World


  • Premium white blade made with Hardness Rockwall 62-63
  • Ergonomic conventional Japanese D-Shaped handle
  • Considerably lightweight for the ease of usage
  • Additional protective wooden sheath for a better long-term preservation


  • The price is quite high for newbies

Yoshihiro Shiroko will be the best sushi knife for you if you intend…

…to invest a high budget in this item. It is the first choice of professional…

…chefs and will definitely suit for home cooks. This Japanese design sushi knife…

…owns a long blade and good look which will draw the attention immediately.

  • Blade Material And Design

The Yoshihiro Shiroko sushi knife is 10.5 inches long which is perfect and powerful…

…for slicing and preparing raw and thin fish for sushi and sashimi.

The design is of conventional type of sushi knives, which is dedicatedly…

…suitable for making sushi in the fast and easy manner. The blade is made of…

…white steel #2 and hardness rockwall 62-63 which will bring mighty sharpness.

Furthermore, a blend of iron will bring the maximum edge retention.

another option…

Dalstrong Nakiri Phantom Series


  • The blade is made of Japanese AUS-8 steel with ice-tempered technology
  • Carefully honed by 13-15 angles with nitrogen cooled in order to enhance hardness
  • Dedicated Japanese D-shaped Black Pakkawood handle
  • Hand polished edge for extreme sharpness
  • Full tang design with narrow blade for the best slicing tasks
  • Beautiful bolster and mosaic pin brass for comfortable usage
  • Reasonable price with additional protective sheath


  • Not suitable for left-handed users

Dalstrong has built a reputation as a prestigious cutlery manufacturer…

…with high-quality products for a wide range of knives, including…

…boning knives, sushi knives, and other specialty knives.

Because of its excellent performance, the Dalstrong…

…Nakiri Sushi Knife is favored by thousands of users.

Although the general design differs from other standard sushi knives…

…it is an excellent choice for sushi and sashimi preparation.

We’ll look at the features and specifications of the Dalstrong Nakiri Sushi Knife…

…in depth to see why it’s ranked among the top 10 sushi knives on the market.

  • Blade Material And Design

The Dalstrong Phantom Sushi Knife is 9.5 inches long and…

…features a unique blade design. The blade is crafted from a single piece…

…of iced tempered Japanese high carbon AUS-8 with a Rockwall hardness…

…of 58 and has a full tang and carefully forged construction.

As a result, this series is razor-sharp, long-lasting, and stunning. For further durability…

…and safety, this knife has an ergonomic bolster form and a hand polished spine.

Experts hone the Dalstrong serires blade to a 13-15 angle before nitrogen…

…cooling it to produce incredible sharpness, hardness, and endurance.

Furthermore, the blade is corrosion-resistant over the course of a lifetime of use.

keep going…

Lucky Cook 10”


  • The blade is made of Japanese AUS-8 steel with ice-tempered technology
  • Ideal for beginners who make sushi/sashimi
  • Beautiful packaging at an affordable price
  • Light-weight and user-friendly
  • Elegant wooden handle
  • Multi-functional tool for a variety of purposes
  • An ideal gift for special occasions.


  • Protective sheath is not provided

Lucky Cook Sushi Knife is absolutely a profitable investment…

…for you to improve your skill in making sushi and sashimi.

This knife is extremely perfect for cutting, slicing and filleting delicate…

…food products such as raw fish while still preserve the original flavor.

It will level up your skill greatly to enjoy the Japanese food to the best.

  • Blade Material And Design

Lucky Cook Sushi Knife is 10 inches long, which is perfect for fish filleting and slicing.

The blade is long, narrow and asymmetric with perfect balance thanks to being…

…made of high quality stainless steel. Therefore, the blade is mercilessly sharp…

…which will allow you to fillet a whole fish with minimum movement.

Before looking to the next list of the best sushi knife…

…maybe it would be better if we heard a story from my friend about…

…the great benefits of this sushi knife.

Here’s the Bianca’s story…

Living life as a housewife is fun…

we are always in a situation where we can make food.

Lately my son often asks for sushi to be made on dinner dish.

I had a feeling that some cooking utensil was missing, and yes I knew it!

I need sushi knife to make the process easier.

but I do not know the details and advantages of each product.

Of course, the use of sushi knife that is not suitable will interfere…

with the cooking process. Finally I decided to read an article on the internet…

about sushi knife, after I understand the advantages…

and disadvantages of each product, I ended up choosing one.

And now i had great sushi knife to help my kitchen work!

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. Unless he doesn’t like sushi, then you also have to teach him to cook.”

Auren Hoffman. American Entrepreneur.

Kai Wasabi Black


  • The most suitable knife for extremely thin slices of raw fish
  • The blade material is Daiko 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel
  • Unique design for single-sided bevel blade
  • The handle is sturdy, elegant and antibacterial agent
  • Reasonable price for newbies to start
  • Dishwasher safe


  • Not suitable for left-handed users due to single-sided blade.

It is impossible to dispute that the quality of the product will be proportionate…

…to the quality of the product. However, there are some unique sushi…

…knives on the market that are both inexpensive and feature-rich.

Kai Washabi is a high-end sushi knife with a low price tag.

It produces excellent results and a great flavor when used to make sushi and sashimi.

  • Blade Material And Design

The Kai Washabi Sushi Knife is 8 14 inches long, perfect for slicing fish with ease.

To achieve excellent edge retention, the blade is composed of Daido 1K6…

…high-carbon stainless steel. You may use this sushi knife to make…

…exceptionally thin slices for sushi and sashimi thanks to this material.

here’s the thing…

How Should You Choose The Best Sushi Knife? Buyer’s Guide

Sushi knife
credit: pinterest.com

When it comes to cooking sushi and sashimi at home, a sushi knife is a must-have.

As a newbie, you should carefully examine which option…

…is the most appropriate and convenient to use.

Furthermore, in order to make a wise investment, you need determine a budget.

As a professional chef, on the other hand, you should examine the knife’s…

…features carefully in order to select the most appropriate one. We’d like to make…

…a list of some of the most crucial traits to think over before making a final decision.

  • Blade Size and Material: Sushi knives are typically 8 to 12 inches long, which is relatively long when compared to other types of knives. The longer the knife, the easier it will be to cut tiny raw fish slices. To attain the ruthless sharpness, the blade is usually manufactured of high-grade metal such as German 56+ Rockwall Hardness or other types of high carbon stainless steel.
  • Dual vs Single Bevel: The blade is available in two styles: dual and single bevel. Master chefs should use the single bevel blade. One side of this blade will be sharpened, while the other will be flat. As a result, the single bevel blade will aid ultra-thin slicing while preventing food from clinging to the blade surface.
  • Comfortable Handle: One of the most crucial aspects to consider for ease of use is the handle design. Users will have the best and most versatile experiences with a well-designed handle. With a knife that fits your hand properly, you’ll feel secure cutting and slicing.

Sum Up

Sushi knives are an absolute must-have for everyone who wants…

…to make sushi and sashimi at home. We’ve compiled…

…a list of the top sushi knives, which have been evaluated…

…for features, pricing, and performance.


This will be a wise investment if you want to get the most out of your…

…Japanese sushi knives. Despite their expensive pricing,

the quality is excellent and the performance is exceptional.

With this review article, we hope you will be able to make…

…an informed selection about your ideal sushi knife.

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