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Panini Perfection: Bread Selection Guide

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Which is the best bread for panini?

Paninis are made with two types of bread: sandwich rolls,

…which have been sliced into rounds; and baguettes,

…that are long loaves that are cut crosswise into slices.

Sandwich rolls tend to be thinner than baguette slices,

…but they’re usually not as wide.

They’re great if you want something quick and easy…

…like an open-faced grilled cheese sandwich.

Baguettes are thicker and wider,

…perfect for sandwiches where you need extra room between layers.

Before we move on to the next Mario would like to share his experience with panini bread!

The story of Mario

My mother is an Italian born who flew to US while carrying..

…me on her tummy. Her husband that supposed to be my father..

…dumped her to live with another woman for her money.

My mother come to the US to pursue her dream to have a succesfull life.

Clearly, she made it until I grew up around 15 years old.

Not so long after she left after the battle with a cancer.

Some days after the funeral I was hungry and don’t know what to cook.

When I open the refrigerator, I find a not from my mother,

…she left a plastic bag of panini dough ingredients.

It makes me cry since it reminds me of her a lot..

She has been making those delightful paninis all..

along with my childhood.

Learning from Mario’s story we know that we can make…

….panini bread by ourselves! Therefore to make the best one,

we need to know what’s essential to make the best bread for panini.


What Is Panini Bread

Best bread for panini
Credits: gettyimages

The word panino means “bread roll” and panini is Italian…

..word which means small bread rolls.

The sandwich is usually made with Italian bread and served warm.

A grilled sandwich made from any type of bread…

..is referred to as panini in English-speaking countries.

It’s possible to make panini bread with the help of baguette ciabatta focaccia.

The bread is usually filled with fresh cheese, ham, or other meat.

After being pressed by a warming grill, it is usually served warm.

What Is The Best Bread For Panini?

Sandwiches are a staple It could be comforting to have bread,

…meat and cheese. It can be eaten at any time of day or night.

It’s possible to make a simple sandwich feel gourmet even if it’s complex.

The sandwiches are less important than the bread.

It should be strong enough to hold up when pressed,

…but the bread choice should lend itself to the overall flavor.

When making a quality ini, some bread options are better than others.

This article will explain everything you need to know..

…about making a perfect panini.

What type of bread do you like the best?

If you want to make your next sandwich masterpiece,

…take a look at the top14 bread choices.

You need to consider what kind of sandwich…

…you’re going to make when choosing the best bread.

You need to think about the ingredients…

…in order to make a perfect sandwich.

When walking through the bakery aisle,

…it’s important to keep an eye on your surroundings.

How Wet Should Your Sandwich Be?

You can use a less expensive loaf of bread if you prefer dry meats.

If you add wet ingredients to the bread,

…it will turn into a mess immediately.

When working with meats that feature fat..

…that will melt when heated up,

..it’s important to keep in mind the same thing.

Does The Bread Match The Ingredients?

Best bread for panini
Credits: gettyimages.com

This is something you can be little more lenient with.

However, typically if you are making a certain type of sandwich,

…the bread was chosen for it because it pairs well.

Yes, you can make a reuben without the rye or..

…a torta without a bolillo roll, but often it is matched that way for a reason.

Does It Lend To Flavor?

Many breads tend to be more neutral, if not subtle, in their flavors.

However, a lot of new artisan breads can be really in your face about…

…their flavors. These artisan breads do tend to be quite dense,

…which makes them a natural friend to the Panini.

Unfortunately, you need to make sure that the flavors…

..you are picking compliment the ingredients,

…not overwhelm or fight against them.

What Is The Best Bread For Dry Panini?

Best bread for panini
Credits: gettyimages.com

If you are using lean meats, thicker melting cheeses,

…and very little other wet ingredients,

…you essentially have a wide world of bread…

…options available to you. Some of the best panini bread options include:

  • Multigrain
  • Flatbread
  • Pita
  • Thick or thin-cut sourdough
  • Brioche (Only with lighter pressures, though)
  • Challah (Another light pressure bread, but thicker cuts make it fine for hard presses)
  • Rye
  • Thin-sliced flavored artisan bread

You need a more sturdy loaf of bread if you are using it…

…wet ingredients like fat-filled meats or Italian beef.

The old Panini bread rule of “denser is better”…

…is even more important for sandwiches that are wet.

The rolls tend to be a little better for these types of sandwiches.

What Fillings Are You Going To Use?

Thinner bread can be used if you are only using salad leaves.

You need to use bread that won’t get messy when pressed…

…if you are adding in moister ingredients.

You should use thicker bread to hold in…

…the moist ingredients when using meats…

…that contain fat that melt when heated.

How To Make A Panini Dough

Panini Bread Recipe

This post may have affiliate links. Please read my policy in order to get more information.

The recipe makes your kitchen smell like an Italian bakery.

It can be made in an hour and a half.

It’s a dream when you don’t have time to get fresh bread.

It’s less expensive to eat bread that comes out of the oven.

What is the cheapest amount? The price of 10 sandwiches is less than a dollar.

How easy is it? You must mix all the ingredients in a single bowl.

How much good? Let’s forget sliced bread,

…homemade panini will change your concept of sandwiches forever.

What Ingredients You Need

  • Flour
  • Olive oil
  • Instant yeast
  • Salt
  • Sugar
  • And delicious fillings…

Keep reading..

How You Do It?

Best bread for panini
Credits: gettyimagessignature.com

Allow the yeast, sugar and water to sit in a small bowl until foamy.

The flour and salt should be in a larger bowl.

Add olive oil to the wet ingredients.

You want to put all the liquid in a mixing bowl with a fork.

Allow the dough to rise for 35 minutes after you turn off the oven.

The warm environment will help the dough rise faster.

After this rest in a warm oven, you can see how the dough looks on the left.

The dough needs to be put on a surface with a spatula.

Cut the flour into 10 portions.

As you see in the picture on the right, roll out each portion of the dough.

Place them on a baking sheet

Bake for about 20 MINUTES

Enjoy, straight out the oven IS BEST!


Mix well water, yeast, and sugar in a jug or in a bowl…

…and let it rest until foamy (about 5 minutes).

Combine flour and salt in a large bowl.

In the meanwhile, preheat the oven to 250F and turn it off.

Add the liquid to the dry ingredients, add olive oil,

…and mix with a spoon or a spatula to incorporate the flour.

Mix well until no dry flour remains, but do not overmix.

Allow the bowl to rest in the warm oven for 30 minutes,

…then cover it with a towel or cling film.

Remove the dough from the oven and put it in the fridge.

Take the dough out of the bowl and put it on a working surface.

You don’t want to deflate the dough since it is fluffy and a bit bubbly.

If you want to cut the dough into 10 portions, Dust it with flour.

If needed, surface each portion with some flour and dusting hands.

Each portion of dough should be placed on a baking sheet.

It will take about 20 minutes for the bake to be done.

If you have a conventional oven,

…bake for 5 minutes longer until it’s golden and flaky.

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Sum Up

There is a lot of choices of bread you can use to make a panini.

Like pita bread, flatbread, and multigrain.

Though there’s a lot of bread in choices,

you can also make them!


Now that you know what the best bread for a panini sandwich is,

…we hope you can make the perfect panini sandwich

…that will melt in your mouth and bring that stomach..

..comfort you were looking for! You won’t regret it!

Go buy your bread of choice today.

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