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Cuisinart Mixer Review – Top Stand Mixer Models

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There are several types of Cuisinart Mixer,

…that you can choose on Amazon.

Cuisinart also released a cordless mixer!

If you’re curious about buying one,

and which one is the best for you,

you’re landing on the right page!

Now we have Lina that wants to share her experience with you

Let’s see..

Cuisinart mixer
Credits: gettyimages.com

I have been working in a bakery for almost ten years now…

I’ve made a lot of friends here, and it’s comfortable to work here.

However, I think as an adult, we should not stay in a position for too long.

My husband also agrees that we should pursue a higher career path,

…or to start our own business. With a lot of considerations,

I choose to quit the job and open a bakery of my own.

It is such a hard start off, to begin with,

There is a lot to choose from when it comes to bakery cookware.

I’ve been surfing online and looking for the right fit for me.

I have my eyes on a lot of Cuisinart mixers but haven’t decided which one to buy yet.

.Suddenly my husband comes with a huge package,

Turns out that is a Cuisinart Blue Stand Mixer!

I can not be any happier than this.

Furthermore to my surprise, it has been working well with me for 5 years straight!

Without waiting any longer…

What Do We See In A Good Mixer?

Cuisinart mixer
Credits; canva.com
  • Ease of use: This includes placing all of the attachments in their proper place. They should also be easy to attach, with no fiddling or finagling necessary.
  • Ease of clean up: We like mixers that are especially easy to put back together quickly after cleaning them so we can get right back to work.
  • Power: In our test kitchen, we use hand mixers daily. We want a mixer that is powerful enough to handle heavy batters and doughs without bogging down or overheating, yet light enough for us not to feel as though we’re working out at the gym after using it!

Cuisinart Mixers, Which One Is The Best?

Cuisinart Mixer SM-50 5.5 – Quart Stand Mixer, White


This Cuisinart mixer has a large capacity for baking,

…and it is easy to attach the whisks to the mixer.

It’s great for heavy-duty mixings, like mixing bread dough.


We had no problems with the attached beaters…

…they’re made of sturdy plastic and are powerful enough…

…to handle all sorts of baking tasks without burning out or overloading…

…the Cuisinart mixer. However, it took quite a bit longer to use than we expected…

…which might be an issue for anyone who’s in a rush

Cuisinart Mixer RHM-100 EvolutionX Cordless Hand Mixer, 5 Speeds, Gray/Black


This type of Cuisinart mixer is versatile, looking nice,

…and modern. It is rechargeable, Other than that, it is easy…

…to use when needed outside of the house.

The price is not as high as predicted and worth it.

You can definitely use it to make Dalgona coffee,

…during outings with your friends and family.


Not suitable for a heavy-duty and long task.

It only works for 20 minutes run.

Mixer is great, I just wish the charge would last a bit longer

by an anonymous costumer on Amazon.

Cuisinart Mixer SM-35R Precision Master 3.5 Quart (Ruby Red) Stand Mixer


The Cuisinart Mixer SM 35-R has an extra-large feed tube…

…to allow you to prepare large batches…

…of foods or doughs in no time at all. The one-touch control panel…

… offers three speeds, plus pulse, so you can process food quickly…

…and efficiently. With its compact design, it’s easy to store in your…

…kitchen cabinet or dishwasher when not in use


Does what it is designed to do and I’ve not had any problems with it; however, I would like it if the attachments mixed the ingredients a little closer to the bottom of the bowl. Be sure to use a spatula and check the bottom of the bowl before pouring contents out of mixing bowl.

Review by a costumer

So, this Cuisinart SM -35R is more likely…

…suitable for small tasks.

Other than that, it is quite pricy.

Tasty by Cuisinart Hand Mixer


More suitable to make whip cream,

New York cheesecake, meringue, and other lightweight duty.

It claimed to be quieter than other mixers.

Cuisinart Mixer HM-90S Power Advantage Plus 9-Speed Handheld Mixer with Storage Case


I bought this mixer for my wife as her old “beater” was nearly dead. I read a lot of reviews when selecting a mixer. One of her complaints was that the old mixer would splatter, particularly when first starting to mix, so the slow start feature would be great. She also loves the storage box for the various attachments that come with the mixer – we emptied out a drawer full of old beaters and attachments!

There were some customer comments about the “slow start” function not working. Ours works fine – the wife checked it out before using, and the slow-mix function works when turning on the mixer. If you push the start slide switch too far, it goes into a higher speed. If you carefully move the switch when turning it on, it works as advertised. The quality is obvious and has a long history from Cuisinart. My wife loves the versatility and the various attachments

a costumer review

It is indeed has a good speed to help the cooking become faster.


Sometimes the Cuisinart Mixer wire can not fit in the place, however,

..other than that the mixer works just fine!

It’s affordable too.

Sum Up

Cuisinart has several mixers you can choose from.

All are great with their own power and disadvantages.

The disadvantages surely are not a dealbreaker.

Have you tested it by yourself one by one?


You can determine the best Cuisinart Mixer by yourself,

by seeing the right fit for your business or even daily use!

Let us know what you think about the Cuisinart Mixer,

by dropping a comment down below


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