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Burger Press Usage Tips: Master Patty Making

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If we know how to use burger press, perhaps the most useful kitchen appliance you will ever own is the burger press. It is true that your new appliance can be used in many different ways for your cooking needs. The following are some of the most useful and frequently asked questions.

The Burger Press: What Is It? Burger presses are convenient kitchen appliances that turn ground beef into a juicy and flavorful burger. He turns the ground meat into a grill-ready position with his hands instead of using ground meat on a grill. In this way, the grill is able to control the taste and texture of the meat better.

Do You Need to Use Burger Press?

Your best friend for perfectly round, perfectly even, perfectly cooked burgers is the burger press. It is much easier to create uniform shapes with evenly distributed ingredients using a burger press. Getting that classic patty shape is harder than it looks, as anyone who has tried it can attest. You might start off strong, but you soon find yourself with six lop-sided lumps, each with a bit too much mince, or too much onion (or both).

Additionally, it will not cook well. Hand-pressed burgers tend to contain more air pockets, which is why they often fall apart once they hit the pan. By using a burger press, you avoid the unpredictable nature of burgers – and the disappointment that comes with it.

In addition, they reduce a lot of the mess associated with cooking. We no longer need to roll raw meat with our bare hands and scatter breadcrumbs everywhere. By using a burger press, you can easily shape burgers and transfer them hands-free to the grill or pan. It’s a godsend for anyone who cooks with kids.

How to Use Burger Press

You can quickly and easily make burgers using a burger press. Getting your guests to believe that they aren’t from a store will be tricky.

The best results come from good ingredients. To ensure that your mince holds together well, it should have a fat content of at least 20%. It works best if it’s really cold, so keep it in the refrigerator until you’re ready to assemble your burger.

Mix in the rest of the ingredients if you wish. You need onions, garlic and seasonings, but experiment to your heart’s content here. There may be a specific combination of meats that you prefer, or there may be a few spices you’ve had your eye on. You should finely chop whatever you’re going to add. It will hold together better if you use breadcrumbs and beaten eggs.

Once you’ve found the perfect combination, it’s time to transfer the mixture to the burger press. Pour it into the base (how much you use depends on how hungry you are), press gently with the lid, and twist. Here we go! You’ve made the perfect patty. Take out the base so you can transfer the burger to a pan or grill, and cook as usual.

How To Stop the Burgers from Sticking to the Burger Press

To get your burgers from the press to the pan in one piece, you’ll need a non-stick burger press. Keeping your mixture from clinging will be easy with a lightly textured surface. You can add a little water to the base to give it a helping hand, as well.

In case you’re really worried, you can insert greaseproof paper into your burger press – but with the right tools, you shouldn’t need it. Keep your gentleness in mind! Pressing down lightly is all it takes to make a good burger.

Thus ends our discussion. Are you ready to win the neighborhood BBQ battle this summer? There’s no better secret weapon than a Zyliss burger press. We have a list for best burger presses if you need recommendation.


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