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Creative Uses for Condiment Squeeze Bottles

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 You may only associate condiment squeeze bottles with those diner bottles of ketchup and mustard. Nevertheless, squeeze bottles can be used in a variety of interesting ways around the house. Our creative list can help you stay organized, make beautiful food presentations and keep the kids entertained in the kitchen!

Kitchen Squeeze Bottles

Oil Containers that Do Not Drip When Cooking

Having a heavy, and sometimes slippery, container can make it hard to get just the right amount of oil in the kitchen. A condiment bottle can double as an oil squeeze bottle and is much more manageable. This narrow spout prevents oil from dripping down the container, making it greasy and difficult to hold. Furthermore, it allows you to get the exact amount of oil you need in the exact location you need.

Squeeze Bottle Pancakes

You can use condiment squeeze bottles as a pancake squeeze bottle to create beautiful edible art! In just a few minutes, the batter will fill up the bottles and you will have a beautiful picture. By using the narrow tip, you can create detailed pancakes with the right amount of batter. You can also make fun shapes for special occasions – hearts for Valentine’s Day, balloon pancakes for birthdays, flowers for the first day of spring. The possibilities are endless!

The Squeeze Bottle Baster

You can use an empty condiment bottle to suck up the juices from the pan and spread them back over the roasting meat. Using this method is much faster and more efficient than using a basting spoon.

We also have compiled a guide that will help you choose condiment squeeze bottle, if you are looking for the best one.

Adding Embellishments to Plates

You want to make those elegant and fancy plating presentations at home, don’t you? Squeeze bottles can help you accomplish that! The small tip of this bottle will make it easier to get the sauces and drizzles to look exactly how you want them.

Organizing your Refrigerator

In your refrigerator, store-bought dressings, condiments, sauces and condiment bottles may create a mess. The bottles can be drippy and sticky, and the different sizes make it difficult to find the right one. Occasionally, too much comes out of the container too fast, or you just can’t get it to come out at all. Buy condiment bottles in bulk and some white stickers so you have a consistent look with condiments that are easy to find! When you want to store them upside down, these bottles make it easy to get the sauce and dressing out. Both ends are flat, so they can be stored either way!

Storing Homemade Condiments

No matter if you want to make healthier versions of your favorite salad dressing, avoid preservatives in store-bought condiments, or just want to try something new, condiment bottles are the best way to store your homemade condiments!

Decorating Cakes & Cookies

In some cases, pastry bags can be difficult to use, so squeeze bottles are a great alternative. It’s a great idea for decorating cakes and cookies with your kids. This helps reduce the mess that could occur if you used pastry bags or a frosting knife. Fill it with frosting and decorate! In this blog, we also have an article about squeeze bottle for icing cookies that you might want to read.

How to Clean Squeeze Bottles

Putting the condiment in your container will require you to first drain it completely and then to fill it with hot soapy water. After soaking the bottle for several minutes, you can simply shake it well and squirt the soap water. Stir thoroughly as you squirt out the water until there is no soap left and the water is clear. You can now turn it upside down and let it dry on a drying rack.


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