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What Size Cake Stand Do I Need? 4 Superb Tips About Choosing The Right Size Of Cake Stand


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What size cake stand do I need? Cake stands are pieces of cake decoration that are used to serve cake on. They vary in size, shape, and design, but all serve the same purpose.

Below, I will list the cake stand options. This blog post will list different cake stands, their sizes, and what they are good for. Read this article until end to know more about what size cake stand do I need. In this blog, we also have an article about cake stand that you might want to read about it.

What Is A Cake Stand?

 A cake stand is a dish that is used to display a cake. It is usually made of glass or porcelain, and is usually circular or square. A cake stand is often used in conjunction with a cake platter. It is also used to keep a cake from touching the table, which can cause it to crumble. The cake stand is normally placed on a pedestal or plate.

There are two types of cake stands: a flat cake stand (also known as a “shallow” cake stand) and a deep cake stand (also known a “tall” cake stand). If you’re buying one for yourself, you probably want a tall cake stand, but if you’re buying one for someone else, you might prefer a shallow cake stand. When purchasing a cake stand, consider what type of cake you plan to make.

You’ll know whether your cake should be displayed standing up or sitting down. If you’re making coffee cake, it will sit upright on its own. A cake stand makes cakes easier to serve and eat because they don’t require plates. 

What Size Cake Stand Do I Need?

Cake stands should be made out of sturdy materials such as wood, metal or plastic. A wooden cake stand is more durable than other types of cake stands. Wooden cake stands are also easy to clean and maintain.

Metal cake stands are often used for wedding cakes because of their durability. Plastic cake stands are usually cheaper than other types of cake stand. However, plastic cake stands are not recommended for weddings because they tend to crack easily.

Your Cake Your Cake Stand

Cake stands come in all different shapes and sizes. You should bring your cake stand when you go to taste cakes.

  • When you’re baking a cake, make sure the size of your cake stand matches the size of your cake. A cake stand shouldn’t be smaller than the bottom layer of the cake. Don’t use a cake stand that’s too big.
  • For simple cakes, use a smaller cake stand. Don’t use a big cake stand if you’re going to decorate the cake with lots of decorations. Use a bigger cake stand if you want to put a lot of icing or frosting on the cake.
  • Cake stands should be large enough to hold cakes without having them touch each other or fall over. You may also need to purchase a larger cake stand if your cake extends past the edge of the cake plate. Discuss your ideas with your baker before buying anything.
  • *Pro tip*: In most cases, your cupcake stand should be the same height as the cupcake board used to make the cupcakes. Match your cupcake stand size to your cupcake board size to be safe!

Consideration Before Buying Cake Stand

 The first thing you need to do before buying a cake stand is to think about what you’re going to be using it for. Here are some consideration before buying cake stand:

  • Do you have a small family and bake only once a month or every couple of months? Choose a smaller size cake stand so that you can fit more cakes on it at a time. Also consider how many people you plan to invite to your party.
  • If you’re planning a special occasion like a birthday or wedding, choose a cake stand that reflects this event. For example, if you’re getting married, look for a cake stand that has flowers, ribbons or bows attached to it. These details will help set the atmosphere of the day.
  • Does your family love to bake? Look for a cake stand that allows you to store ingredients while keeping the cake fresh and smelling good. Some cake stands have shelves where you can place bowls , measuring cups, whisks and spoons. Others even have racks where you can place pans or cookie sheets.
  • Is your kitchen too small to accommodate a full-sized cake stand? Make sure there are places on the cake stand for candles. You might even find an extra shelf for storing candles. Another option would be to buy a candle holder instead of a dedicated cake stand.
  • Are you planning on hosting multiple events, say, for birthdays and anniversaries? You might want to buy a cake stand that’s sturdy but lightweight. This way, you won’t feel weighed down moving between tables.

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