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Pull-Out Trash Cans: Convenience at Your Fingertips

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People conceal trash cans in kitchen cabinets because they aren’t exactly attractive. However, rather than putting a regular bin in your kitchen cabinet, you could consider installing a pull-out trash can mounted on sliders. The reasons are as follows:

  • Because they are mounted on sliders, they are easy to access.
  • The garbage can be swept directly into the bin if it is located below a counter.
  • Many pull-out trash cans come with two bins, allowing you to separate your recycling.
  • It can’t be knocked over by rambunctious children or pets.

Best Affordable: Home Zone Living Pull-Out Trash Can

Compared to most trash cans, the Home Zone Living Pull-Out Trash Can is more affordable. Ball-bearing sliders and slender shape of this 7.6-gallon waste bin allow it to fit into narrow cabinets, and the powder-coated metal frame has an integrated handle for easy removal. Bags are held in place by a band when they are being used.

Best Dual Compartment: Rebrilliant Jahiem Pull-Out Trash Can

Recycling and trash in one place with the Rebrilliant Jahiem Pull-Out Trash Can. Two nine-gallon waste cans (included) fit inside. Since the whole unit is 21-3/4 in. deep, the heavy-duty chrome-finished metal hardware must be installed in a deep cabinet. There are many.

Best All-Around: Simplehuman Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can

Using its preassembled track, the Under-Counter Pull-Out Trash Can from Simplehuman is easy to install. With a sleek, simple design and an easy-access handle, it boasts a sleek, simple design. You can pull the eight-gallon bin all the way out so that it’s easier to empty thanks to the full-extension ball-bearing tracks.

Best Narrow: Hardware Resources Steel Pull-Out Trash Can Holder

The Hardware Resources Pull-Out Trash Can Holder fits into narrow cabinets with openings up to 12 inches wide. Steel frame and large handle. This product is only the hardware and does not include the trash bin. Nonetheless, it fits many slim 8- to 12-gallon bins.

Best Small: Rev-A-Shelf Pull-Out Waste Container

The Rev-A-Shelf 20-Quart Pull-Out Waste Container is significantly smaller than other options, with a compact five-gallon trash can that can be mounted length-wise or width-wise in cabinets. Bathrooms and laundry rooms would be ideal places to put the bin. Due to its compact size, it can fit underneath most kitchen sinks as well.

Best Top-Mount: Rev-A-Shelf Double Top-Mount Pull-Out Trash Bin

Due to the wooden frame, the Rev-A-Shelf Double Top-Mount Pull-Out Trash Bin is more stable than other pull-out trash cans. It is available in a variety of sizes to fit common cabinet measurements, and it comes with two 8-3/4 gallon trash cans.

Best with Bag Storage: ClosetMaid Pull-Out Trash Can

The ClosetMaid Pull-Out Trash Can includes a small compartment where you can store a box of extra trash bags in addition to its six-gallon waste bin. Featuring full-extension sliders with a soft-close mechanism, the metal frame is lightweight. The hardware can be installed in front or in the back, depending on your preference.

How to Choose a Pull Out Trash System

When purchasing a trash pull out system for your home, consider the environment it will be used in.

  • Do you have a kitchen that gets a lot of traffic?
  • Would you like a trash pull out that is easier to install?
  • Are you going to use it with your children?
  • What kind of trash volume is generated?
  • Is there a waste bin size that is appropriate for the waste generated? (27qt., 35qt., 50qt.)
  • Do you need a trash pull out that’s easy to clean?
  • Do you need a trash pull out that mounts to your cabinet door?

What Size Cabinet is Right for a Pull Out Trash Can

Just a little disclaimer – make sure your cabinet has the right measurements for a trash pullout. Additionally, you should determine if your cabinets are face frame or frameless before choosing a trash pull out. You should measure the cabinet width, height, and depth to make sure the trash pull out will fit your cabinet.

The standard kitchen base cabinets come in 9′′, 12′′, 15′′, 18′′ or 21′′ widths. Typically, a double door cabinet will be 24 inches wide, 30 inches wide, 33 inches wide, or 36 inches wide. In case you need more recommendation, we have small trash can on amazon you can check.


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