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Car Trash Can Guide: Keep Your Vehicle Tidy

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The trash in your car should not pile up. Organize and clean your car with a car trash can. Find out which car trash can is the best.

How Much Does Size Matter in a Car Trash Can?

We suggest that you answer this question by considering your specific garbage collection needs. If you frequently travel with your family, you’ll obviously need a larger garbage can than if you mostly drive on your own.

Take your vehicle’s size into consideration as well. It’s inconvenient to drive a small car with a large trash can in the back because the trash can is quite large.

What Features are Worth Looking for in a Car Trash Can?

We recommend choosing one with a lid. The lid of these trash cans helps keep odors from escaping until you can dispose of the garbage.

Look for one with outside pockets for storing small items. If you’re buying a garbage can because you eat on-the-go a lot, it’s nice to have a convenient place to stash a few clean napkins or hand wipes.

You can line most car trash cans with a plastic bag, but if you prefer, look for a container that has clips on the outside so you won’t have to dig the bag’s handles from a day’s worth of garbage.

Where Should I Place My Car Trash Can?

Consider this consideration carefully. Many of the options we recommend have straps that let you hang them from a front-seat headrest, a glove box, or off the center console. What if none of those locations are convenient for you and how you use your car?

As a result, we recommend the Carbage Can. Due to the way it clips to a floor mat, it’s really only intended to rest on the floor of your car, but we think it’s actually a clever solution, especially in a small car where a hanging trash can may take up valuable cabin space.

The manufacturers of many of the hanging trash cans on our list suggest that the strap be looped over your vehicle’s shift lever so that the garbage bin rests in the footwell of your front passenger. That’s not a good idea since it can interfere with your operation of the transmission and distract your attention from the road.

Enter Alloy Wheel Rim Protectors

These handy slivers of plastic were made to deflect brushes with that stupid concrete curb, resulting in no more than a slight bump rather than a day-destroying scrape on your 20-inch chrome blade.

One company behind these clever wheel-saving miracles is RimSavers. This UK-based brand was founded in 2015 by the design team behind Rimblades, who saw an opportunity in the market for a new rim protection system and pounced. They studied a wide range of materials and adhesives to create a product that will literally pay for itself the first time your concentration lapses while parallel parking – several times over. We partnered with the company to take a closer look at how rim protectors can help protect your pride and joy.

What is a Rim Protector, Exactly?

You can think of them as skid plates for your wheels. Most off-roaders know how important it is to add a bit of armor to the bottom of their rigs before hitting the trails. Therefore, they cover exposed “expensive bits” that may be damaged by rocks or other obstacles with thick metal plates that are easier (and cheaper) to replace than, say, a gas tank. The same logic applies to rim protectors like RimSavers: Invest a few bucks in some stylish protection to avoid having to buy a whole new wheel.

Stick-on rim protectors are the most common. The best ones are kept in place with a tight-fitting stiff lip and a strong adhesive bond in RimSavers’ case, that means a cold-weather VHB (very high bond) tape from 3M, since not everyone lives in the Sun Belt. Almost all modern factory-style wheels have an edge on their lip – look closely next time you check your air pressure – but there are also options available for those of you who run wheels with a slight curve on the leading edge.

Safety Meets Style

Since the whole purpose of purchasing a rim protector is to prevent curb rash on your car, it does not make any sense if the cure is worse than the disease, does it? RimSavers come in 12 different colors, so drivers can match their paint job or go for a more adventurous, eye-catching look. Yes, stealthy options like black and silver are available for wallflowers who prefer a more subtle look.

Easy On, Easy Off

Think of rim protectors as a sacrificial barrier, intended to absorb the impact of unintended direct contact. If you think you might have one of those nails-on-chalkboard moments, the idea is to make sure the damage is contained to a plastic protector that can be easily replaced.

Also, it’s important to find a stick-on solution that won’t leave any unpleasant residue behind when it’s time to replace it. Using RimSaver’s handy remover solution (available on their website), the 3M tape will melt away, leaving your wheel looking like new. After all, that’s the whole idea here, right?  In case you need more recommendation, we have small trash can on amazon you can check


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