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Fondue Pot Buying Guide – What To Look For

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Have you ever struggled to come up with great ideas for family meals?

Maybe you’re planning a party and want it to be extra special…

…and you need the best fondue pot for that.

There are many fondue pots available on the market…

…but there are some that are must-haves for any home. 

A good fondue pot can be quite challenging to choose.

At first glance, many models look similar…

…but they actually come with a few features that can make a huge difference.

Let’s see what makes some of the best products on the market so special…

…and then decide which best fondue pot is right for you. 

Best fondue pot
credit: thespruceeats.com

But, let’s hear from Anne!

I am always very excited every time I prepare for our family fondue party!

However,  the excitement died down pretty quickly

And All of this was caused by an item: our fondue pot!

At first, the fondue pot was really troublesome to use.

The cheese was spilled here and there!

Also, I feel like I was going to cry when waiting for it to heat up!

Despite all the difficulties, somehow I still could keep up with it.

However, at the end of the party, another problem arose.

The fondue pot was really hard to clean!

This ALWAYS happened. Like every single time!

You won’t understand how frustrated I was.

That was until I decided to look for a new fondue pot for myself!

I got to find a new fondue pot that makes me think it is the best fondue pot I ever have!

She has found the best fondue pot that suits herself!

Best Fondue Pot Buying Guide

There are a number of factors that need to be taken into account…

…when choosing the best fondue pots.

Best fondue pot
credit: thespruceeats.com

In any case, it is important to consider how the pots will be used.

Fondues come in a variety of styles…

…each requiring a specific pot that can withstand a different temperature.

Scroll down for other tips…

Indoor Or Outdoor Cooking

It is important to consider this aspect when choosing a pot.

Cooking outdoors requires an independent power source like a gas burner.

If you plan to cook indoors, electric fondue pots are the ideal choice.

Quality Counts

It is essential that the best fondue pot is durable so that it can be used for a long time.

A sturdy base will also prevent boiling hot contents from easily spilling.

In case you’re planning to cook outdoors, this is particularly important.

Best fondue pot
credit: bestproducts.com

Ceramic or stainless steel is a typical material used in the manufacture of fondue pots.

Cast iron, although it can be heavy…

…has the highest degree of durability among these materials.

Despite not being as durable as ceramic, it has the advantage of being very easy to clean.

Stainless steel is generally the best material for a smart…

…and durable fondue pot due to the all-around performance it offers.

Fondue parties are fun, but they are usually only held once in a while.

Versatility Of Design

The reason why you should consider its versatility of design…

…is because you probably won’t hold fondue parties that often.

It is likely that this will result in the fondue pot going unused for quite some time.

Having a fondue pot that can be used to cook other types of food will maximize its use.

Temperature control will have a significant impact on the versatility of the pot.

The temperature needed for fondue is very high, but it isn’t needed for soups and stews.

These types of dishes can be made easily in pots…

…for users who are able to turn the heat down.

Perfect Heating

In addition to being able to control the temperature…

…users will need their fondue pot to heat up quickly.

It is important that the heat be distributed evenly for the best results.

This will prevent the fondue at the bottom from becoming burned. 

Best fondue pot
credit: amazon.com

You need to be very gentle on the heat — fondue cannot be brought to a boil, otherwise it will split. Too low a temperature and the cheese will not melt properly.”

Stephane Istel, Chef-owner At Bar-Roque Grill


It’s not always about something bigger…

…it’s about enough depth for you to dip your food into the cheese when you’re eating.

However, if you want to host fondue parties or host a large family…

…you should invest in a large pot while smaller pots are great for couples or appetizers.

Keep reading…

Heat Source

Having a power outlet nearby is necessary when using electric fondue pots.

The pots are efficient and provide hot water with excellent temperature control.

If you use a fondue pot that uses gel fuel or tealights, you can use it anywhere…

…but make sure you have the fuel handy, and keep an eye on the flame!

What else?

Pot Material

A variety of materials are utilized for the fabrication of fondue pots…

…including ceramics and metals.

Best fondue pot
credit: eatlittlebird.com

There are traditional products, design-forward products, and purely functional products.

Different methods of heating and cleaning are also available.

Pick a model that is suitable for your needs and the fondue you expect to make.

Next is the million-dollar question…

How Do You Clean A Fondue Pot?

Fondue pots made of enameled cast iron should be hand washed…

…with mild dish soap and gently scrubbed.

Spritz your pot with warm water if the cheese…

…or chocolate is hard to scrub off because it has gotten cold.

This will help soften any stuck-on food. 

What Else Can I Make With A Fondue Pot?

You can use a pot to serve warm dips…

and to keep soup and gravy warm on the table, depending on the type you have.

In some pots with temperature controls and wide heating ranges…

…you can also cook hot pot, Japanese shabu-shabu, or deep fry.

Scroll down to find out the best fondue pots.

The Best Fondue Pots On Amazon

Although we like to think we’re crazy (in a good way) about the stuff we buy…

…we can’t go ahead and try everything.

Therefore, we have People’s Choice, where we pick out the best-reviewed products. 

Here’s our comprehensive list of the best fondue pots, as rated by Amazon customers.

We’ve covered plenty of kitchen gear, from the best skillets…

…and frying pans to the best instant pots.

Cuisinart Electric Fondue Maker 

“My oh my, these fondue pots are amazing. I have three.

For chocolate, cheese, and broth,” writes one reviewer…

…who then tell us that, although she already “had several different types of fondue pots…

…over the years, these electric fondue maker is the best.” 

A great temperature control, easy to clean, and stylish enough for any decor.

” Hundreds of other reviewers agree this fondue pot is super versatile…

…and has great temperature control for even heating.

 One customer writes, “It heats up fast…

…and the temperature adjusts to the setting I want just as quickly.

It’s easy to clean.”

“ I’ve washed it several times in the dishwasher without any issues.

And I just purchased a second one.” 

A number of customers pointed out that…

the cord was also cleverly designed (and attractive).

“I like that the cord is designed in a similar way to my power cable on my Apple laptop,” says one.

Having a magnetic cord prevents people from catching hot oil…

…or cheese or pulling them off the counter.

“This pot works beautifully, has a lovely design, and is well made.” 

According to one reviewer, it is the best product she has ever used to fondue meats…

and vegetables. “The fondue ran constantly and I didn’t have the mess…

…that I’m used to with fondue.” The family now has three for our fondue celebrations.

Another option?

NutriChef Electric Countertop Fondue Pot (With Removable Bowl)

“Cheese and chocolate. It melts whatever you put it on,” a reviewer raves.

This makes a perfect fondue.

If you really want to just spend time watching Friends reruns by yourself…

…just take a bowl of delicious fondue to the bed with you.

She says “If this pot gets blown out while I am making fondue, I will buy another one.” 

A customer expressed her delight…

…at the ease with which the Teflon bowl was removed and cleaned…

writing, “I cannot stress enough how easy it was to assemble, use, and clean.”

They added, “The fondue cheese and chocolate melted quickly and easily.”

Another client described the fondue pot as “great value for the money.”

As described in the directions, it works perfectly.

The cheese was melted quickly and he added the additional ingredients afterward.

“It’s easy to clean up.”

Need something with the best fondue pot durability?

Swissmar Lugano Cast Iron Cheese Fondue Set

 The 9-Piece reviewers raved about how easy it is to clean…

…and how durable this cast-iron cheese fondue pot is.

“Swissmar is the leading cheese-fondue-pot brand on the market…

…I’m Swiss, and I know how real fondue pots work,” writes one reviewer.

“This is a beautiful pot that works perfectly. This Swiss cheese fondue is the best…

…and most traditional on the market at a very reasonable price.

That’s something I’ll keep forever.” 

“It is a beautiful pot, made of heavy cast iron with enameled sides…

…and inside that makes it easy to clean.”.

A reviewer notes that it can be used for cheese, chocolate, or beef fondue.

Despite the warming base could be a little bit more secure…

he concludes that the pot is still suitable for fondue.

It is even claimed in one review that…

…when he tried Swiss cheese fondue for the first time 40 years ago…

…the set he had on the table was almost identical to that…

…on the table in Gruyere, Switzerland.

Their conclusion: “This is one of the best sets if you want fondue from a traditional set.

It’s the real thing, authentic down to the wrought-iron stylings of the rechaud.

“It’s big, strong, and will last forever.”

So Which One Do You LIke?

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Sum Up

Choosing the best fondue pot can be a bit challenging…

…because you have to look out for quality, design, and useful features it offers.

However, if you follow our guide, you can find the fondue pot that will suit you best!


Have you decided what kind of fondue pot you are going to buy?

Remember to have all the qualities mentioned above checked before you pay for one.

Let me hear your story about how you choose the best fondue pot…

…leave your comment below!


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