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Reviews of the 5 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods on Amazon

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In kitchens, the under cabinet range hood

…keeps the environment clean and smoke free.

Under cabinet range hoods can help keep your kitchen…

…from smelling like smoke and produce a more welcoming environment.

For many reasons, a kitchen hood is essential in the kitchen today.

Not only does it help keep the kitchen clean…

…it also helps remove any cooking pollutants.

A range hood mounted under the cabinet can be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. 

A hood like this can be mounted against the wall, under a cabinet, or over your stove.

There are a variety of range hoods available.

There is a list of the 5 most popular models on the market…

…as well as a buying guide to help you choose…

…the best under cabinet range hoods on Amazon.

Before we get started, let’s hear Tom’s story…

My wife and I bought this range hood to replace a similar one we bought 26 years ago.

The old one was painted in almond, and even though it still worked…

it was starting to look bad, with paint peeling off the edges and corners.

In spite of cleaning it every now and then, its underside was filthy.

Additionally, it no longer matched our stainless stove, microwave, or dishwasher.

The new one is about the same size as the old one, with the same light and two-speed fan.

A simple unit was what I wanted, as I don’t want any fancy crap or a bigger unit

due to limited space. It also hooks up the same way as the old one.

The new one is much quieter than the old one

despite some reviews complaining about the noise.

In addition, since it’s new, it looks much better.

Apart from that, it’s pretty much the same as the old one.

If this one lasts 26 years, it will outlast my wife and myself.

It is remarkably affordable, too.

It’s time to get started…

What are Under Cabinet Range Hoods?

The under cabinet range hood is a type of range hood…

…that is installed on a kitchen wall.

Usually, these hoods are installed under a kitchen cabinet…

…and are attached to the wall with brackets.

A range hood installed under a cabinet can save a lot of space. 

Usually, these hoods are slim and allow you to keep your oven…

…above your kitchen cabinets, saving you valuable space.

Another type of range hood that can be mounted…

…on a kitchen wall is the wall mount range hood. 

You can find my top picks for wall-mounted range hoods here.

A wall mount range hood’s “chimney” runs along the wall…

…and sometimes even to the ceiling.

Cabinets cannot be used with wall-mounted range hoods.

Here’s the main part…

5 Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods on Amazon

Let’s go through them one by one..

Cosmo COS-QS75 30 in. Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoods on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

Cosmo offers a 30″ under-cabinet range hood that is both efficient and top ventilated.

This range hood is ideal for builders and homeowners with limited space.

On the hood, you’ll find a 500 CFM airflow and a 4-speed fan.

The hood uses the latest technology to be quiet, energy-efficient, and efficient.

It uses high-lumen LED lighting to save money.

You can change the ducting on this device to ductless…

…by adding an optional Carbon Filter Kit.

This device has dishwasher-safe metal filters and removable grease filters.

In the box you will find a lamp, fan, damper, fan, hardware…

…installation kit, and a power cord.

The hood also comes with a 7.5-inch round duct on top.

This range hood comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Cosmo is the best choice for kitchen appliances.

PROLINE 185.30 PLJW 185, 30″

Best under cabinet range hoods on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

The PLJW 185 is Proline’s most popular and affordable range hood.

It comes with stainless steel baffle filters and convenient venting options.

At just five inches high, it packs 600 CFM of air.

This is a unique product that is not available anywhere else.

You can control the blower at four speeds…

…with the stainless steel buttons on the hood’s front.

These buttons also provide control of the two LED lights on the hood…

…which provide great coverage for your entire cooktop.

These long-lasting, bright lights will make it convenient to cook.

The range hood is offered in 30′′ and 36′′ sizes, and with a chimney extension…

…it can be transformed into a wall-mounted range hood.

It can also be extended to fit the 101,109,102,108, 113, and 108 models.

BV Range Hood – 30 Inch 750 CFM Under Cabinet 

Best under cabinet range hoods on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

For the busy cook who spends most of their time in the kitchen…

…the best under-cabinet range hood can be easily disassembled and cleaned.

Featuring high airflow and stainless-steel filters…

…this model comes equipped with high-quality features.

All of the range hood can be removed without the use of special tools.

At maximum fan speed, the hood can produce…

…up to 900 CFM of high-power and 7.5 SONES.

Thanks to its satin finish, this stylish hood is the perfect addition to any kitchen.

In addition to being aesthetically pleasing…

…the hood also provides all the functionality you need…

…to keep the air in your kitchen fresh.

It is equipped with a single-chamber, super-quiet motor…

…with fan and centrifugal blower.

All of these components work together…

…to provide the best performance and lowest sound levels.

This model is also protected from radio frequency interference.

Currently, this is the most powerful under-cabinet ducted range hood available.

Keep reading…

VESTA 860CFM 30” Stainless Steel Under Cabinet Range Hood

Best under cabinet range hoods on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

This premium kitchen vent hood is made by Vesta.

Suction power is strong with a rating of 860 Cfm.

Vesta range hoods are ideal for large kitchens…

…and when you need a stronger range hood.

It has a high CFM and may require an automatic makeup air system.

It is made of stainless steel, which is durable and easy to clean.

Vesta Hoods feature a touch screen control panel and two halogen lights.

They are also equipped with stainless steel baffle filters.

There are also six fan speeds and an auto-off function.

XtremeAir Ultra Series UL10-U30 Under cabinet hood

Best under cabinet range hoods on amazon
Credits: amazon.com

Under cabinet hoods can sometimes be converted.

But this one isn’t. XtremeAir hoods can be used with ducts…

…according to the manufacturer.

Cooler, fresher, cleaner, and less humid air is pulled out…

…of your house by the 900 CFM fans.

For maximum ventilation, the device uses twin centrifuge motors…

…and squirrel cage blowers.

The lifetime warranty applies to every part of the under cabinet range hood.

The permanent baffle filters, twin motors, blowers, and twin motors are included.

The filters should be washed at least every two weeks.

Do not load these filters with dishes…

…since they can accumulate a lot of oil and grease.

With the buttons on the front of your hood, you can adjust the fan’s speed.

In addition, two LED bulbs are integrated into the hood…

…to enhance the cooking experience.

It weighs 53 pounds and measures 22 by 29.8 by 9.8 inches.

The top vent measures 8 inches in diameter and does not have a back vent.

This range hood is made in the USA and is California-compliant.

If you want a convertible recirculating hood, XtremeAir isn’t the right choice.

Its seamless, rounded sides make it safe and its styling is compatible…

…with almost any kitchen theme.

Perhaps you are wondering…

Buying Guide for the Best Under Cabinet Range Hoods on Amazon

When shopping for best under cabinet range hoods on Amazon for your kitchen…

…you need to consider many factors.

Consider the following features and make an informed decision…

…based on what is most important to you.

Type of Range Hood

A range hood can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen.

Installers can choose among many options, including Island-Type range hoods…

…which are extremely popular, and under cabinet hoods…

…which are more stylish and powerful.

Depending on your needs, you can also choose…

…between wall-mounted or insert options.

For our reviews of under-cabinet range hoods, we will focus on this type of hood.


Selecting a trusted brand is essential when purchasing range hoods.

We will then ensure that the product is high-quality and that you receive support…

…if you encounter any problems following installation.

There is no such thing as an identical product across every brand.

Some brands prioritize quality products…

…while others prioritize treating customers well.

Our list contains only top-rated brands that offer quality products…

…at a reasonable price and have received great reviews.


Choose a range hood that is the right size for your kitchen.

The appliance you choose should not be too big or too small for your kitchen.

This article discusses  under cabinet range hoods.

Be sure that you have enough space to install the range hood properly.

Take accurate measurements before buying the range hood.

Go on…


Take into account the power of your range hood before you purchase it.

The cubic feet per minute measurement of airflow in range hoods is CFM.

A range hood will cost more if it has a higher CFM.

If you only cook occasionally, you don’t need a powerful range hood.

To remove strong cooking smells, smoke, steam…

…and other harmful substances from your kitchen…

…you need a hood with 300-350 CFM.

For people who spend most of their time in the kitchen cooking…

…a kitchen hood with 450-CFM or more is a good choice.

The level of sound will be determined by the CFM of the hood.


You might want to consider buying…

…an under cabinet range hood with aluminum filters.

These can be washed in the dishwasher or by hand.

On some range hoods, charcoal filters can be washed, but they can’t be washed.

Some hoods have indicator lights that let you know…

…when you need to replace or wash your filters.

Fan Speed

Multiple-speed range hoods don’t always provide the best ventilation.

Despite having two fan speeds, an under cabinet range hood…

…will still be as efficient as one with five. 

You should ensure that the ventilation system is quiet and powerful.

A quiet and powerful ventilation system will benefit you in the long run.


You can choose from incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lighting for range hoods.

The LED lighting is brighter.

For maximum illumination, range hoods that have two to four bulbs are best.

Energy Efficiency

According to our under cabinet range hood reviews…

…the majority of under cabinet range hoods consume…

…as much energy as an induction cooktop.

LED lamps and automatic delay switches are some…

…of the energy-saving features of range hoods.


The basic version protects your kitchen from odors and smoke by keeping it clean.

With the more expensive options, your kitchen will look more sophisticated.

You should evaluate the best under cabinet range hoods on Amazon…

…and make a decision based on your needs.

” If possible, try saving up money by shopping during sales or using coupons when making purchases online. This will help lower the cost, even more, when buying new appliances like this one that you really want in your kitchen.” 

Jess Edmonds – Writer

Sum Up!

Smoke, bad smells, and other contaminants can all be eliminated…

…with an under-cabinet kitchen range hood. 

The kitchen will be fresh and clean, making it a pleasant place to work.

They are quite expensive, so it is unlikely…

…that anyone would want to spend so much money on knockoffs.

We conducted extensive research to find the best under-cabinet range hoods. 

If it’s hoods you’re looking for, then you can find them on this list. Check them out!

All homeowners dream of having a range hood that is slim and compact…

…but makes very little noise.

Also included is a multilayered, reusable filtration system.

Additional accessories can be added for conversion. 


An under cabinet range hood is a great option for those…

…who have limited space in their kitchen.

They can be mounted underneath your cabinets…

…so you won’t have to worry about them taking up valuable countertop…

…or flooring space. To conclude, we recommend paying more attention…

…to performance rather than design…

…when it comes to finding the best under cabinet range hoods on Amazon.

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