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What Is Differences Types of Black Coffee? These 3 Types of Authentic Coffee You May Often Drink

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This article will explain what’s differences Types of Black Coffee. Currently coffee is one of the necessities of life for the community. This is because many Indonesians often say that the taste is incomplete if in the morning they have not consumed this one drink.

You need to know, black coffee is one of the plants that can grow in tropical areas. With an altitude range of 700 to 1600 meters above sea level.You may also be interested in our articles 3 Best Coffee Machines For Americanos Reviews on Amazon! which may be of use to you.

Differences Types of Black Coffee

In addition, this one plant can live for a long period of time, which is about 100 years. However, generally coffee trees will have a productive period of 7 to 20 years. Coffee itself, comes from a plant known as Coffea. In a commercial coffee company, you will generally recognize two types of coffee that are often found, namely Robusta and Arabica.

For Robusta coffee itself is a tree that mostly grows in parts of West and Central Africa. In addition, most of Southeast Asia, namely Indonesia and Vietnam are also producers of this type of coffee. Generally, this robusta will be used as a mixture for instant coffee. The shape itself is smaller and more rounded than Arabica coffee and has about 50 percent more caffeine.

As for Arabica coffee, you can find the original tree from this one coffee in the Ethiopian area. Generally, the tree will produce a light aromatic coffee and for this type of coffee it has a production of about 70 percent of the coffee in the world. Arabica itself is one of the coffees that is quite expensive for processing. This is because the tree grows in areas that tend to have steep terrain and difficult access.


Just as the name suggests, Americano is of course black coffee originating from America. Although coffee shops in America and its surroundings certainly do not only provide americano coffee, there are still many other menus such as long black menus. Although both are variants of black coffee, Americano is clearly very different from long black coffee.

What distinguishes or the differences between the two are actually simple, namely the different ways of making them. How to make Americano coffee is that espresso is prepared first and then added with hot water afterwards. The resulting Americano usually leaves almost no crema on the surface of the cup. This is because the espresso is mixed with hot water so that it breaks the crema and mixes in the coffee in the espresso.

That is the most visible difference between an Americano and a long black. The crema on the surface of the coffee cup is what distinguishes these two types of black coffee.

Long Black

This type of drink belongs to the “black coffee family” is a coffee drink consisting of hot water and espresso. This drink is served in a glass by preparing hot water first and then pouring espresso into it.

Long black is a type of black coffee drink originating from Australia and New Zealand, therefore the way of presentation must also follow the way of presentation of the country of origin, and not vice versa.

For the comparison between the dose of hot water and espresso, it usually depends on each person’s taste. But some say if you use 160 ml of hot water, you should use 30 ml of espresso.

But it can all be adjusted to the tastes of each audience. Long black has a special characteristic that is the remnants of crema on the surface of the coffee.

Because pouring hot water first before espresso, the crema that is on top of the coffee remains intact on the surface of the cup. This is what makes long black coffee different from other types of black coffee in general.

Ground Coffee

Talking about black coffee is incomplete if you don’t discuss a little about this type of brewed coffee. What makes ground coffee different from other types of coffee? With the two types of coffee above, apart from the traditional way of presenting it, it is certainly different.

Ground coffee is a type of black coffee that is enjoyed by enjoying the coffee grounds as well. Therefore, brewed coffee is usually prepared with ground coffee which can be finely ground or medium, according to the taste of the audience and then doused with boiling hot water.

Some people prefer to stir it and then let it sit for a while so the pulp can sink to the bottom of the coffee cup. Then after that you can enjoy a delicious sip accompanied by warm fried bananas.

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