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Do I Need A Braiser? 3 Superb Benefits That You Can Get From This Appliance


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Do I need a braiser? The braiser is a heating appliance that cooks everything from vegetables to meat, as well as pasta and rice. It also keeps food warm while it’s being eaten. Unlike a traditional oven, the Braiser doesn’t rely on heat transfer through metal surfaces. Instead, it uses a combination of microwave technology and convection to create different cooking effects. In this blog, we also have an article about le crauset braiser review that you might want to read about it.

A braiser is a hefty pan (usually enameled cast iron) with a lid and handles on either side. It looks like a classic Dutch oven, only the walls are shorter and a bit more rounded on the bottom.”

Sharon Franke, author from thekitchn.com

What is Braiser?

A braiser is a kitchen appliance used to cook food quickly and evenly by browning the top of the food. It is also called as a sauté pan, sauté pan, saute pan, sauteuse, sauté pan, sauteuse, or any other similar term. If you want to know more about braiser, here we have an article about what is braiser that you might want to read about it.

A braiser is a versatile piece of cookware that can be used for cooking both moist and dry foods. You can use it to make sauces, soups, stews, stir fries, roasts, steaks, chops, fish, vegetables, eggs, pasta, rice, meatballs, etc. Below, I will show you the reasons about do I need a braiser for my cooking.

While all the braisers produced well-cooked chicken thighs, meatballs, green beans, roast chicken, and ragu, we did find that pans made from enameled cast iron browned food better than the ceramic braiser.”

Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, author from cooksillustrated.com

Do I Need A Braiser?

So, do I need a braiser? A braiser is a type of pot used for cooking. It is typically made of cast iron and has two handles on the side. The braiser is typically used for long-cooking recipes, such as stews, or for browning meat. There’s a lot of benefits that you can get

​The Benefits Using Braiser

The benefits using braiser are a great tool to be used in the kitchen. It is a small appliance that can be used to cook any type of food in the oven. It helps you to cook a wide variety of foods and serves as a way to reduce the preparation time. Here are the breakdown benefits of using braiser:

  • The first benefit of using a braiser is that it saves you lot of time. You won’t have to heat up your entire kitchen just to make one meal. All you would need is the braiser. Most of us eat 3 times a day therefore, having an extra hour here and there really does matter. For example, if you spend 1 hour preparing lunch, you could save yourself 30 minutes each week. That means you could prepare and enjoy dinner within half an hour! Isn’t that amazing?! Another advantage of using a braiser over a regular pan would be that you wouldn’t burn your mouth while eating because the heat comes from inside the pan. No more scorched lips!
  • Second, a braiser creates healthier meals. Cooking with a braiser doesn’t require oils and fats. Even though you’re not using oil, the fat content of your food remains fairly low. This reduces the chances of becoming overweight.
  • Lastly, you’d be able to cook food more efficiently. With a regular pan, you would need to check on the food frequently in order to ensure that it doesn’t burn. However, with a braiser, the heat comes directly from the inside of the pan which allows you to cook food faster without burning it.

 Consideration before buying

If you are buying a braiser, you should consider few things. Here are the considerations before buying it:


First of all, budget is a key consideration when you are purchasing a new item. Therefore, you should have sufficient money saved up whenever you buy something new. Make sure that you have enough money to purchase the items that you desire. You might want to look at some online deals where you can find affordable products. You don’t want to overspend.


Next, size is another important consideration. While choosing a braiser, you need to take note of its size. To determine the right size, measure the diameter and depth of the pan. Remember that the depth will vary depending on the specific model. In case you can’t find the exact measurements, then try measuring a similar product. Once you’ve determined the correct size, then you can proceed to the next step.


While considering the material, you should know what kind of material they use to manufacture their equipment. Cast iron pans typically come with high quality materials and features. Apart from cooking utensils, these types of pans are also used for other household purposes like baking bread.


Make sure that it comes with warranty. If there isn’t any, then you probably shouldn’t purchase it. A good brand usually provides warranties that last longer than others. Also, the manufacturer needs to provide customer service if there are problems.

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